Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chuck Norris: more questions than answers

I never thought I would even care enough to ask this question, but...

Has Chuck Norris lost his damn mind?

On Jones' show yesterday, he actually said Obama is trying to pull a Chavez move on America, that he's working on "annulling" the 2012 elections so he can install himself as lifetime dictator. Gingrich said something similar a while ago (video here), complaining that Obama has signed too many Executive Orders (33). In his first year of office, G.W. Bush signed 54 Executive Orders. Didn't hear a peep from Gingrich about that.
What evidence is there for this move toward dictatorship? What steps has Obama taken to install himself as dictator? Jones complains that Obama wants to "socialize" or "nationalize" absolutely everything, but thus far nothing has been socialized nor federalized. The banks have not been nationalized. The proposed health care plan leaves health care firmly in the hands of private insurance companies.
It looks like the Federal Reserve is going to be audited. Surely a dictator wouldn't allow that to happen, right?

Norris also gave the opinion that if the U.S. ratifies the Copenhagen agreement, Congress should impeach Obama for even attempting to enforce it. It's just a scam designed by guys like George Soros to "bankrupt our economy here in the United States and then come in with international money and take away the dollar”. Seems like a pretty drastic plan just to replace the dollar, dude. And just exactly how does Soros benefit from "bankrupting the economy"?

“If the people don’t rise up, we’re going to have a revolution in our country."

Lovely. Chuck Norris leading the masses in an uprising that will preserve or restore....what, exactly? I mean, what golden age of American history are we harking back to here? Jones hasn't liked any American president since Jackson, only because Jackson hated bankers. Jones talks a lot about the spirit of 1776, but he also seems to think the founding fathers were just like the baddies of today - Freemasonic New World Order occultists with secret agendas.

What kind of country does Chuck Norris want? What kind of country does Alex Jones want?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A message to all liberal college students:

Alex Jones is not happy with you.

White Rastafarians can be a little annoying, I'll admit, but Alex Jones really, really hates them.

"You can go to any university and see the people with their Rasta fake hair, the wannabe white Rastafarians and their sandals and their patchouli, going, 'It's what we gotta do for the earth', and I just wanna knock their Nazi teeth in. Don't you understand the Nazis have fake Rasta hair, with limp wrists...they're walking around in coffeeshops actin' real cool, and I just wanna knock their teeth out...I WANNA CRUSH YOUR SKULL! Because I'm just a normal mammal...I'm a normal...[pause for thought] creature that when I see innocence being torn apart, my instinct as a warrior is to stand up and fight."

Jones seems to believe that all liberals endorse eugenics and enforced population reduction. During his February interview of Stanley Monteith, he declared that if you take a liberal - any liberal - aside and mention Madame Blavatsky or Margaret Sanger, the liberal will snarl, "That's right, you sonofabitch, and we're gonna get you too. We've gotta exterminate the blacks and the Mexicans."

He's right, of course. When the moon is full, liberals gather in Rothschild castles and dance naked around cauldrons full of gay porn and back issues of Mother Jones, bellowing "Gooble-gobble! Gooble-gobble!" until Al Gore calls for silence. Then they pray to a plaster bust of Margaret Sanger and pledge to exterminate all minorities by putting minute quantities of harsh chemicals into the same drinking water that they consume.

So I guess we could go ahead and add "campus hippies" to the list of New World Order baddies, along with bankers, "rockabilly art types", schizophrenics (AKA "demons"), herpetologists, law enforcement officers, and pretty much anyone with a college education. But my advice to Jones is to just be patient with the college kids.

"It only takes 20 years for a liberal to become a conservative, without changing a single idea." - Robert Anton Wilson

Monday, December 7, 2009

How is the Great Swine Flu Plot of '09 coming along?

Over the summer, Jones laid out the steps that the elite scumlords will take to strike a death blow to the U.S. Constitution, kill most of us, and institute global government. I call this the Great Swine Flu Plot of '09, because Jones has said H1N1 and H1N1 vaccination is a central plank in the evil plan. Jones also said the initial stages of the plan would be instituted in the autumn. Now that it's December, let's take a look at how many of the steps in the plot have been carried out:

Step 1: In the fall of '09, Swine Flu hysteria will serve as a distraction while the government sneaks in more bank bailouts, carbon taxation, the Clean Water Restoration Act, and the passage of hate crime legislation. Then forced inoculation will be introduced.

Bank bailouts? Check. There have been several of those. But I wouldn't say that H1N1 distracted anyone from them.
The Clean Water Restoration Act? No. Languishing in the Senate.
Carbon taxation? No. Jones insists they will be levied immediately upon U.S. ratification of the Copenhagen treaty, so time will tell.
Hate crime legislation? Half a check. The Matthew Shepard Act was signed into law in October, It's mostly an update of 30-year-old legislation, so it's hardly anything to freak out over. It does not in any way limit hate speech. The Cyberbullying Act, which is more problematic because its wording isn't as tight as the Shepard Act, is languishing in the House.
Forced inoculation? No.

So we have a check and a half for the 4 items in Step 1. That's a 36% success rate. Slightly better than Sylvia Browne's track record, but still dismal.

Step 2: Forced inoculation will result in riots all over the U.S., because people are too smart to take the shots voluntarily. The vaccine will not protect against Swine Flu; in fact, it was probably an experimental vaccine that was used to start the outbreaks in the first place.

Still no forced inoculation yet, even though October poll results indicated 60% of adult Americans were not planning to be inoculated.

Step 3: The rioting will give "Obama's thugs" (NORTHCOM and civilian service orgs like Americorps) the perfect excuse to institute and maintain nationwide martial law. Everything will be federalized.

No martial law. If the bailouts count as "federalization" (and Jones, Glenn Beck et. al. would argue that they do), then that would be the only major example thus far.

Step 4: Under the direction of Obama's science czar, John Holdren, sterilizing agents will be placed in municipal water supplies.

No, but Jones now insists that 150 chemicals found in municipal water supplies are "known to sterilize mammals" and were placed there deliberately. (today's broadcast)

Step 5:
Dissidents will be rounded up and placed in FEMA concentration camps. The Constitution will cease to exist, and the U.S. will basically become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UN.


Step 6:
The real mass murder begins. 80-99% of the world's population will be eliminated via tainted vaccines, execution, forced abortions, and involuntary sterilization.

No. Again, time will tell. Considering Jones' batting average so far, I'm not holding my breath. I still haven't seen any sign of Obama's "Muslim/Black Identity/Nation of Islam terrorism and persecution of whites", which Jones predicted during his November '08 interview of Ron Paul.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Blame Game: Mark David Chapman

Paul Joseph Watson, you're busted.

As you probably know, it is the contention of Alex Jones and many of his guests (as well as a vast array of conspiranoids) that most mass shootings are committed by mind-controlled Manchurian Candidates and/or people who are on SSRI antidepressants. Jones conveniently ignores the many mass shootings that occurred before SSRIs even existed, like this one.

So it's really no surprise that in this 2007 Infowars article about the Virginia Tech massacre, Paul Joseph Watson tries to pin the brunt of the blame on videogames and SSRIs. He points out that most spree killers are on SSRIs, and states that Mark David Chapman was on an SSRI medication at the time of his crime.

That's interesting. The very first SSRI on the market was zimelidine, and it was introduced in 1982. Chapman shot John Lennon in 1980.

Nice try.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Environmentalism Kills Children! (And other nonsense)

Several weeks ago, Jones cited an article entitled "Carbon Calculator Teaches Kids When to Die", and said that some children have already committed suicide to avoid harming the environment.

There are a couple of big problems with this.

1. The calculator is actually a game-style computer program called Planet Slayer, and it doesn't tell kids anything about death. It just tells them if they have already used up their "lifetime share of the planet", based on how they answer a series of questions. If the child has used up his "share", he's told to answer the questions differently - not end his life. Sheesh. No game that I know of tells kids to off themselves, fer crying out loud. I've told you a million times not to exaggerate, Mr. Jones.

2. People rarely - and I mean pretty much never - commit suicide because of science, excluding medical problems or troubling medical diagnoses. There have been suicides or threats of suicide over 2012, the Large Hadron Collider, the Hale-Bopp UFO, and other alarmist and misinformed stories that don't involve any real science. But suicide because of the environment? News to me. I can't find a single documented case of this. When kids kill themselves, depression and bullying and loss of a loved one seem to be the most common causes. "A computer game told me to kill myself" wouldn't make the list.

"Hitler was on the MI5 Payroll"

Jones declared this earlier in the week, apparently not realizing that Mussolini - not Hitler - was recently exposed as being on the MI5 payroll early in his career. Wrong country, wrong dictator.

Satanic Panic is Alive and Well...

on The Alex Jones Show.

During his latest interview with David "Turd in the Punchbowl" Icke, Jones declared, "We know that Satanists sacrifice people. They get caught doing it all the time."
He said that France's Minister of Culture, Frederic Mitterand, bragged in a book that he "goes to slave camps and rapes little boys". Mitterand even refers to this practice as a "ritual".
This is pure bullshit. The book Jones refers to (though he clearly hasn't read it) is Mitterand's 2005 autobiographical novel, The Bad Life, in which he describes visiting young male prostitutes (young men, not children) in Thailand. No "slave camps". No "rape". No "little boys". However, Mitterand did push the envelope by describing his reaction to the sex trade in Bangkok thusly: "All these rituals of the market for youths, the slave market, excite me enormously".
Icke stated, "Roman Polanski is a practicing Satanist." He said Sharon Tate's murder was directly connected to Satanism. He went on to explain one of his central conspiracy theories, that the elite routinely rape and sacrifice prepubescent children to obtain their energy (and blood, since they are blood-drinking, shapeshifting Reptiles from another dimension). All of this is, again, pure bullshit. The Manson Family did not practice Satanism. Charles Manson talked about the Devil, but he also talked about and likened himself to Christ on many occasions.
There are zero indications that Roman Polanski has anything to do with Satanism, either. Is he a perv? Yes. Is he kinda creepy? Yes. There's ample evidence of both of those things. But a Satanist? Don't think so. Pure speculation. Directing a horror movie does not a Satanist make.

Jones listed the cultures that have practiced ritual human sacrifice: Mesoamericans, Africans, Aztecs, Asians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, Middle Eastern tribes. He said that all had high priests who worshipped the same snake god and followed the same "secret mathematics religion", and all sacrificed healthy people of all ages and both sexes. Most tortured their victims. Most used hallucinogens (as does Icke himself, but Icke stayed mum at this point in the broadcast). Note, please, that Jones didn't mention Celtic or Nordic sacrifice.
Again, pure bullshit. There is no "secret mathematics religion", and the cultures mentioned had an array of gods (not just a single "snake god", though a few did incorporate snakes or serpents into their cosmology and/or mythology at one time or another - as does Christianity, which Jones favors, and the chemognostic New Age "shamanism" that Icke appreciates).

Jones went on to say that Tony Blair likes to be possessed by the spirit of "white light", and that homosexual orgies take place during Skull & Bones initiation ceremonies. As Blair is now Catholic, I don't know why his alleged ecstatic states would have anything to do with Satanism. And though there is reportedly some True Confession aspect to Skull & Bones inititation ceremonies, no one has revealed gay orgies (or any kind of orgies, for that matter).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Much Ado About Squalene

In July, Dr. Mercola's* article on squalene in the H1N1 vaccines was posted at Prison Planet. Since then, info from this article has found its way into many of the fear-mongering articles on the H1N1 vaccine, and of course into online comments (including a few left on this very blog by the Arbiter of All Online Knowledge, Anonymous). I'm not referring, here, to reasoned and informed articles about the real risks associated with flu vaccines. I'm referring to ridiculous alerts churned out by naturopaths and paranoids, usually written in ALL CAPS. Sadly, these kinds of paranoia-pandering articles on H1N1 vaccine are a lot easier to find than science-based articles on the subject.

Squalene is a naturally-occurring oil already present in the human body. It's squalene that leaves fingerprints behind when you touch a surface. It's also found in olive oil. According to Dr. Mercola, however, injecting squalene into the human body (as opposed to digesting it) is hazardous. He contends that injected squalene causes the immune system to attack all squalene in the body, compromising the nervous system. To date, I have not found any scientific research that supports this. If you know of any, by all means let me know. The results from a 2000 study, published in The American Journal of Pathology, indicated that when rats were injected with squalene, they experienced "chronic, immune -mediated joint specific inflammation" (arthritis).

The second-biggest problem with using this study to support anti-adjuvant criticism (the biggest problem can be found at the bottom of this post) is that rodent pathogenesis does not necessarily have any relationship to human pathogenesis. Though we share a lot of DNA, rats are not human and humans are not rats (well, most of the time, anyway). When it comes to adverse reactions to human vaccination, epidemiological studies are of far more value than lab studies involving animals.
This issue has cropped up in anti-vaccine fearmongering before. In 2003, Dr. Mady Hornig seemed to confirm parents' worst fears when he announced that rats suffering autoimmune disorders, when injected with thimerosal (a vaccine preservative containing mercury), displayed autism-like symptoms.
This was a deeply flawed study on several counts (for one thing, autistic humans don't necessarily have autoimmune disorders, so selecting only rats with these disorders was a strange choice indeed). But the biggest problem, again, is that rodent pathogenesis may have no relationship to human pathogenesis.

Other concerns:

Dr. Mercola, Generation Rescue, and other vaccine opponents state that squalene in vaccine adjuvants may have caused Gulf War Syndrome. Trace amounts of squalene were reportedly found in the anthrax vaccine, though this probably resulted from lab contamination rather than vaccine contamination.
Even if there was squalene in the vaccine for some reason, there is no evidence supporting a link between squalene and any of the symptoms reported by Gulf War I vets. The anthrax vaccine is frequently mentioned as a possible culprit, but the anthrax vaccine uses aluminum hydroxide, not squalene, as an adjuvant.
The Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses has concluded that Gulf War Syndrome exists and was probably caused not by vaccines, but by pyridostigmine bromide and perhaps pesticides.

This shrill and grammar-challenged essay claims that H1N1 vaccine contains a million times more squalene than the anthrax vaccine (which doesn't contain any).

Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister contends that "clinical studies published by Baxter’s own scientific team that patented the H1N1 vaccine demonstrate that such adjuvants are, at best, useless." Though numerous studies have shown that they are effective, others (like this Baxter-funded study of the whole-cell Avian Flu vaccine, published last year in The New England Journal of Medicine) have shown that adjuvants did not enhance antibody response. So at this point, the bulk of the evidence is in favour of adjuvants.

This piece by activist Deborah Dupre claims the adjuvant developed by Dr. Jules Freund in the '50s (usually called Freund's complete adjuvant) contains squalene and was found by Freund himself to cause "terrible, incurable conditions" in test animals, including allergic aspermatogenesis, allergic encephalomyelitis, allergic neuritis, and other autoimmune disorders. But Freund's complete adjuvant is not approved for human use. It is found only in veterinary vaccines.
In other words: Freund's complete adjuvant has nothing to do with the H1N1 vaccine. At all.

More importantly: No human vaccine used in the U.S. contains squalene or any other form of oil-based adjuvant. Period. Squalene adjuvants are present in a small number of European vaccines, but the only adjuvant approved by the FDA is aluminum salts, which have been in use in U.S. vaccines since the 1930s.
Adjuvants will not be present in any of the H1N1 vaccine distributed in the U.S.
From the CDC's FAQ page on H1N1 vaccine: "According to current federal plans, only unadjuvanted vaccines will be used in the United States during the 2009 flu season. This includes all of the 2009 H1N1 and seasonal influenza vaccines that will be available for children and adults in both the injectable and nasal spray formulations... There is no plan at this time to recommend a 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine with an adjuvant."

There's really nothing more to say about this.

*Though a trained and licensed MD, Mercola has become a Master of Woo. Serious woo. He advises fans never to eat grains. At all. Ever. He believes that microwave ovens actually change the chemical structure of food, rendering it "unrecognizable" to the human body. He teaches that bras cause breast cancer and should be avoided as much as possible, which sounds a wee bit self-serving to me (and is not supported by any medical evidence).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bugging Out II: A Long Way to Go to Avoid a Shot

Remember the guy who's hiding out in the woods to escape flesh-eating robots and other scary stuff that doesn't actually exist? Well, it seems Alex Jones isn't averse to the idea of bugging out, either.
Despite all his talk about not fearing death at the hands of the elite scum who threaten him continuously, despite all his rhetoric about the Spirit of '76, despite his avowed uberpatriotism, Jones isn't above fleeing his country if the sh** gets too heavy. One of his guests today was Mike Adams the Health Ranger, an advertiser who fled the U.S. for Ecuador. He and fellow expats were concerned about the H1N1 vaccine, the food supply, the economy, and U.S. fascism. So, he moved to a country plagued by poverty, disease, and kidnapping, without clean drinking water. Good thinkin', Mike. You'll be safe there.

Jones said he, too, has looked around for places to flee with his family.

Here are Mike Adam's "10 Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media":

1. There are no adjuvants in H1N1 vaccine.
This is quite tricky of Mr. Adams. You see, there are adjuvants in H1N1 vaccine. But not in the doses being distributed in the U.S. So by saying "there are adjuvants in the vaccine!", you're not exactly being dishonest, because European countries have been using WHO-approved adjuvants like squalene for years - with good results.
Incidentally, I couldn't find any support for Adams' contention that squalene causes infertility. I'll be posting on squalene soon, since it has become one of the biggest boogeymen in the H1N1 vaccine hysteria propagated by Jones & Co.

2. Swine Flu is more dangerous than seasonal flu.
I've had both this year. The Swine Flu was worse, and if I had a pre-existing health problem like asthma, I might have been one of the many people confined to hospital and placed on oxygen because of H1N1. While it's true that seasonal flus result in approximately 20,000 U.S. deaths per year, H1N1 is severely affecting young people that the seasonal flus barely bother. It's not the Black Death, but it's serious stuff.

3. Vaccines protect you from Swine Flu.
Yes, Mr. Adams, the purpose of the H1N1 vaccine is to prevent H1N1. Will it work? We don't know. But inoculation is a better bet than crossing your fingers and glugging colloidal silver until you turn blue.

4. Vaccines are safe.
For the most part, they are. While Adams insists that no one has proven they're safe, he doesn't mention that no one has proven they're not.

5. The vaccine isn't mandatory.
For the average American, it isn't. But health workers and some teachers are being asked to take the shot for the safety of their charges, and their refusal could put those people entrusted to their care at risk.

6. Getting a vaccine is a good bet on your health.
Usually. It's a better bet than standing in the sun without sunscreen because sunscreen causes cancer, cutting your open wounds in lieu of getting tetanus shots, avoiding fluoride because you think it will render you sterile, or any of the other ludicrous health measures Jones has recommended.

7. The vaccine isn't made with weakened live virus.
This is just flat-out wrong. I know of no mainstream media outlet that claims flu vaccines aren't made with weakened live virus, because that is how they're made and everyone with any knowledge of vaccination knows it. The vaccine wouldn't be effective otherwise. It's nothing to be scared of.

8. Washing your hands will help you avoid exposure.
Again, Mr. Adams is being tricky here. No one is saying that hand-washing reduces exposure; it reduces transmission.

9. Children are more vulnerable to Swine Flu than adults.
Generally, children are more susceptible to flus and other infectious disease than adults. It's not a lie. Anyone with a kindergarten-age child knows that if there's something going around, your child stands a really good chance of catching it and bringing it home to the rest of the family.

10. There is nothing else you can do beyond a vaccine and Tamiflu.
Again, nobody in mainstream media is saying this. Adams already mentioned hand-washing, so what the hell is he trying to pull, here? No one denies that good old-fashioned immunity-boosting and prevention are wise, and news stories have been chock-full of advice on how to stay healthy by exercising, taking vitamins if necessary, eating properly, etc.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September Spawned a Monster

So what have Jones & Co. been up to this autumn? Here's an abridged recap:

- The #1 topic is, of course, the Swine Flu vaccine. It contains the usual array of toxins added to vaccines for the sole purpose of sickening and killing us: mercury, squalene, etc. Sure, doctors will try to tell you that small amounts of these substances are not hazardous and are the only things that keep the vaccines from spoiling or being ineffective, but who's going to believe a certified medical professional over Alex Jones?
According to Jones, squalene was long ago removed from all vaccines administered to Army officers, because it was killing many of them. But wait. Didn't Jones already tell us that each and every military officer is being deliberately injected with "very aggressive cancer viruses"? So, um, why did the Army bother removing the squalene?

More importantly, just how is squalene toxic? Though the squalene found in vaccine adjuvants comes from other sources, our bodies produce it naturally. Rather than banning it, WHO, and just about every other public health org on the planet, considers squalene totally safe for use in vaccines, despite unfounded fears that squalene had something to do with Gulf War Syndrome. Adjuvants were not even present in any of the vaccines administered to Gulf War I vets; the FDA has not yet authorized their use.

- Cancer rates in children are up "1000%", thanks to cancer viruses in all major vaccines.

- Jones resurrected the Birther debate on his show by inviting back Philip J. Berg. You'll note that nothing about Obama's Kenyan birth features in The Obama Deception, because that *documentary* was clearly designed to suck in Dems and vaguely left-wing folks. Now that Jones has brought a few of them on board, he can go back to the groundless accusations about forged birth records and "Nation of Islam persecution of whites".
Meanwhile, Berg still hasn't produced that long-promised audio of Obama's gran outing him as Kenyan-born.

- Jones declared that within 5-15 years, 9 out of 10 of us will be dead. First there will be a one-child policy, beginning with getting rid of the tax credit in California (he said there are already massive fines for having more than one child in Australia, New Zealand, England, and parts of Europe). Later, "extra" children will be confiscated, sterilized, and raped by CPS officials (remember, 50% of CPS workers are pedophiles, and so are most family court judges).

- The New World Order plan, of which The Great Swine Flu Plot of '09 is just one part, is to bankrupt the world and set up a new economic system based on carbon credits (designed by Enron and Al Gore).

- Jason Bermas, another Infowars correspondent, and Luke Rudkowski (founder of We Are Change) were detained during G20 protests in Pittsburgh. According to Bermas, police were randomly bombarding quiet residential streets with sound cannons, clubbing elderly women tourists over the head for approaching them with questions, siccing their dogs on tourists for no reason, and beating children in their own front yards because they're not supposed to be outside.
While there have been many allegation of police brutality and security overkill during the summit, these stories are above and beyond anything else that's being reported even by the fringiest of fringe media outlets. And the video clips posted at Infowars don't show any of this alleged violence. They mostly just show guys standing around in riot gear, waiting for something to happen.

- When Clinton was carrying on the policies of Bush I, Newt Gingrich was brought in to "act like a conservative" and discredit and derail real Republicans with his Contract for America. Just as Glenn Beck has been brought in to descredit and derail Tea Partiers and Truthers.
I don't concur with this theory that Beck is a New World Order operative. Aside from his support for the first bank bailout and his trash talk about Truthers, Beck is the slightly calmer twin of Alex Jones. Witness his analysis of "Communist symbolism" in art displayed at Rockefeller Center, his stubborn assertion that Zeke Emanuel supports the formation of "death panels" (even though Emanuel is a staunch opponent of euthanasia), and the fact that his bosses apparently forced him to debunk FEMA concentration camp rumours. Beck's show is like a stage production of Network.*

- Charlie Sheen still hasn't gotten his twenty minutes with Obama.

* Particularly annoying are all the visual aids Beck has been using since moving to Fox. Is this because he knows his Fox News viewers aren't quite as sharp as his CNN audience, or does he just want to be the Carrot Top of political commentary? Two weeks ago, he actually laid out on the table in front of him a Twinkie, a glass of milk, and a glass of fruit punch. Then he proceeded to tear up Nancy Pelosi's comments about the bigotry and partisan violence she witnessed in San Francisco during the late '70s, without explaining the snacks. Finally, after he'd rambled for several minutes, he explained that they were supposed to represent Harvey Milk, Dan White's Twinkie defense, and the Kool-Aid of Jonestown. Srsly. It was like something a third-grade teacher would put together, if he happened to be batsh** insane and the kids happened to be unusually slow.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Post Has Been Brought To You By Crappy Boy Bands* You Wish You Could Forget

As Take That would put it, we'll be back for good tomorrow. Or, to paraphrase Justin, we're bringing crazy back.

Sorry for the delay, but I'm glad to see you've been entertaining each other in my absence.

We've got a lot of catching up to do...

* "crappy boy bands" is totally redundant

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brief Hiatus

First flu, now a screwed-up neck. I'll be back in a week.
Maybe by that time Charlie Sheen will have convinced Obama that 9/11 was an inside job.
Or not.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Alex Jones Deception + Vaccine/Autism B.S. from Dr. Eisenstein

You might be wondering what I think of The Alex Jones Deception, the YouTube documentary-type thing put together by the debunker "Troy from West Virginia" (Troy Sexton). Here are my thoughts on it:

- There are a few excellent points and some funny moments, but it's way too disrespectful and mean-spirited for my tastes. Lots of name-calling, lots of character assassination. I prefer to deal primarily with the information Jones and his guests present to audiences. It doesn't have to get so personal and so nasty.
- Troy has been charged with abusing his son. This casts into serious doubt his assertion that one of Jones' followers falsely reported him to Child Protective Services on a previous occasion.

Speaking of really stupid sh**, Jones' guest Dr. Mayer Eisenstein says it's sunscreen - not the sun - that causes skin cancer. I've heard this from Jones' guests before. Jones figures that because we all need some sunlight, the more the better - no precautions necessary.

Eisenstein is an opponent of all vaccines who offers some highly questionable treatments to his patients. For instance, he promises parents that if they don't have their children vaccinated and give them lots of vitamin D, they will not be autistic. And he believes - despite a complete lack of evidence - that autism occurs when excess testosterone binds to mercury in thimerosal (a vaccine preservative found in very few of the vaccines administered today). So he "cures" autistic children by giving them the powerful hormone suppressant Lupron. It's heavy stuff. My grandfather has been taking it for prostate cancer.
But even if mercury bonded to excess testosterone as theorized (it doesn't), and even if mercury damage resulted in autism (it doesn't), Lupron would not help. Once mercury damage has been done to the brain, it can't be undone. Potential damage from mercury poisoning can only be mitigated if treatment is administered immediately after exposure.
The most disturbing effect of this treatment, though, is that it render males impotent - permanently. It is chemical castration. In fact, it has been used on repeat sex offenders.

And Jones complains about the globalists' plot to sterilize men?

BTW, there have been very serious allegations of malpractice made against Eisenstein's home birth practice by several former patients, as described in this May Chicago Tribune article.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Great Swine Flu Plot of '09

Though Swine Flu has killed more people than all the vaccines Jones despises put together, he's convinced that the flu is relatively harmless. Maybe it is. I'll give him that. But that's where our opinions on the matter diverge, but Jones posits the existence of what is basically a United Nations takeover plot of America. Here's roughly how it will play out, according to Jones:

Step 1: In the fall, Swine Flu hysteria will serve as a distraction while the government sneaks in more bank bailouts, carbon taxation, the Clean Water Restoration Act, and the passage of hate crime legislation. Then forced inoculation will be introduced.
Step 2: Forced inoculation will result in riots all over the U.S., because people are too smart to take the shots voluntarily. The vaccine will not protect against Swine Flu; in fact, it was probably an experimental vaccine that was used to start the outbreaks in the first place.
Step 3: The rioting will give "Obama's thugs" (NORTHCOM and civilian service orgs like Americorps) the perfect excuse to institute and maintain nationwide martial law. Everything will be federalized.
Step 4: Under the direction of Obama's science czar, John Holdren, sterilizing agents will be placed in municipal water supplies.
Step 5: Dissidents will be rounded up and placed in FEMA concentration camps. The Constitution will cease to exist, and the U.S. will basically become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UN.
Step 6: The real mass murder begins. 80-99% of the world's population will be eliminated via tainted vaccines, execution, forced abortions, and involuntary sterilization.

The Great Swine Flu Plot model Jones has crafted relies on the very shaky presumption
that any pandemic preparedness on the part of any government agency is bad, m'kay? This includes any cemetery preparedness. We should just let people die and rot where they drop, I guess.
Let's look at the other evidence Jones has amassed in support of his model, some of it supplied by guests:

Jones claims he predicted the flu pandemic on March 5th, after noticing that mass graves were being prepared at the National Memorial Cemetery in Pheonix and Houston National Cemetery. He has also noted that the New York Division of Cemeteries sent "Mass Fatality Forms" to cemeteries to collect data on their ability to deal with casualties of a flu pandemic or other disaster. However, this survey was conducted in 2007, and was spurred by concerns about an Avian Flu pandemic.
Kurt Nimmo of Infowars found it sinister that in Exeter, England, there are emergency plans to inter flu victims in old catacombs. Again, this was discussed as early as 2006, in relation to Avian Flu. The catacombs were orginally built for just such epidemics, by the way. Modern Englishmen aren't the only ones with the foresight to prepare for the worst...

There's nothing amazing about Jones "predicting" the pandemic in March, because pandemic concerns were being aired as early as January.

There's another problem with Jones' claim that he predicted Swine Flu. Quote: "Two months before 9/11 I said, 'The government's gonna blow up the World Trade Center and blame its asset, bin Laden.' I saw the preparation right out in the open!"
If you listen to the prediction made on July 25, 2001, you'll hear for yourself that he wasn't this specific. He did mention bin Laden, but he did not provide a timeframe, a target, or a means of attack. When he mentioned explosives, he was referring to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the Oklahoma City bombing. When he mentioned the World Trade Center, he was again referring to the '93 bombing.
And unless you're a Truther, you know that the World Trade Center was not blown up on 9/11.

There are more problems with the prediction. As critics of Jones have pointed out, conspiranoid broadcaster William Cooper gave an identical warning (mentioning bin Laden but not a specific target) a full month before Jones. You can hear Cooper's prediction 1:27 into this video.

Also, when he appeared on CNN to discuss Charlie Sheen's Trutheriness, Jones declared he "had intelligence" that the 9/11 attacks were going to occur, and that he was first person to expose 9/11. So which is it? Did he figure out that 9/11 was going to happen because he saw preparations "out in the open", or did he receive intel about it? And why does he claim to be the first person to expose the plot, when he probably knew (or at least knows by now) that he was not?

Forgive me, but I'm not placing much stock in Jones' predictive powers. He has said, "Everything I say comes true," but that doesn't seem to be the case at all. The vast majority of things he says don't come true.

On the show, F. William Engdahl claimed the H1N1 virus has not yet been isolated and examined. Paradoxically, guests Rima Laibow (a doctor specializing in nutrition and alien abduction, wife of Remote Viewing champion Albert Stubblebine) and Wayne Madsen said the virus shows signs of genetic engineering. Yet all three of them are incorrect. The virus has been examined, and is indistinguishable from naturally occurring flu viruses.

A year before the Swine Flu (H1N1) outbreak, Baxter International and other pharmaceutical companies applied for a patent for the same RNA sequence found in H1N1, proving Swine Flu was genetically engineered by the same people who are supposedly trying to prevent its spread. I can't find any evidence that an H1N1 RNA sequence patent was given to Baxter nor any other company [note: the patent has apparently been found, and it's not even close to what Jones described; you can find the details in this thread at the JREF forum]. But this sounds an awful lot like the work of A. True Ott, a "doctor" who has dipped his toe into many conspiracy pools (including Mormon Satanism and the profoundly retarded theory that digital converter boxes are rigged to spy on Americans). Ott believes that a 2005 flu vaccine patent granted to Novartis was actually for H1N1, a "reverse engineered" and patented virus created at Ft. Detrick (using the next generation of PROMIS software). Ott explains everything in this "scholarly" paper full of ALL CAPS.

Kurt Nimmo's Prison Planet story "Flu Pandemic Hype Another Pretext for Global Government" (Apr. 27/09) states that under the 2005 International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Flu adopted by the UN General Assembly, the U.S. will be controlled by the WHO, the WTO, the UN, and NAFTA during a pandemic.
But a similar article by Nimmo posted at Infowars on July 27th mentions only FEMA, Homeland Security, and the military. WTF?

FEMA's NLE 09 exercise, conducted last month, was possibly a pandemic/martial law drill.
It was a terrorism response drill. If you want to pretend it was something else, fine. Whatever.

A secret State of Texas memo leaked to Jones by an Austin city official states that "global martial law" will be instituted in the event of a pandemic.
Until we get more information or see the actual document, this tidbit is basically worthless. What on earth is "global martial law" supposed to be? Who would enforce it, and how?

In his April 9/09 broadcast, Jones mentioned that the defunct Rocky Mountain News ran a story about a huge incinerator for human remains and mass graves being set up in the U.S. He didn't mention that he's been telling this story for five years. Nor did he mention that the incinerator is the Grand Junction incinerator set up by the University of Colorado to dispose of the heads of deer and elk with Mad Cow and wasting disease. It probably cannot be used as a crematorium for human remains during an epidemic; some question whether it's even effective against BSE and wasting disease.
The "mass graves" are a reference to the cemetery survey conducted in 2007.

Professor Eric Pianka said They want to use engineered Ebola to wipe out a large percentage of the population. Professor Pianka said he wanted to see naturally occurring Ebola wipe out a large percentage of the population. He didn't say it should be initiated by anyone. He was just expressing the commonly-held belief that the planet is ruinously overpopulated. While I don't wholly agree with his view, I see no reason to characterize Pianka as some sort of mad scientist training our young people to go out and kill - as Jones does. He points out that some of Pianka's former students work in bioweapons labs. Well, of course some of them do. They were biology students. Doy. Out of every batch of biology students leaving a major university, a few will go to the "dark side". And they wouldn't be getting their training from Pianka, anyway, because he's a herpetologist.

The UN Biological Diversity Assessment for 1996 stated the UN would use engineered flu virus to kill us. The UN's Biological Diversity Assessment, a global study involving 1500 scientists, was kind of a census of life on Earth. Its report, released in November 1995, placed the number of different species at around 13 million and noted that species are going extinct at a troubling rate. Though the report encouraged nations to preserve biodiversity to the greatest extent possible, there was nothing in it AT ALL about reducing the human population. Anyway, the U.S. has been notoriously uncooperative with global efforts to preserve biodiversity. Just one year before the UN report was issued, for instance, the Senate refused to ratify the Convention on Biodiversity treaty.

Jones isn't the only one propagating the Great Swine Flu Plot of '09. Catherine Austin Fitts states that in her opinion, the Swine Flu vaccine is part of a depopulation plot. A. True Ott concurs, as does Rebecca "Ghandi with Breasts" Carley. In fact, Dr. Deagle. Carley, and Ott have formed a team to oppose mandatory Swine Flu vaccination - not with good solid facts about the actual risks, but with conspiracy theories about a global depopulation agenda.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jones' Vaccine Rant

I'm to the point of just not caring whether people are vaccinated or having their children vaccinated or not.
If you are so horrendously ignorant, paranoid, and misinformed that you honestly believe all vaccines are specifically designed to kill you rather than to prevent preventable diseases that actually could kill you, there's not much hope for you. That doesn't stop me from hoping that someday you will accidentally learn something about immunology and innoculation, stop being paranoid, and stop misinforming others - but it's turning into a slim hope.
Thanks, Alex Jones. Thanks, personal injury lawyers. Thanks, quacks who scare people away from science-based medicine in order to sell your bogus alternative health treatments and "cures". Thanks, Jenny McCarthy and all the other parents who can't accept that sometimes bad things happen to good people for no good reason. Because of your tireless efforts, the next generation may suffer polio paralysis, measles outbreaks, flu pandemics, and all the other wonderful stuff that vaccines "don't" keep at bay. I'm sure your mothers are proud.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nightmare Fuel

There's really nothing I can say to make this any less frightening or any more coherent. It's like somebody crossed a Juggalo with a John Bircher.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

25 More of the Strangest Things Said by Alex Jones

26. Multiculturalism was designed to create division and conflict.
27. Albert Pike was a Satanist who founded the KKK. (The Satanist part comes from the Taxil affair, an admitted hoax engineered to defame Catholics and Masons)
28. Manly P. Hall was a Freemason and a Satanist, proving the two practices are one and the same.
29. The CIA killed General Patton because he disapproved of Operation Keelhaul. (April 23/09 broadcast) The murder of Patton is a popular theory, but there's not enough evidence to prove it.
30. "Everything I say comes true."
31. On genetic modification: "They've got chimpanzee-humans, spider-humans, cow-humans, goat-humans..."
32. Whenever he talks about the Reichstag Fire (OFTEN), Jones mentions that accused arsonist Marinus van der Lubbe was "mentally retarded". Van der Lubbe was a gainfully employed politician and union activist, devoted Communist, and a native of the Netherlands who learned enough German to work and be politically active in Germany. His activities indicate average intelligence, at the very least. Ironically (given Jones' disdain for Communism), the rumour that van der Lubbe was in some way mentally unstable might have been started by Communists seeking to diminish his culpability.
33. Abraham Lincoln not only laid the foundation for the destruction of America, he was an occultist.
34. Magic Johnson took the cure for AIDS, but was told not to talk about it. (Magic Johnson never had AIDS; he is HIV positive. In fact, he was on Oprah earlier this week to talk about living with HIV.)
35. Government white papers say They're going to kill not just 80% of the population (as described in Endgame), but 99%. (Mar. 9/09 broadcast)
36. Geoengineering is part of the New World Order depopulation program. It will probably result in the death of all plants, because particles released into the atmosphere will block the sun's rays and they will no longer be able to photosynthesize. See #49.
37. If you videotape near the Pentagon, Army protective services will grab your camera, erase your footage, and hold a gun to your head.
38. Muslims attacked Serbs in Kosovo. "The news spun it and claimed the Serbs attacked the Muslims." (Dec. 9/08 broadcast) This is part of a larger conspiracy theory that Milosevic was a pretty nice guy, framed by Clinton and NATO. When he said he didn't know anything about Srebinica, he was being straight up.
39. "All children at birth will be injected [with vaccines]. If you don't like it, a SWAT team will murder you."
40. "They're putting mercury in high-fructose corn syrup." A recent study by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy did, indeed, find mercury in many processed foods that contain high-fructose corn syrup (not as much as they have found in fish). Where's the evidence that this contamination was intentional? Nowhere.
41. The military leaked a Pentagon document to the writers of The Matrix, as part of an effort to desensitize us to their plan to place us all in tanks and lock us into a hive mind.
42. In late 2001, Jones repeatedly predicted that limited nuclear warfare would erupt at any minute.
43. In 2005, Jones predicted that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be the hero of some staged crisis. "Arnold is gonna save children at a school shooting, or there'll be some type of bombing, and he will land by helicopter and run in and direct things. I predict it....I see it all aligning. I see it all coming together. I see their plan, clear as day.... He'll fly in and things will be burning and he'll run into it and save someone."
44. Most policemen are Communists, and they have threatened to kill Jones. "Do you know what it's like to know the cops are terrorists?"
45. "I have people telling me the European Union doesn't exist, and they're serious."
46. "I remember reading stuff written 80 years ago by the Dept. of War when they were hiring top psychiatrists on how [sic] to dumb down the population through the public, through the media, and how to break up the family and get rid of the middle classes..."
47. "You wanna know the New World Order ideology, what makes the globalists tick, what their philosophy is - you see The Watchmen [sic], you will know." (Mar. 9/09 broadcast)
48. On people with schizophrenia: ""They're inherently evil people. They call it 'psychological' or 'mental' - whatever, they're a demon. And that's the end of it." (April '09 broadcast)
49. "Photosynthesis, that's admitted. But they say photosynthesis isn't real. Someday plants will be a conspiracy theory. They won't exist anymore, and some kid will say, 'Mommy, did there used to be plants?'
'No, honey, that's Al-Qaeda.' "
50. The rescue of Jessica Lynch was scripted and directed by Jerry Bruckheimer. (Bruckheimer co-produced a series on the war in Afghanistan, but had nothing to do with Iraq. The Lynch story is already an egregious example of bogus war propaganda - why exaggerate it?)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

25 of the Strangest Things Said by Alex Jones

I've provided broadcast dates when possible. Some of the undated statements are ones that Jones has repeated again and again.

According to government documents from the 1960s, the Anglo-Saxon Protestant work ethic, along with international WASP cooperation, was eradicated by "the Zion". Until that time, WASP countries were highly productive and largely free of corruption, while non-WASP countries were in decline because of corruption.
Most of this incoherent rant was prompted by a survey of U.S. schoolchildren, showing that cheating and stealing and lying is common among them. Jones didn't note that one third of the kids also admitted they lied on the survey itself...
2. Foreigners like Arnold Schwarzenegger should not be allowed to hold public office in the U.S. This includes Americans with Israeli citizenship.
3. Arabs own Hollywood.
4. Obama is secretly Muslim and will usher in "Black Identity/Nation of Islam" terrorism and persecution against whites. (November '08 interview of Ron Paul)
5. "Rebellion against tyranny. Rosa Parks stuff." - comment made to a boy who received in-school suspension for refusing to remove his "9/11 is an inside job" T-shirt. (Dec. 29/08 broadcast)
6. "We know the Freemasons at the highest levels worship Lucifer, they say that in their own writings."
7. All U.S. capitol buildings are Babylonian/Egyptian structures designed by occultists. (July 8/08 broadcast)
8. Foster children are being killed with radiation and chemicals.
"Barack Obama will probably be the president that has me arrested." (Nov. '08 interview of Ron Paul)
10. Aldous Huxley admitted the brainwashing techniques in Brave New World were drawn from actual elite plans for humanity, told to him by brother Julian. (Coast to Coast AM, Nov. 6/7, 2007)
11. Bertrand Russell suggested thinning the population by putting mercury into vaccines. (Coast to Coast AM, Nov. 6/7, 2007). Actually, Russell was warning of such things. He also predicted bacteriological warfare, infanticide, destructive wars, and general misery. In short, he was a little like Alex Jones. Only brilliant.
12. There are no safe vaccines. Vaccines are a "modern Holocaust". Vaccines cause autism. "That's a fact." (interview by Kevin Bates)
13. Each and every member of the U.S. military is injected with aggressive cancer viruses via vaccines intentionally designed to kill them.
14. Chemtrails are part of the depopulation agenda.
15. His IQ was lowered by at least 25 points thanks to childhood consumption of fluoridated tapwater. "A shadow of who I would have been calls out from the grave." (I have to admit, I think the world would be a better place if Alex Jones was slightly smarter.)
16. Mumbai was a Western attack designed to trigger WWIII.
17. After the former chief of Pakistan's intelligence agency (the ISI) Hamid Gul said Mumbai and 9/11 were perpetrated by "neocons and Zionists" in Dec. '08, Jones complained that Gul's CNN interview was "heavily edited", and that it is "childish" to accept Gul's remarks and similar allegations as anti-Semitic; that's merely a media divide-and-conquer ploy that "sophisticated and nuanced" people like himself reject.
18. "Everything is false flag! Everything revolves around it!"
19. The '93 World Trade Center bombers were recruited and led (not just infiltrated) by FBI informant Emad Salem. The men he selected were all "submental", "listed by the city as low-grade morons" with IQs of 80 or less. In reality, Yousef and Abouhalima attended university. Funder Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has a mechanical engineering degree. Even the driver, Eyad Ismoil, studied engineering at Witchita State University. Nidal Ayyad had a degree in chemical engineering from Rutgers.
20. The New World Order elite might fake a UFO landing with the Pentagon's "giant hologram projection system" as yet another excuse for martial law.
21. People are being arrested for growing aloe vera.
22. U.S. soldiers have made a hobby of throwing Iraqi children off bridges.
23. The Port Arthur massacre in Australia was "clearly staged" to usher in tougher gun control.
24. GMO crops are killing honeybees.
25. MSG causes obesity and should be banned.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Blame Game III: Hal Turner

Soon I'll have some commentary on Jones' latest take on the Swine Flu "hoax". It's a lot of crazy to wade through.

In the meantime, let's look at an Infowars story on Hal Turner.

Hal Turner of New Jersey billed himself as "the most controversial radio host on the planet", and claimed that he shut down his show a year ago only because of all the media, interest group, and government pressure that had been brought to bear on him. In reality, he was in constant danger of being yanked off the air for making assassination threats against U.S. politicians, telling listeners, "We may have to kill some of the people you elect." Turner is also a vocal white supremacist, Holocaust denier, and anti-Semite. In addition to elected officials, he has encouraged people to assault or murder Jews, immigrants, and anyone who tries to interefere with Christmas celebrations.

Quote: "People say violence doesn't solve anything. They're wrong. Violence solves everything. You can argue with someone till you're blue in the face. They just won't change their point of view and if you knock the living shit out of them, then they change their view…I've done it. It works, and I encourage you to do it. We need a lot more violence to straighten up America."

And Jones wonders why the Cyberbullying Act exists.

After the show wrapped, Turner announced via his website that the U.S. had shipped 800 million Ameros to China. When readers expressed skepticism, he posted a video in which he held up one of the 20-dollar Amero coins. It was coppery and slightly larger than a Toonie, but details weren't visible in the shaky, low-quality vid. Turner said that one side was imprinted with the words "Union of North America", with an eagle and a map of North America. A "D" indicated it came from the Denver mint, in 2007.
The Ameros were shipped to the China Development Bank, Turner explained, because the U.S. currency would collapse by February 2009. "This is irrefutable proof that shenanigans are afoot at the highest levels of the government..."

But Turner's definition of "irrefutable", just like his definition of "sanity", differs significantly from mine. The coin in his video was a collectible mock-up designed by coin designer Daniel Carr, to express his distaste for the idea of a common North American currency. Photos of it began circulating online in late 2007. It was usually misidentified as "an actual Amero".

This was pointed out to Turner, who promptly accused the government of creating Daniel Carr's website solely to discredit his factual claims. But dc-coin.com was registered in 2005.

Though Turner briefly returned to broadcasting in April of this year, he's currently in jail for urging fans to assassinate officials, politicians, and judges in two states.

Now for the scary part. Federal officials have claimed that Turner was briefly a paid FBI informant. As reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center last year, some hackers also found email correspondence between Turner and an FBI handler.
Your tax dollars at work.

Infowars has taken a consistently disapproving stance on Turner's behavior, but as always, personal responsibility takes a backseat to other concerns. A June story on Turner's arrest laments, "Hal Turner’s arrest feeds into the Department of Homeland Security’s effort to conflate Second Amendment advocates, 'antigovernment' activists', and veterans with white supremacists." The article hints that Turner was only posing as an anti-Semite and racist, to help further this agenda - he could be a whole lot more than just an informant, in other words.

This attitude is even more evident in the latest Infowars story on Turner, "Hal Turner Admits He Worked for the FBI". This article argues that Turner was probably a full-blown "COINTELPRO" agent, encouraged by the FBI to make terroristic threats against federal judges. He is "a classic government patsy burned by the people he attempted to collaborate with." The bulk of the article consists of other "examples" of the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center paying and abetting terrorists for their own ends. These cases will be examined in part II.

In Alex Jonestown, there's always someone else to blame. Lunatics like Turner and Von Brunn never act fully of their own volition, terrorists never do their own plotting, and nothing sinister gets accomplished without covert government funding.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another school shooting that occurred slightly before 1988

Here's another one of the school shootings that "we didn't have until 1988... when Prozac came out":

On the morning of May 6, 1940, the vice principal of South Pasadena Junior High summoned school district officials to a meeting in his office. Then he killed five of them with his .22 pistol, permanently injured a sixth, and shot himself. He didn't die, but he always insisted that he couldn't remember his own actions on what came to be known as "the Monday Massacre". His psychiatrist, however, concluded that Verlin Spencer viewed himself as an educational crusader and staged a near-suicide so he could "remain the center of attention, commanding that position in a grisly triumph over imaginary enemies." Whether this explanation has any validity or not, Verlin Spencer was one messed-up dude... without SSRIs.

Is there really any question that Betty Henderson and Alex Jones are willfully ignoring information that contradicts their beliefs about antidepressants?

Sniper by Jon Wells (Wiley, 2008) , p. 22

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Art of David Dees

This is a peripheral issue, but it's something that's been bothering me for a while. The satirical Photoshop artwork of David Dees is tremendously popular on the websites of Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and other conspiracy broadcasters, because he covers everything from the Federal Reserve to chemtrails. In fact, Rense hosts Dees' online image gallery.

Some of Dees' images are quite clever: firemen hose down a blazing bank with money instead of water, a drooling man is literally brainwashed by the major media outlets.
Others are ridiculous: vaccine injections are the fangs of a poisonous snake, Obama shreds the Constitution in front of a bust of Marx, the moon landing "hoax" is exposed in a single paragraph.
Some are stupid: Obama's African birth certificate, references to Larry Sinclair.
Some are bizarre: Obama prances past a zombified Queen Elizabeth, who clutches an iPhone with Dr. Manhattan on the screen; a mother and her children suffer some kind of necrotizing disease as they shop for GMO produce and processed foods containing MSG (Dees and Jones believe it causes obesity, diabetes, and organ failure).

And some of the images are so very wrong that I could cry.
- One points out that the number of murdered Jewish people on the Auschwitz memorial plaque was revised from 4 million to 1.5 million, and asks, "Was Israel created on a total lie?".
Even if the disparity between the original and final estimates was ten times greater than this, "total lie" would not be fair. Millions died. Period.
- Another declares there were no mass graves at Treblinka and Belzec.
- One gives a capsule of the Canadian genocide against First Nations schoolchildren. This was very real, but Dees mentions the "United Catholic Church" as the only perpetrator. There is no such church. In reality, every Protestant denomination in the country (excluding Mormonism) was involved. The Anglican and United churches actually played larger roles than the Catholic church.
- Another depicts starlets parading on the red carpet. In the distance, the Hollywood sign looms. The O's have been replaced by Stars of David. And the carpet, on closer inspection, is made up of dead bodies. The Star of David appears frequently in Dees' art, always in a deeply negative context.
- Another identifies the Holomodor as "the real Holocaust". Holomodor was an atrocity, a genocidal campaign launched by a tyrant. It is one of many that have occurred on nearly every continent during the past two centuries. They are all travesties. Yet Dees feels it necessary to turn crimes against humanity into some sort of competition.
- There is a Christmas card to Ernst Zundel, a "heroically brave man" who was "unjustly imprisoned by World Zionism". Others depict the "persecution" of famous Holocaust revisionists, and one shows a woman being tasered by helmeted police for reading Zundel's "Did Six Million Really Die?".
- A popular revisionists' mantra ("Zyklon-B was only a pesticide, used only for de-lousing camp inmates") is given its own *fact* sheet. Maybe U.S. death-row prisoners were only being de-loused by helpful prison guards, as well? And then they coincidentally died from unrelated conditions whilst sitting in the gas chamber?

Dees prefaces his archive by denying that he is anti-Semitic. He and Rense are only anti-Zionist, he writes, and "those who attempt to smear my art as 'anti-semitic' are fools and frauds."

Fair enough. But so are those who attempt to deny or minimize the Holocaust, blame a single Christian denomination for crimes simultaneously committed by over a dozen religious denominations (plus the federal government), and spread discredited and libelous rumours about political figures they don't like.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jones as Mirror

Occasionally, I must remind myself of an important truth: While I deplore Alex Jones' dissemination of potentially dangerous misinformation and half-baked conspiracy theories, Jones and his colleagues in the alternative media are only a reflection of our society. Jones doesn't often create ideas from whole cloth; he picks up things here and there, taps into the zeitgeist, and engages some of our primal fears.

His vaccine hysteria comes from entrepreneurs on the fringes of alternative medicine who long ago rejected actual (science-based) medicine in favour of anecdotal evidence and conjecture. Legitimate concerns about pharmaceutical interests and medical malfeasance or incompetence have driven some people to reject science-based medicine outright, rather than try to address their concerns. Add to this the sad state of science education in the U.S. and Canada, the propagation of quackery by PBS and other formerly reliable media outlets, and the multibillion-a-year pseudopharmaceutical and alternative health industries.

Jones' models of world history, politics, and the New World Order agenda come mostly from John Birch literature, to which he was exposed by a family friend at an impressionable age. The JB Society and similar orgs are fed from deep wells of reactionary anti-Communism and extreme nationalism. Add to this the sad state of history education in the U.S. and Canada.

Jones' fantasies of Luciferian sacrifice and occult symbolism were handed down to him by Texe Marrs and other preachers who have welded loosely interpreted Biblical prophesies to New World Order conspiracy theories. Televangelists only a shade less paranoid than Marrs, like Jack Van Impe, thrive thanks to generous donations from viewers and their affiliations with wildly popular enterprises like the Left Behind series of books and movies.

Jones' populist invective is directly descended from that of Father Coughlin and other pioneers of far-right-wing broadcasting. Today, such broadcasters enjoy unprecedented popularity - they issue topselling books, make TV appearances, and are treated as legitimate sources of news and commentary.

And so, even though it bears his name, this blog is not all about Alex Jones. It's about all of us. When we see the irrational, the reactionary, the delusional in Alex Jones - we see it in ourselves.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Repost

I posted this at Swallowing the Camel around this time last year:

I listen to Mr. Jones once or twice a week, which is about all I can handle. Any more of the guy and I'd laugh myself to death. But even I'm not laughing at him much these days. I can't even giggle when I realize that I am witnessing the last threads of sanity being plucked from the angry sweater that is Alex Jones' psyche.

Much as I hate to give Jones any credit, I think he has done such a fine job of indoctrinating his listeners that he has actually become dangerous.
? How could an intellectually challenged, woefully misinformed Angry Redneck Suburban White Guy with a Message, having just a radio show and a handful of shoestring "documentaries" to his dubious credit, be dangerous? Well, I think anyone who tells you to avoid vaccinations, tapwater, non-organic food, soy products, and police officers could be dangerous. All of these things are good for you, in moderation.

Jones has lost his ability to reason, if indeed he ever possessed it in the first place. During today's broadcast, he declared that every single U.S. serviceman is injected with very aggressive cancer viruses as part of the New World Order's "eugenics" program. Eugenics is the practice of selective breeding to bring out desirable characteristics, but Jones has broadened the term to mean "killing everyone for no apparent reason." Common sense should tell him that indiscriminate mass killing of Americans would not benefit Them; it would destroy Their tax base and reduce the number of consumers, possibly even collapse the economy. Hasn't he noticed that the neocons urge women to squirt out as many kids as possible, to financially compensate for the imminent decline in Boomers? Hasn't he seen the horrifying effects of fertility treatments? Does he not realize that lifespans and quality of healthcare are increasing throughout the developed world? And that unvaccinated people suffer and die from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines, while vaccinated people do not suffer and die from diseases that are prevented by vaccines?


Instead, he sobs, "It's eugenics", then - turning on an emotional dime - screams, "Please do not laugh at me, officers!... I used to be dumb, too, and I love you. Remember I warned you." He informs us that entire military units will soon be dying from vaccines. "You are all going to die." Break for Prison Planet online store commercial.

This meltdown was followed by half an hour of grunting, groaning, snorting, and sighing as Jones tore into each and every one of the people who phoned to pledge their undying fealty to him. One caller earned his exasperation by being from Alaska. Another frustrated him to the point of apoplexy for suggesting a modest outlay of cash for some extra media exposure. And all incurred his wrath by talking about "this or that" while not caring enough about the real issues - like foster children being killed with radiation and chemicals (no source given, of course), like the creation of AIDS, like the symbol on Obama's private plane that proves he's a globalist in thrall to the New World Order agenda...
"It's a world of YOU KNOW WHAT!" Jones bellows in disgust. "The average person is duplicitous, greedy scum. And you people with your namby-pamby this-or-that... like this NESARA bull... there is no knight in shining armor! You have to save yourselves!"

After a few commercial breaks, Jones calms down enough to explain his outbursts as a bout of depression, something that strikes him on-air "only" once a month or so. He becomes so disgusted by the NWO agenda, he says, that the bottom just falls out and he is overwhelmed by the "maggot-covered decay" that surrounds him, by the "giggling Yuppies" who refuse to take him seriously. An "epiphany" has made him realize that he simply can't articulate the "kaleidoscope of ideas" he has, so he becomes emotionally overloaded with the "wonder of God's creation... covered with crap!"
Essentially, he feels that he is a lone voice in the wilderness, and that he is shouldering too much of the responsibility for the salvation of all mankind. It's time for others to step up and do their part by plastering their communities with PrisonPlanet.com bumper stickers and warning their neighbors away from the IQ-devouring scourge that is tapwater.

This rare moment of insight ends seconds later, when Jones again begins ranting and sobbing about "vaccines causing autism in little children - that's a fact", about our "sexual congress with evil... [our] golem-like abandon", about the "rockabilly art types" (no, I don't know either), and about those who criticize him. This rant is punctuated by a sustained "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGG!"

"I watch you drink out of those dark cups... and I cry for you.
My fruits are legion. And they are good.
I don't have ego anymore. I have the power of will that is mistaken for ego.
We are on a planet."

He reiterates an earlier statement that the NWO will probably kill him. They already listen to all his phone calls and threaten his wife. He then goes on to literally rebuke his enemies, old school televangelist-style, and to warn us away from the "key things" that the NWO is using to destroy our minds and bodies: sodium fluoride, vaccines, cell phones, GMO foods, TV, and "dangerous brainwashing movies like Batman", ending on the televangelistic note, "Be born again. Unlock your psyche."

Break to an ad that urges listeners to download Jones' program to their iPhones.

Then I'll stand somewhere else

No time to post, so I'll have to expose you directly to the wit and wisdom of Mr. Jones. Sorry 'bout that. In this piece, he talks about - what else? - eugenics, John Holdren, and the globalist monsters. He also *complains* about those who attack his message, and explains that we're probably just jealous. He could be right about that; I do envy his ability to live in a world of his own design, and I admire his extraordinary success at staving off nearly every intrusion of factual information and common sense into that world. That takes true skill.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bugging Out

Remember the guy who's going to ground to avoid the New World Order smackdown?

It gets worse. On his YouTube channel, he has posted an explanation of his reasons for doing what he's doing. Among them:

  • Flesh-eating robots. Sure, they haven't actually been developed yet, and the creators never actually said anything about using corpses for fuel (that was a fun little factoid added by the ultra-conservative media, to teach us that science is scary and that only crazy, evil bastards use it), but holy mother of god flesh-eating robots!!! RUN!!!
  • The Army is rehearsing to take over the country right now. This is apparently a reference to the so-called "gun confiscation drill" conducted in Iowa in April and the international FEMA terror drills that are taking place. Also, the vlogger has heard stupid rumours of "burnout drills" (setting fire to citizens' homes to evacuate them from an area). After the epic fail that was Katrina disaster relief, you'd think people would be happy to see FEMA officials doing some dry runs. They could sure use the practice.
  • Food shortages, riots, and martial law are imminent because THEY will cut off all water, electricity, and food supplies to major cities, to starve residents into submission. It will probably start in California. lol wut
  • Swine Flu vaccinations may become mandatory. While I'm not comfortable with the idea of involuntary inoculation with a vaccine that has been developed quickly, I don't believe the vaccine is part of a "depopulation agenda". It would definitely be the first of its kind, because despite the occasional problems with contamination, no vaccine in recent history has harmed more people than it has helped.
  • Obama's science czar, John Holdren, wants to impose limits on the number of children Americans can have. As the vlogger is actually holding a baby in his video, I don't fully understand why this is a concern for him. Does he really want seven more children that he'll have to hide from THEM?
  • Each nation will be alotted so many babies. Only test tube babies will be allowed. The source of this info? Bertrand Russell. I love the guy, but dammit - he was one paranoid, misanthropic old mofo. Best not to take all his warnings literally.
  • John Holdren plans to sterilize Americans against their will.
That last possibility seems the least likely of all. Americans are staunch defenders of their reproductive rights, and the fertility industry is huge. But let's examine this, since it's also something that Jones has mentioned via Paul Watson's Prison Planet story"Obama Science Czar's Plan to Sterilize Population Through Water Supply Already Happening".
No, there isn't any evidence that antiandrogens found in some drinking water and pesticides were placed there to sterilize the male population. And Holdren's "plan" was more like a wild suggestion; I'm sure he wasn't dense enough to think it would be implemented in his lifetime.
The truth is, however, that Holdren and co-authors Paul and Anne Erlich did discuss involuntary population control in their 1977 book Ecoscience. Erlich had published an even more alarmist book, The Population Bomb, in 1968. Holdren and the Erliches wrote that if population growth wasn't slowed voluntary, involuntary sterilization could be introduced via food and water supplies. Women could be required to have abortions. Otherwise, mass starvation would result.

The strange thing is, Paul Erlich's failed predictions of the late '60s bear an eerie resemblance to the predictions Jones has been making: Food shortages could lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions. The only difference is, Erlich did not view such catastrophes as part of a depopulation scheme, but the inevitable result of overpopulation. He believed there would be worldwide famines in the '70s and '80s if population growth was not curbed.

Erlich knows he was wrong, or at least he knows that his timeline was whack. While he's still concerned about overpopulation, his views have been tempered considerably by age and experience. I think the same could safely be said of Holdren. The things both men wrote over 30 years ago probably seem as brash and silly to them now as they do to the rest of us.

It's not time to head for the hills just yet.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End of Jonestown?

Or the start of another one?

In last week's interview with Paul Watson, Jones announced that when his next documentary has been completed and his book has been written, he might abandon filmmaking and broadcasting altogether. What will he do instead? Form groups to educate the public about "eugenics" and the elites' depopulation agenda.

Once again, he stated that he no longer goes to movies, or dines out, or swims with his children because he is consumed with his mission to educate the public about the elites' agenda. But this time he specified that his mission revolves around the poisoning of the air, water, and food.

"Nothing else matters."

I don't know quite what to make of this. It could be a positive sign that Jones is going to narrow his focus, which would probably alienate (or simply bore) a huge number of his followers. Sure, they're freaked over fluoride and MSG, but are they going to drop everything to fight them 24/7? Doubt it.

On the other hand, Jones' current MO is to spread his special brand of ignorance and alarmism very broadly, and thinly, over a wide array of topics. What will happen if he concentrates all his manic energy on a single topic? He might be able to convince large numbers of people to reject science-based medicine, birth control, soy, public education, vaccination, cancer research, and any number of things he links to the depopulation agenda. He might just gain a whole new following and fulfill his dream of creating a "9/11 Truth movement for eugenics". And that's a distressing thought, because his views on "eugenics" are the most dangerous ones he holds.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On a personal note....

Any vestige of respect I had for Ron Paul was just slaughtered by the movie Bruno.
This is a guy who, less than a year ago, was begging America to let him represent all Americans. And he can't handle one gay proposition with anything resembling grace. He completely lost his cool. Would he have freaked if a beautiful young woman took off her pants? Doubt it. It would have been, "No thank you, dear. I think this meeting is over." And then he would have gone along on his paranoid, racist way.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where's the Harm?

People have asked me, "What's so bad about Alex Jones? Sure, he's a bit of a drama queen sometimes, but it's harmless stuff. Why don't you just ignore it?"
For the most part, Jones' propaganda is harmless.

But then you have Jones fans like this guy. He's seriously preparing to go to ground, convinced that Luciferian New World Order chaos is about to crash down on the U.S.
He thinks the banker-controlled elites are about to cut off the food and water supplies, slaughter citizens who resist total control, and confiscate most private property. So he's hunkering down in an undisclosed location with a huge supply of guns, firewood, and water.

He is a devoted disciple of the late William Cooper (a UFO "whistleblower" who branched out into NWO theories), Alex Jones, Lindsey Wiliams, etc.
He believes in an indiscriminate worldwide depopulation program (even though there is no indication that such a program is underway), the "poisoning" of our food and water with things like fluoride, the Luciferian agenda of the UN, and imminent martial law in the U.S.

There is a lot of harm in subjecting people to this level of hysteria, most of it based on flimsy conspiracy theories, bizarre misinterpretations of historical events, and "Satanic panic". I know that Jones et.al. think they're doing the right thing, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.
The saddest thing is, once people reach this advanced stage of dread and paranoia, there's probably no going back.

The other major hazard posed by Jones and company is that devoted listeners will ignore real problems (international terrorism, global warming, nuclear power, etc.) because they're so preoccupied with non-problems like artificial sweeteners and MSG, FEMA concentration camps, or Satanic ritual sacrifices. And because Jones tells them the real problems are only blinds crafted by the elite.

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