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On Vacation

I'm leaving Leaving Alex Jonestown for the rest of June. See you in July!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Green Were the Nazis?

If you're a regular reader of Infowars and/or Prison Planet as well as a Jones listener, you've noticed that whatever crawls up Jones' butt and dies gets hauled out by his stable of "reporters" and slapped up on the websites. Usually with extreme haste. Paul Watson, Kurt Nimmo, and the rest don't really go out into the world to look for stories; they just wait for something to irk Jones. This makes for some sad, sad "reporting".

Example: Jones mentioned in a recent broadcast that Hitler was an environmentalist and a vegetarian. (FYI, by today's standards Hitler wouldn't be considered veg, because he regularly consumed meat broth. And trying to link fascism to any particular diet is a hopeless task. Kim Jong Il reportedly loves Italian food and Mao liked fatty meats with hot peppers; Mussolini drank bucketloads of milk for his ulcers. While most dictators drank little to no alcohol, Pinochet liked his pisco. Later in life, he adored the same diet cola as G.W. Bush* - but Chavez, who once flirted with dictatorship, has banned it from Venezuela. Just try to figure that sh-- out.)

Anyway, on Thursday someone posted "The Green Nazis"by Jurriaan Maessen** at Infowars. The article supposedly exposes Hitler's environmentalist thuggery, yet the subject doesn't really come up until the very end. Even then, it's just a few lines from a book titled How Green Were the Nazis?***, noting that the Nazis "created nature preserves, championed sustainable forestry, curbed air pollution, and designed the autobahn highway network as a way of bringing Germans closer to nature." Rather than conditioning Germans to sacrifice personal liberty for the greater good, as Maessen contends, these were really just the sort of cosmetic measures that Hitler loved. Apparently, he wanted the whole country to look like a freaking Dick and Jane book.
Even Maessen has to admit that most of the Nazis' environmental efforts were soon replaced by the war effort. And he fails to explain how sustainable forestry, clean air, and nice parks in any way contribute to a totalitarian milieu.
As with the food thing, trying to link environmental policy to fascism is an exercise in futility. Historians of ecology generally agree that Mao raped the environment; carbon emissions soared and water standards plummeted under G.W. Bush*; Ferdinand Marcos depleted rainforests in the time it takes most people to nap. On the other hand, Mussolini reduced newspaper sizes to help conserve wood. Somewhere in the middle there was Slobodan Milosevic, who loudly decried the environmental destruction of Kosovo without actually doing a single thing to alleviate it.

But if you really want to waste your time equating environmentalism with fascism and eugenics, check out Lisa Makson's "
Rachel Carson's Ecological Genocide: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot ... Rachel Carson", posted at the severely Islamophobic Front Page Magazine on July 31, 2003. It will show you just how warped such thinking can get. Makson, like a few other reactionary conservatives (Limbaugh, Pat Robertson), tries to make DDT look like the nectar of the gods. If you're truly patriotic and humanitarian, this line of reasoning seems to go, you'll happily tolerate air pollution (the smell of progress!), environmental disasters (collateral damage!), and dismal corporate farming practices (yum!).

*Yes, I know he wasn't a bonafide dictator. Shut up and let me have my fun. You can't honestly expect me to be 100% serious on a blog devoted to Alex Jones.
** I don't know either. He might be the co-author of The Secret of Zionsburg, which attempts to link a mysterious 2003 fire at a famous Dutch estate to the Crusades and Holy Grail. Srsly.
*** Ohio University Press, 2007. Edited by Franz-Josef Bruggemeier, Mark Cioc, and Thomas Zeller - all university professors, if you can believe it. Shortlisted for the very prestigious Diagram Prize in 2007, this book lost out to If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start with Your Legs by "Big Boom".

Friday, June 19, 2009

Depressed? Eat dirt!

The webmaster of the website SSRI Stories, Betty Henderson, was a guest on Jones' show last week. Though Ms. Henderson is polite and sincere, and clearly has the very best of intentions, her grasp of mental illness and its treatment is roughly on par with Dr. Marvin Monroe's.

SSRI Stories compiles scare stories from media sources in an attempt to show that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are too dangerous to be on the market. Most of these stories involve murders, school shootings, suicides, and assorted atrocities committed by people who were taking SSRIs, as if this proves that the drugs, and not pre-existing mental conditions, caused the people to commit such actions. I'm not going to go into the whole SSRI controversy here; I'll just say that I believe the severe side effects that concern Henderson and others are rare, can be detected early with proper supervision, and are not sufficient reason to dismiss the beneficial effects that many people receive from this class of drugs.

It is Henderson's contention that SSRIs don't treat depression; they cause mental illness and homicidal behaviour.

Henderson pointed out that O.J. Simpson was on antidepressants. So was Phil Hartman's wife. As Jones has pointed out many times, several school shooters were on antidepressants. In fact, said Henderson, "We didn't have these school shootings until 1988, when Prozac came out." She identifies the first school shooter as Laurie Dann, a troubled young Jewish woman who shot several elementary-school students in Illinois. Surprisingly, Jones did not jump in to speculate that the ADL put Dann up to it.

This statement tells me that Betty Henderson is not well-acquainted with her subject of choice. Here are just a few of the school massacres that occurred prior to 1988 (you'll find many more at Wikipedia):

- 1891: The first "motiveless" U.S. school shooting was much like those that followed, though the shooter remains the oldest on record (70). James Foster fired on several boys in a school playground in Newburgh, New York.

- 1927: A disgruntled janitor bombed a school in Bath Township, Ohio. This is still the largest school massacre in U.S. history, and it occurred a full 64 years before Prozac hit the market. [corrections: actually, the bomber was a maintenance man, and a member of the school board, and the bombing occurred 59 years before Prozac was introduced in parts of Europe.]

- 1940: The vice principal of South Pasadena Junior High summoned school district officials to a meeting in his office. Then he killed five of them with his .22 pistol, permanently injured a sixth, and shot himself. He didn't die, but he always insisted that he couldn't remember his own actions on what came to be known as "the Monday Massacre". His psychiatrist, however, concluded that Verlin Spencer viewed himself as an educational crusader and staged a near-suicide so he could "remain the center of attention, commanding that position in a grisly triumph over imaginary enemies." Whether this explanation has any validity or not, Verlin Spencer was one messed-up dude... without SSRIs.

- 1966: Charles Whitman ascended the belltower at the University of Texas and sprayed bullets onto the campus, killing and wounding numerous students. This occurred in Austin, Alex Jones' base of operations.

- 1975: Ottawa teenager Robert Poulin raped and murdered a neighbor girl, set fire to his house, then shot up a school.

- 1979: Teenage Brenda Spencer fired on kids and teachers at a school across the street from her home. Her explanation for why she did it has become almost as famous as the mountaineers' standby "because it was there": "I don't like Mondays."

- Though Marc Lepine murdered students at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique in 1989, it's fairly obvious from his suicide note that he had been contemplating such an action for a long time, possibly as early as 1984, when Denis Lortie went on a killing spree at the National Assembly of Quebec.

Not only were none of these shooters on SSRIs, they weren't on any psych meds whatsoever. But Jones actually said, "There hasn't been a high-profile mass shooting that didn't involve SSRIs." Well, except for the Tsuyama massacre of 1938, the 1949 rampage of Harold Unruh, the Neptune Moving Company massacre by neo-Nazi Fred Cowan in 1977, the shopping mall attack by Sylvia Seegrist in 1985, the Hungerford massacre that occurred a year before Prozac was introduced, and countless others.

Though much has been made of Columbine shooter Eric Harris being on Luvox, Dylan Klebold was not on any psych meds. What's his excuse?
Harris was psychiatrically evaluated after committing vandalism and theft, and his diagnosis stemmed from that evaluation. Are you telling me he would have been a law-abiding, well-adjusted kid if not for Luvox? Get real.

Laurie Dann was on psychiatric meds - not including Prozac - for a chemical imbalance at the time of her death, but her bizarre behaviour began years earlier. She terroristically stalked boyfriends and an ex-husband, made false reports of rape and violent attacks, and hid rotting meat in her living-room couch.

Henderson went on to tell listeners that Andrea Yates and the other Texas mothers who mutilated and murdered their young children were perfectly fine until their doctors prescribed SSRIs. She makes no mention of the postpartum depression and/or postpartum psychosis that led to those drugs being prescribed in the first place. In fact, she repeated the absurd notion that the Texas Mother's Act was not designed as a screening system to catch early symptoms of post-partum depression and treat the mothers suffering from it, hopefully to prevent more drownings and dismemberment, but is simply "an excuse to get moms on drugs". Jones piped in here to say that doctors are trying to convince women that having babies isn't natural; you need to be on drugs to do it.

Not exactly. Texas, for some crazy reason, has a high incidence of post-partum psychotic violence against infants, toddlers, and their older siblings. I can't begin to understand why this is so, but I commend the state for taking some action to help women with post-partum depression.

Jones made an even weirder statement about women and psych meds: "Doctors are trying to convince women you're not supposed to have a regular period. They'll say, 'You need an SSRI for that.'"

There are birth-control pills that reduce monthly periods to about 4 per year. However, SSRIs have no effect upon the menstrual cycle. At all. And no doctor says they do.

Ms. Henderson offered a few alternatives to SSRIs, including dirt: "Dirt is an antidepressant!" So if you garden, you won't be depressed anymore! Even though you can only garden for a few months out of the year in most parts of North America. Even though depression often hits most severely in the winter months. Even though Henderson did not identify the psychoactive ingredients in dirt.
Maybe you could freeze some dirt and make mudpies in December.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hand me a blue pill.

Listening to Jones' recent interview of David Icke, I heard Jones refer again to those elusive military documents upon which The Matrix was supposedly based (see the post below this one).

But this time he said the paper was written in 1968, not '58, and declassified in 2000 (therefore, its contents were leaked to Hollywood). And this time, he said the paper mentions civilians living in vats full of styrofoam packing material or something.
Gawd, this is the stupidest paper chase ever. Knowing how Jones mixes up his facts, I realize this "military document" could be a chef's manual on how to store the leftovers from a Pentagon pig roast.
I give up. For now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weirdness Roundup

It wasn't easy to go back to listening to Alex Jones after he tried to pin the Holocaust Museum attack on the ADL, but I downed some Mylanta and braved his Sunday broadcast. The show must go on.

Here are a few "highlights" from Sunday's show and from last week's broadcasts:

- Finally!! After declaring at least half a dozen times that The Matrix is based on actual military documents, Jones mentioned his source of info: A 1958 Pentagon paper. He didn't give any other specifics, but he did say the paper involves microchips, which were brand-spanking-new at that time. While I still can't find this document, I did find a reference from another Pentagon paper released in the late '50s, which indicates the Pentagon might not have had the most realistic expectations when it came to computer tech. It envisioned a computerized "troop-carrying missile" that could "loop through outer space" and deliver an entire platoon of troops 500 miles behind enemy lines with pinpoint accuracy, all in the time it takes to deliver a pizza.
Somebody was smokin' the good stuff.

- Jones isn't particularly fond of Glenn Beck. Or gay men.
Jones had a hate-on for Glenn Beck even before Beck changed his mind about the FEMA concentration camps. I'm not sure why - they talk about the same stuff. Anyway, after Beck declared that James Von Brunn might have been a "hero" to the 9/11 Truth movement, Jones' bile reached whole new levels. In just two hours of his moneybomb broadcast, he referred to Beck as "maggot-infested rotten cheese", an "effeminate gremlin" who "goes to hundreds of bathhouses a day", a latent homosexual, and a CIA shill. He also said, "That little bastard is an antichrist" and "The spirit of 1776 will not be defeated by a fairy".

- "Bombardment!!" Jones claims that some schools are banning dodgeball and tag because eugenicists began planning our demise 80 years ago. They don't want our kids to be physically fit.
Explain for me, then, why the most heavily funded extracurricular activities in U.S. public schools are sports programs, why JFK introduced phys ed to public schools some 30 years after eugenicists supposedly decided to weaken the nation's children, and why the government spends millions per year on nutrition and fitness campaigns aimed at kids.
In reality, dodgeball and tag have been banned in a few schools because a handful of psycho gym teachers and junior-high hormone cases were getting overzealous. Kids were coming home looking like Rihanna after a date.
Besides, ducking and scurrying isn't exactly exercise. If it was, I'd give up my gym membership tomorrow and just ask friends to throw stuff at me.

- Jones is a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut.
At least that's what he said to a caller. But when the caller told him about an upcoming film adaptation of "Harrison Bergeron", he said, "I haven't read that book."

- Jones on David Carradine's ex-wife, who said he was into "dangerous" sexual practices: "Until I got older, I didn't realize the penchant a lot of women have for just making up wild stories."

- Jones on Child Protective Services: "There is nothing more dangerous than a truancy officer, or a CPS worker, or a foster parent. PERIOD."
And: "Most family judges are pedophiles." Half of all CPS caseworkers are also pedophiles. Jones has seen judges get looks of sadistic relish on their faces as parents cry, gnashing their teeth in malignant ecstasy. They are all demons. He saw one of the CPS "gremlins" in a Target parking lot once, and almost had heart palpitations from being so close to pure evil.
Jones implied that CPS corruption isn't due to some bad apples; social work itself is inherently flawed. It was invented by eugenicists and racists.

Jones and many other Texans are outraged by Senate Bill 1440. This bill actually protects parents accused of abusing their children, by giving judges the authority to hear from them before their children are questioned. Until now, Texas law has always let CPS get investigative orders without even notifying parents.
The problem lies with an amendment to the bill that allows CPS to transport a child for purposes of an investigation without a hearing or parental consent, if there's a "fair probability" of abuse. In plain English: CPS workers can remove a child from his home to be questioned if there are clear signs of abuse, and the removal requires only an affidavit. Prior to 1440, parents could refuse to release their children for questioning, and the matter would be turned over to police (who also couldn't remove children for questioning without parental notification).
To Jones, this means CPS can just swoop in and take your kids for absolutely no reason at all. It's illegal search and seizure at best, legal child abduction at worst.

For the record, I can understand the concerns about this issue. I don't like to see parental rights and Fourth Amendment rights undermined. However, the notion that this bill was designed solely to give pedophiles and child-sellers easier access to kids is ludicrous; I have no doubt it's a well-meaning effort to protect kids by making the tough tasks of social workers a bit easier. Whatever the level of CPS corruption in Texas, I see no reason to believe that "most" family court judges and half of all CPS caseworkers are pedophiles. Also, while there are certainly some bad foster parents out there, I question Jones' statement that most foster kids "live on antipsychotics and a sandwich or a hot dog per day while the foster parents go to Vegas."

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clarification for those who might not have been paying attention

Kevin Barrett says I should be ashamed of that last post; it's "libelous", because Jones didn't blame "the Jews" for the museum attack, he blamed the ADL (which has it coming, in his opinion).

I did not write that Jones blamed "the Jews". He blamed a specific group of Jews, plus unspecified government agents who used the attack as part of a "takeover drill". I know that Jones and Bermas didn't blame Jews in general for the shooting - in fact, they even mentioned, sarcastically, that they would probably be accused of blaming all Jews. So they know how it sounds when they say the ADL was involved with this shooting, that the ADL and other Jewish interest groups are thrilled when anti-Semitic hate crimes occur, and even that Michael Richards' on-stage tantrums are probably sponsored by the ADL so that they'll have an excuse to push for hate-speech legislation (as if they'd have to create anti-Semitic or racist rants for that purpose).

Most of the time, Jones is even less specific. When he stated that the Columbia shuttle disaster was a "tribal bonding mechanism", designed to steel the U.S. for aggressive actions in the Middle East, he didn't offer up any suspects at all.

I welcome comments from Truthers, but please, folks - if you have publicly accused Larry Silverstein, Amy Goodman, or anyone else of being complicit in the 9/11 attacks, don't try to lecture me about libel.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Blame Game II: James Von Brunn

Jones Blames Jews for the Holocaust Museum Attack

Warning: Some strong language. Please avert your eyes if you're sensitive.
Please see the post after this one for an important clarification.

UPDATE: Bingo. Jones does, indeed, blame someone other than James Von Brunn for the Holocaust Museum shooting. He blames the government (as I predicted) and the ADL (as I should have predicted).
When a D.C. caller described an office evacuation that took place simultaneously, implying there was foreknowledge of the attack, Jones immediately pronounced it a "Valkyrie takeover drill". Then he pointed out that hundreds of articles about Holocaust denial have appeared in the press in the last two weeks. Earlier in the program, he said most Nazis like Von Brunn are actually agents of the ADL. Then he said something incoherent: "I wonder if they've got another old guy they had in custody 5 years ago, tried him with a gun. They told him, 'Look, we won't kill your family...just go in and shoot somebody.' The old man waddles in to do it, and the ADL and Simon Weisenthals all have a good time."
I have no idea what incident he's referring to here. Let me know if you figure it out.
The bottom line is, Jews arrange for these tragedies to occur and then celebrate them because it brings them one step closer to .... something or other.
It's at times like this that I almost despise Alex Jones. He spent 80% of his broadcast ripping into "the fairy" Glenn Beck for linking Von Brunn to 9/11 Truthers, without any evidence. Then he accuses the ADL of staging racist terrorist attacks, without any evidence.

Jason Bermas, Jones' clone, parroted his complaint about the Holocaust denial articles by saying one of the most duuuuuuh things I've ever heard from him: "Obama went to Dachau this week, too! The Holocaust is big!"

Yes, Jason. The Holocaust is big. The murder of six million innocent civilians tends to stick in public consciousness, for some crazy reason. I realize it's not as important to you as freaking tapwater or the MIAC report, but for many of us the Holocaust was, is, and will forever be "big".

Perhaps even more sickening and alarming than Jones blaming Jews for the attack without presenting ONE shred of evidence: Not one caller even mentioned it. They prattled on about the Swine Flu pandemic, Glenn Beck, and other meaningless shit instead of saying, "Hey, man, what up with blaming Jews for this? Where's the proof?" Also, this was Jones' moneybomb day, and he easily met his goal for donations.

I am sickened by these people right now. I almost wish there was a New World Order, so these soulless and insane and self-centered idiots would end up in FEMA camps, far from telephones and radios.


I was going to devote this post to yesterday's broadcast, 'cause it was a doozy. But the Holocaust Museum shooting deserves our attention at the moment.

Thus far, the media has blamed the following groups for James Von Brunn's actions:

9/11 Truthers: Glenn Beck declared he has been been warning his fans about Truthers "for a very long time", and said "early reports" indicate Von Brunn was a "hero" of the Truth movement.
I live with a Truther, many of my friends are Truthers, and I keep a close eye and ear on events in the Truther world. I've never heard of this dude. Neither has the Significant Other, whose Truth heroes are Stephen E. Jones, the Jersey Girls, and Richard Gage. Yes, there are racists and anti-Semites in the Truth movement, but not everyone in the movement is racist and/or anti-Semitic. Perhaps the biggest sin of Truthers is not racism, but turning a blind eye to racism in the movement, rather than openly denouncing it as soon as it comes to light.
This is a case of the crackpot calling the kettle black, because as I've noted several times, Beck has ranted about many a conspiracy theory on his Fox News show. In fact, he went out of his way to point out that while it's okay to "protest the Federal Reserve", it's just crazy to be a Truther.

I guess Beck didn't pick up on another early report about Von Brunn: On December 7, 1981, he walked into the Federal Reserve's D.C. headquarters with a sawed-off shotgun and a hunting knife, planning to take hostages. He served 6 years in prison for this.

Liberals: Thus far, the only "journalist" to link Von Brunn to 9/11 Truth is this woman, but even she doesn't blame Truthers for his crime. She blames liberals. Srsly.

Evolutionists: An essay thrown up at Beliefnet seconds after the shooting occurred blames racism on the theory of evolution and those who subscribe to it. 'Cause we all know there are no Christian racists. Don't be fooled by the fact that nearly all the major racist organizations in the U.S. have been Christian.

Birth certificiate doubters: The Huffington Post and Olbermann immediately picked up on the fact that Von Brunn questioned the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. And this would relate to shooting up the Holocaust Museum how, exactly? I mean, the person who flogged that conspiracy theory the hardest is Jewish.

I predict that Jones will blame the government. He'll say Von Brunn was set up by the Powers That Be to justify Homeland Security's *persecution* of right-wing extremists.

We can't really blame any racist organizations, because Von Brunn wasn't active in any. He might have joined the People Who Hate People Party, if it had ever held a single meeting.

We can't really blame stupidity; Von Brunn belonged to MENSA. I guess we could blame smart people, but I only know of one other murderer who belonged to MENSA. And let's face it, the average white supremacist isn't top-heavy with brains.

We could blame old people. After all, America's oldest school shooter was 70 years old. There could be many more bloodthirsty seniors out there...
Thank God for the Lawrence Welk reruns that keep them off the streets.

We could blame guns. However, I can't recall the last time a gun hopped into a museum by itself and started shooting at guards. Guns tend to prefer quiet, dark places.

So who or what can we blame?

Let's take a cue from Von Brunn's ex-wife. She didn't offer up any scapegoats. She made it clear that Von Brunn was an alcoholic racist obsessed with what he saw as the disintegration of America.

In other words, Von Brunn was just an angry racist fuck.

Let's leave it at that, shall we?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Deja Vu

Jones' Sunday broadcast was mostly about eugenics. Again. And amazingly, he repeated just about all of the same wildly inaccurate info he used last time:

- Bill Gates' father is the head of Planned Parenthood. Okay. Fine. Now that you've said it at least twice, Mr. Jones, I will just accept the fact that Bill Gates Sr. used a cool Illuminati gizmo to reduce his age by several decades, had a sex change, and took the name Cecile Richards.
- Receiving three or more flu shots in your lifetime virtually guarantees that you will develop Alzheimer's. Unless some mind-flipping study results have just been published, this is still the same old unsupported crapola from Hugh Fudenberg; you're 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's if you have 5 consecutive yearly flu shots than if you have only one or two flu shots in your lifetime. At least Jones didn't say that "hundreds of government studies" have proven it, like he did last time. (This page named for the quack Royal Rife and his utterly worthless machine mentions a Calgary study on mercury and Alzheimers, and a similar study by anti-vaccinist Boyd Haley, but neither of them directly support Fudenberg's claims.)
- James Watson had to step down as head of the Human Genome Project [chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor] last year [2007] because he said "blacks aren't human" ["blacks aren't as intelligent as whites"].

He also talked a lot about Child Protective Services. I agree with him that there are many serious flaws in the foster care system, but Jones and I aren't seeing quite the same flaws. He claims that CPS takes kids from their parents without warrant or cause and sells them for up to $500,000 to the highest bidders or to people who have put in orders for a certain kind of child. A senator told him there are even bounties on the heads of blonde, blue-eyed children in Georgia. This is very specific information. How is it, then, that no CPS workers have been charged with human trafficking? It all smacks of urban legend, not unlike the white slave trade rumours that paralyzed women with fear 60 years ago.
"This is on the record!" Jones said. What records, exactly?
Maybe he's referring to a record album, from K-Tel's Sh** That Never Happened collection.

Jones also insists that social work was founded only to carry out racial hygiene, spy on communities, and abduct children. I dare him to say that to Dorothy Day and Jane Addams, if/when he gets to heaven.

In Endgame, Jones included footage of Susan Hoff demanding to know why 68% of Texas foster children are on psych meds. I think I might have an answer for her: Foster kids may have actual mental or emotional problems. Wouldn't you, if this was your life?

- watching mommy and daddy whale on each other every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and the occasional Wednesday
- living on Kool-Aid mix straight from the package
- learning social skills from Maury

According to Jones, the real racists aren't klansmen, but liberals like Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood). He says that in her letters to the Procter and Gamble and Colgate foundations, she advised they all pretend to be liberals who loved blacks, then break up families and "pay women not to have men in their houses", drug them, and hire black doctors and leaders "so they'll trust us and take the injections."
While Sanger made many racist, eugenics-friendly comments in her lifetime, some of these seem over the top. They're a little too Protocols of the Elders of Zion to ring true. For one thing, Sanger really was a liberal - or what we might call a libertarian - to the core. For another, she did not advocate involuntary sterilization or any other kind of coercive interference into the sex lives of poor Americans; she believed they should be allowed to make their own reproductive choices and have access to reliable birth control for the first time in history. She did try to enlist black leaders in an effort to convince poor, religious blacks that birth control wasn't sinful, but this had nothing to do with "injections". As wrong-headed as she and other eugenicists of her era were, she wasn't out to annihilate minorities.

Jones also mentioned that a few "weird black leaders" actually attend "eugenics meetings" and approve of the elite's plans to wipe out blacks, without giving the names of the leaders or the dates and locations of the meetings. Could be anything. Remember, Jones believes that every humanitarian effort in Africa is just thinly disguised eugenics.

Meanwhile, on the Infowars website, Kurt Nimmo offered up the stupidest theory of David Carradine's death thus far.

Friday, June 5, 2009

No News is Good News

A Prison Planet moderator swears he/she was the victim of an unjust DEA "raid" (search). As the moderator goes by "JTCoyote", this can't be confirmed. I'm not saying Mr. or Ms. Coyote was holding, I'm just saying this is a rather pathetic substitute for actual news. I'm not a fan of mainstream media, but when was the last time Peter Mansbridge announced, "Um, my cousin's friend was like totally not doing anything wrong, and then the RCMP just raided his house for like no reason at all"? I mean, the Jones crew should at least be able to pretend to professionalism, am I wrong?

Richard Gage was Jones' first guest on yesterday's broadcast. I don't know much about him, aside from his infamously retarded cardboard box demonstration of how the World Trade Center towers didn't collapse, but he is much loved by my Truther friends and the Significant Other. So maybe it's best that I don't know anything about Gage.

Earlier in the week, Jim Marrs and Robert Groden were on the show to discuss, for the umpteenth time, how a cabal of international bankers ordered the assassination of JFK. I don't know much about Groden, but he was a consultant for Oliver Stone's JFK. That says all I need to know. And the Federal Reserve theory of JFK's death is probably the weakest I've ever encountered, aside from this one. There just isn't any actual evidence that Kennedy was planning to shut down the Fed.
Perhaps the only "new" opinion Marrs had to offer - and I'm not even sure that it's new - is that Israel definitely had to sign off on the assassination because bankers created Israel (and Communism, and Nazism).

So, nothing to see here, folks. I'll go back to having my awkward vaccine discussion with a pregnant friend until Jones says something new, or at least remotely interesting.

Oh, BTW, I've been asked to go on Kevin Barrett's new radio show as a 9/11 skeptic. Thoughts? Opinions? I'm leaning toward "no way in freaking hell, you child-beating, Zion-phobic moron", but my mind isn't set yet.

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