Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On Vacation...

until the end of the month. Have a good June, and give some thought to the recent actions of the man I call Alex Jones' spiritual twin: Glenn Beck. Watch the vid below and ask yourself, is Beck's embrace of the "anti-Communist" Elizabeth Dilling very different from Jones' embrace of Eustace Mullins, Texe Marrs, Ted Pike, "journalists" for rags started by Holocaust deniers and white supremacists, and guests who hold other racist and/or bigoted views? If Jones and Beck want to successfully "expose the truth" about Communism, the banking system, globalization, etc., there are many intelligent, erudite people they could choose as mentors - so why do they so often pick Jew-haters, people with fascist and/or neo-Nazi sympathies, and bigots?

The alternative media line seems to be, "If you have even a tiny amount of valid information, we don't care if you're a Holocaust denier, anti-Semite, fascist, or racist. It's all good so long as we agree on the really important stuff like fluoride, Illuminati symbolism in public places, and martial law (which is, of course, going to happen any minute now)."

There are key questions. We will not understand the true intent of Jones, Beck et al until we answer them.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Upcoming MSNBC doc

This might be interesting. I wouldn't call Jones right-wing, exactly, but it's better than saying "rise of the conspiranoids" or "rise of the rednecks" or something like that.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Jackal?

One of the top stories at Infowars today is the erection of a statue of the ancient Egyptian jackal-god, Anubis, outside Denver International Airport. The DIA has been a focal point of conspiranoia since its construction in the early '90s, partly because it gobbled up a massive amount of taxpayers' money ($4.8 billion) and partly because....well, people are a little nuts sometimes. They point to Masonic plaques and a peace-themed mural as *evidence* the airport is a New World Order monument, and/or the site of a secret underground base, and/or home to thousands of interdimensional Reptoid space monsters. Or whatever. Needless to say, you can find a whack of videos about all this on YouTube.

Basically, though, Denver International is just a freaking airport. And the Anubis statue is just a promotional piece for the upcoming King Tut exhibit at the aiport. This is a traveling exhibit that has hit hundred of cities worldwide, and the statue will be taken down when the exhibit leaves. Think of it as being like one of those giant gorillas you see at used car lots. It's not a celebration of death (which for the ancient Egyptians was simply a passageway to eternal life, just as it is for today's religious people). It's not an idol designed for worship any more than huge Paul Bunyon statues are tributes to axe murderers. Are Western Canadians supposed to worship pryogies, sausages, and decorative eggs just because some nut figured they'd make good tourist postcards? Probably not.
Besides, if the Anubis statue is a sign that THEY still worship ancient gods, who really cares? Most gods are ancient, are they not? Timeless, in fact? If we have freedom of religion, why not this religion? (though I'm pretty sure there aren't any Anubis cults still around...)

Oh, never mind. As the comments at Infowars show, people are going to believe whatever they want to about this "idol" and the Reptilian Hellmouth known as Denver International Airport.

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