Monday, December 20, 2010

Assange Rap

With Jones harping on Wikileaks' alleged link to The Great Satan (George Soros), and Webster Tarpley calling Julian Assange an "MK-ULTRA zombie" (possibly because his mother's second ex-husband was involved with this when Assange was a child*), this video is well in order. Enjoy, and happiest holidays to everyone. We'll be back in the new year.

* It would be terribly ironic if Webster Tarpley, of all people, criticized anyone for cult involvement.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

23 Crazy Notions 'til Christmas

"Now right where I live there's uranium in the water. And the hippies'll get mad if you cut a tree down to build a shed, but they're like, 'Gimme uranium, I want it'. I mean, this is eugenics, this is population reduction..."
(today's broadcast)

Actually, Mr. Jones, the hippies - and a lot of other people - are pissed. Not just about uranium in the water, but about uranium mining itself. Two years ago, a broad range of South Texas citizens formed the Alliance of Texas for Uranium Research and Action, with the stated aim to "protect water resources and keep uranium out of the drinking water". Specifically, ATURA is fighting for a moratorium on all uranium exploration and mining in Texas's drinking water aquifers. And they're not just talking about uranium contamination on the radio. They're organizing, lobbying, and protesting in every forum available to them. Check out their website and decide for yourself if every Texan besides Jones thinks "uranium is good for you."

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

24 Crazy Notions 'til Christmas

"THEY have life extension...."
(today's broadcast)

Once in a while, Jones tosses off a vague reference to his belief that the elite scumlords have access to miraculous medical procedures and cures the rest of us can never hope to even glimpse. Folks like Al Gore even travel with their own blood supplies, because they know plebe-donated blood is too contaminated for their patrician veins. Magic Johnson was given the secret cure for AIDS, which is really amazing because Magic Johnson never actually had AIDS. That must mean They're hiding a preventive cure for AIDS!

Those bastards.

But the elites aren't the only ones keeping a lid on these medical secrets. Jones informs us that black and Hispanic leaders are paid off to stay quiet about the fact that AIDS is a race-specific disease.

I have to wonder, if the world's most powerful people have access to life-extension technology, why don't they have magical weight-loss techniques yet? From what I understand, they still have to rely on plain ol' lipo and dieting, just like the peons.

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