Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jones v. The Schizophrenics

I just listened to Jones' interview with Carol de Delly, whose son Tim McLean was viciously murdered and decapitated in an unprovoked attack on a bus last summer. This was a crime that horrified and baffled all Canadians. Two weeks before it occurred, we had allowed my stepdaughter to take the bus home alone for the first time in her life. I remember being mildly concerned at the time that the bus stations weren't taking any of the safety precautions you see at airports. There were no metal detectors, very few security guards, etc. But I reassured myself that bad things rarely happen on or to Canadian buses. So, needless to say, the death of Tim de Delly disturbed me greatly. Whether his killer is mentally ill or not, he must not be allowed to rejoin the public as a free citizen, both for his own safety and for ours.

Most mentally ill people, however, are not a danger to themselves or others. Particularly those people who are diagnosed in a timely fashion and receive appropriate, professional treatment. Even those who don't get help, however, are typically not a threat to anyone. I am acquainted with several mentally ill people in my city, including a schizophrenic woman who believes she is being gangstalked, a street poet who interprets mundane coincidences as miracles, and a musician who believes he met Christ on Vancouver Island. While their worldview is irrational and they sometimes have temper tantrums, hallucinations, or bouts of paranoia, none of these people has ever been "dangerous" in any sense of the word. Neither has my grandmother, who is a paranoid schizophrenic. Over the years she has made countless bizarre accusations, but she is not a threat to herself nor anyone else. In many respects she's like anyone else's grandmother; she takes in cats, embroiders potholders, watches gameshows.

Now that you know where I'm coming from, I have just two things to say to Alex Jones today:



Here is what Alex Jones said about people with schizophrenia: "They're inherently evil people. They call it 'psychological' or 'mental' - whatever, they're a demon. And that's the end of it."

Ms. de Delly agreed with this appallingly ignorant, Medieval bull, but she's a grieving mother who has been through a nightmarish situation and is trying to prevent others from suffering the same thing. I'm going to cut her a lot of slack, even though I'm not comfortable with her suggestion that people diagnosed with schizophrenia should be denied Canadian citizenship.

Jones, on the other hand, should seriously know better than to talk like this. Yes, he's somewhat religious and lives in the Bible belt. That's no excuse for branding schizophrenics as "inherently evil demons". Yes, he lives in a state that executes people who are severely mentally challenged. That's no excuse. Yes, he distrusts science and the medical establishment. That's no excuse. Yes, he supposedly has been "stalked" and harassed by people that he deems to be schizophrenic. That's no excuse.

In short, there is no excuse in this day and age for labeling the mentally ill as evil. I realize that public libraries are probably part of the New World Order Communist Agenda, but I suggest that for once in his damned life, Jones go there and do a small amount of book larnin' so that his willful ignorance will no longer reinforce the idea that all white Southern males are illiterate, bigoted, inbred morons.

See? Stereotypes suck, don't they?

Interestingly, Jones offered a description of people with schizophrenia that could apply rather well to himself. "That's how these schizophrenics work...they'll take any little cue to decide you're the Devil or you work for some secret group..."

Also, at the start of the broadcast, Jones said Ms. de Delly would be talking about the fact that "no one helped her son on the bus." Minutes later, she told the listeners that even though others have placed blamed on Tim's fellow passengers for their inaction, she herself realizes that they did not even understand what was happening at the back of the bus. Things happened very quickly. Besides, if anyone had tried to overpower or disarm this deranged man with a hunting knife, there would certainly have been more fatalities on that bus. The situation left no room for heroes. However, as de Delly pointed out, a trucker who stopped to help the passengers very bravely barricaded the bus doors shut, trapping the killer inside.
The notion that someone else should have intervened was Jones' alone.

Jones also complained that he is "always treated badly" at the Canadian border, while non-English-speaking people are not. "Is Canada just for people from the Third World?" he asked de Delly. She tactfully, politely rerouted the conversation back to the ostensible topic, her son's murder.
As a U.S.-Canadian citizen, I have crossed the border more times than I can possibly count. In fact, for a short time I lived on one side of the border and worked on the other, so I was crossing on a daily basis. Never have I been "treated badly" in any way. I have always found customs officers and airport security people on both sides of the border to be professional and civil. That's probably because I don't throw temper tantrums or say "I feel like I'm being raped, here" when asked to provide identification.


tshsmom said...

I've often wondered if Jones is schizophrenic. Just substitute NWO for the FBI and he sounds JUST LIKE your Grandma!
Somebody should sue that moron for defamation.

S.M. Elliott said...

I'm think of contacting groups that deal with discrimination against the mentally ill in the States. There's no way this should be allowed over public airwaves without some consequences. Dennis Leary and Michael Savage didn't get away with saying that autistic children are just brats without good fathers.

tshsmom said...

Good idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced Jones attracts and/or edifys schizophrenics for his listener base. Anyone can have a bullhorn and rant but they would have no voice if not for the people who stand around and want to listen. These listeners can quickly become their victims. He has chosen his market place and that market feeds fear which alone is a clear signpost of not only of delusion but purely unGodly behaviour. For those who profess themselves as Christian, they should recognize this behaviour conducted by the bullhorn operator as demonic. Unfortunantly, Jones thinks of himself as some sort of God fearing man doing a duty much like all those 'ministers' out there who allow themselves to be paraded about as a 'last day prophet' or consumed by some other messianic complex delusion. They clearly are not based on the fear and lies they have coupled with a small shred of truths let alone the megalomania and narcissism; two very unChristian mindsets. Jones insults intelligence and Rev Stair insults God Almighty in their very actions. Actions that have manifested in my own life as I have had to watch my own brother decay psychologically and physically due to the poisons these demons and others like them have concocted and dished out. Yes, there is a war on for the mind and THEY are waging it against basic common sense, peaceful human behavior, simple love of life and love for others. My brother has went from a very peaceful, harmless, well liked soul to a wandering paranoid schizophrenic mostly due to these 2 aforementioned. Unfortunately, my brother suffered an extremely life threatening and untreated lung disease last year and coupled with lack of phone or internet and his extreme remote location in the mountains in Montana, nobody knew and nobody could help him and he refused to go to a doctor (nobody can force you to go to a doctor) because Jones and others told him over the shortwave that the world was coming to an end and that doctors were putting chips in people. His reasoning left him during that illness and I'm afraid (a real reason for fear) he is suffering great delirium due to a blood poising due to untreated infections and he is getting worse everyday. Also, he is probably a full blown diabetic which runs in our family but can be maintained with a careful diet which he has not had in over a month now nor ever took care of his diet anyway since Jones etal told him all the food is poisoned by GMOS and all the seeds for gardening are GMO's and the food shelves are empty everywhere. Everyday brings another new low. He seems now to be beyond the point of suicide (we have prayed alot for this soul) but is now driving all over the Northwest trying to evade 'imaginary' people who he thinks is after him who drive black SUVS and of course, he has multiple loaded weapons (no doubt due to Jones etal). He has never taken drugs, rarely drank alcohol, is less than 50 years old, never had any trouble with the law and just wanted a simple, clean life filled with fishing and hunting and golf and gardening. Great career he used to have, 3.9 GPA in college, always helped others over self interests, champion chess player. Today, he is to finally be going to our mom's (who is a nurse) and it has been 7 years since we have seen him. This is scary stuff. We have been taking all this day by day and it hurts bad when you can't break through to a loved one and have to wade through all the crap in his mind. I have asked God Almighty to tie my brothers fate to those who poisoned his mind. If my brother survives, Jones and Stair and the rest should count it an undeserved blessing that they get one more chance to repent from their wicked ways in lies and fear mongering. People who mix truths with lies and delusions wrapped in fear are consumed by evil. I am convinced by that.

the_last_name_left said...

How despicable!

Demonisation - literally! wow.


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