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The Blame Game II: James Von Brunn

Jones Blames Jews for the Holocaust Museum Attack

Warning: Some strong language. Please avert your eyes if you're sensitive.
Please see the post after this one for an important clarification.

UPDATE: Bingo. Jones does, indeed, blame someone other than James Von Brunn for the Holocaust Museum shooting. He blames the government (as I predicted) and the ADL (as I should have predicted).
When a D.C. caller described an office evacuation that took place simultaneously, implying there was foreknowledge of the attack, Jones immediately pronounced it a "Valkyrie takeover drill". Then he pointed out that hundreds of articles about Holocaust denial have appeared in the press in the last two weeks. Earlier in the program, he said most Nazis like Von Brunn are actually agents of the ADL. Then he said something incoherent: "I wonder if they've got another old guy they had in custody 5 years ago, tried him with a gun. They told him, 'Look, we won't kill your family...just go in and shoot somebody.' The old man waddles in to do it, and the ADL and Simon Weisenthals all have a good time."
I have no idea what incident he's referring to here. Let me know if you figure it out.
The bottom line is, Jews arrange for these tragedies to occur and then celebrate them because it brings them one step closer to .... something or other.
It's at times like this that I almost despise Alex Jones. He spent 80% of his broadcast ripping into "the fairy" Glenn Beck for linking Von Brunn to 9/11 Truthers, without any evidence. Then he accuses the ADL of staging racist terrorist attacks, without any evidence.

Jason Bermas, Jones' clone, parroted his complaint about the Holocaust denial articles by saying one of the most duuuuuuh things I've ever heard from him: "Obama went to Dachau this week, too! The Holocaust is big!"

Yes, Jason. The Holocaust is big. The murder of six million innocent civilians tends to stick in public consciousness, for some crazy reason. I realize it's not as important to you as freaking tapwater or the MIAC report, but for many of us the Holocaust was, is, and will forever be "big".

Perhaps even more sickening and alarming than Jones blaming Jews for the attack without presenting ONE shred of evidence: Not one caller even mentioned it. They prattled on about the Swine Flu pandemic, Glenn Beck, and other meaningless shit instead of saying, "Hey, man, what up with blaming Jews for this? Where's the proof?" Also, this was Jones' moneybomb day, and he easily met his goal for donations.

I am sickened by these people right now. I almost wish there was a New World Order, so these soulless and insane and self-centered idiots would end up in FEMA camps, far from telephones and radios.


I was going to devote this post to yesterday's broadcast, 'cause it was a doozy. But the Holocaust Museum shooting deserves our attention at the moment.

Thus far, the media has blamed the following groups for James Von Brunn's actions:

9/11 Truthers: Glenn Beck declared he has been been warning his fans about Truthers "for a very long time", and said "early reports" indicate Von Brunn was a "hero" of the Truth movement.
I live with a Truther, many of my friends are Truthers, and I keep a close eye and ear on events in the Truther world. I've never heard of this dude. Neither has the Significant Other, whose Truth heroes are Stephen E. Jones, the Jersey Girls, and Richard Gage. Yes, there are racists and anti-Semites in the Truth movement, but not everyone in the movement is racist and/or anti-Semitic. Perhaps the biggest sin of Truthers is not racism, but turning a blind eye to racism in the movement, rather than openly denouncing it as soon as it comes to light.
This is a case of the crackpot calling the kettle black, because as I've noted several times, Beck has ranted about many a conspiracy theory on his Fox News show. In fact, he went out of his way to point out that while it's okay to "protest the Federal Reserve", it's just crazy to be a Truther.

I guess Beck didn't pick up on another early report about Von Brunn: On December 7, 1981, he walked into the Federal Reserve's D.C. headquarters with a sawed-off shotgun and a hunting knife, planning to take hostages. He served 6 years in prison for this.

Liberals: Thus far, the only "journalist" to link Von Brunn to 9/11 Truth is this woman, but even she doesn't blame Truthers for his crime. She blames liberals. Srsly.

Evolutionists: An essay thrown up at Beliefnet seconds after the shooting occurred blames racism on the theory of evolution and those who subscribe to it. 'Cause we all know there are no Christian racists. Don't be fooled by the fact that nearly all the major racist organizations in the U.S. have been Christian.

Birth certificiate doubters: The Huffington Post and Olbermann immediately picked up on the fact that Von Brunn questioned the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. And this would relate to shooting up the Holocaust Museum how, exactly? I mean, the person who flogged that conspiracy theory the hardest is Jewish.

I predict that Jones will blame the government. He'll say Von Brunn was set up by the Powers That Be to justify Homeland Security's *persecution* of right-wing extremists.

We can't really blame any racist organizations, because Von Brunn wasn't active in any. He might have joined the People Who Hate People Party, if it had ever held a single meeting.

We can't really blame stupidity; Von Brunn belonged to MENSA. I guess we could blame smart people, but I only know of one other murderer who belonged to MENSA. And let's face it, the average white supremacist isn't top-heavy with brains.

We could blame old people. After all, America's oldest school shooter was 70 years old. There could be many more bloodthirsty seniors out there...
Thank God for the Lawrence Welk reruns that keep them off the streets.

We could blame guns. However, I can't recall the last time a gun hopped into a museum by itself and started shooting at guards. Guns tend to prefer quiet, dark places.

So who or what can we blame?

Let's take a cue from Von Brunn's ex-wife. She didn't offer up any scapegoats. She made it clear that Von Brunn was an alcoholic racist obsessed with what he saw as the disintegration of America.

In other words, Von Brunn was just an angry racist fuck.

Let's leave it at that, shall we?


Eugene said...

Well at least no one can blame Charlton Heston this time because he's dead.

Has anyone looked into what kind of music Von Brunn liked? Maybe there is a band we can blame this all on.

TK said...

I just found out about this tragedy on CNN.

I wonder why there's a strong desire by some people to blame utterly unrelated groups for this crime?

The article on how it was all liberals fault is just bizarre. Maybe we should tell the BNP they're actually far-left, just to see the confusion and anguish on their faces. It would cheer me up. I'm still trying to process the fact that some idiots in this country just voted them into the European Parliament.

Perry Logan said...

It was Bill Clinton's fault.

Anonymous said...

you must be hired to do this cuz you bout as clueless s anyone and your missing the point

S.M. Elliott said...

I'm sure tapwater played some part in this. Maybe Von Brunn accidentally opened his mouth in the shower, and the fluoride at what was left of his brain.

I wonder what kind of music octogenarian racists listen to? Not that I care. Just curious.

Anon, ya caught me. I always knew someone more smarter than me would come here, read a single post, and figure it all out. But my last CIA check bounced, so I'm not sure if my employment will continue...

TK said...

There's an article in the Guardian today about links between Von Brunn and the BNP:

I'm guessing he was attracted to any group who shared his passion for hatred. I doubt it's a more meaningful link than that.

I shouldn't be shocked Jones blames the ADL, but I am. Over no one ringing in -- does he screen calls?

TK said...

Stingy CIA.
You should get paid directly by the NWO, way more money and perks.

S.M. Elliott said...

Jones swears he doesn't screen calls. He totally does. I've heard only two negative calls in as many years; the rest have been sycophantic almost to the point of parody.

S.M. Elliott said...

Read clarification above this post.

Anonymous said...

Ive called in before. there was no call screening at all! I think you need to stop infighting with the movement. Alex Jones may be wrong about some things but everyone is entitled to there opinion and people make mistakes. Also at least he wakes people up to many important issues that need to be looked at. He also is for preserving the rights and freedoms of all people everywhere. Also he is one of the biggest supporters of 911 truth. He has made people realize that the WE have the power and WE can effect change in a positive peaceful manner, and violence is not the answer! You are completely wrong on about 99.9% of your info on this site. He also states over and over that he will not single out any group of people. Once again you are wrong. You need to open your eyes and ears and do some actual research before you start bashing someone that is just trying to make a difference. I am not a minion of Alex Jones...I am a person who has done the research and I agree with him on many of his opinions, and I want a free world without tyranny. I want the governments around the world to stop the bloodshed of innocent people. I want the attack on our god given rights and freedoms to end and be fully restored. I am for the people ... and I also think Alex Jones embodies these ideals. Even if what you are saying is true(and i am not saying it is)at least he has woken people up to the fact that everything is not what it seems, All humanity is beautiful, and he has ignited peoples souls again. At least now people question the actions of the government, instead of just going along with whatever they are told to believe and do in their everyday lives. We need to stop bashing each other and unify against the real threat. The treat of a criminal group trying to shape the world into a hellish police state.

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