Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chuck Norris: more questions than answers

I never thought I would even care enough to ask this question, but...

Has Chuck Norris lost his damn mind?

On Jones' show yesterday, he actually said Obama is trying to pull a Chavez move on America, that he's working on "annulling" the 2012 elections so he can install himself as lifetime dictator. Gingrich said something similar a while ago (video here), complaining that Obama has signed too many Executive Orders (33). In his first year of office, G.W. Bush signed 54 Executive Orders. Didn't hear a peep from Gingrich about that.
What evidence is there for this move toward dictatorship? What steps has Obama taken to install himself as dictator? Jones complains that Obama wants to "socialize" or "nationalize" absolutely everything, but thus far nothing has been socialized nor federalized. The banks have not been nationalized. The proposed health care plan leaves health care firmly in the hands of private insurance companies.
It looks like the Federal Reserve is going to be audited. Surely a dictator wouldn't allow that to happen, right?

Norris also gave the opinion that if the U.S. ratifies the Copenhagen agreement, Congress should impeach Obama for even attempting to enforce it. It's just a scam designed by guys like George Soros to "bankrupt our economy here in the United States and then come in with international money and take away the dollar”. Seems like a pretty drastic plan just to replace the dollar, dude. And just exactly how does Soros benefit from "bankrupting the economy"?

“If the people don’t rise up, we’re going to have a revolution in our country."

Lovely. Chuck Norris leading the masses in an uprising that will preserve or restore....what, exactly? I mean, what golden age of American history are we harking back to here? Jones hasn't liked any American president since Jackson, only because Jackson hated bankers. Jones talks a lot about the spirit of 1776, but he also seems to think the founding fathers were just like the baddies of today - Freemasonic New World Order occultists with secret agendas.

What kind of country does Chuck Norris want? What kind of country does Alex Jones want?


Anonymous said...

I like the new comment system, SME.

Eugene said...

Wow, seems to be a lot of generalised anger there, facts be damned. To think I was a huge fan of Chuck as a kid. Sigh...

Then again, according to this article, this kind of behaviour is pretty traditional, going back decades.

Anonymous said...

I'm not aware of Jones hating the founding fathers. Maybe he does hate a few of them...

...Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, page 819...initiates are not to know the truth, but to imagine that they do. Masonic truths are meant only for the adepts.

Whether or not this was true before Pikes time, I dont know. Maybe the founders were not neck- deep adepts? Or maybe a few were not, while others were? meaning that if Masons were/are bad (im not saying they are) the founders level of involvement might have been forgivable? or maybe not?

The government converted a portion of its prefered stock ownership in banks into common stock, which extended the governments control and/or ownership over the banks.


(Naders take)

The Fed Reserve might get audited because of Jones and co., not despite him. Its not a gift from Jones elected enemies.

I suppose Jones wants an America that is a national republic, and not the national security state that strung up during Truman. But he wants to go back further, to pre Federal Reserve, pre- 1913. But thats still not good enough, becuase I suppose he wants to dismantle cartel capitalism and Robber Baronism, which sprung up after the Civil war....ok, I guess its back to Andrew Jackson we should go, I suppose, even if I disagree.

We need an America that withdraws its 725 odd military bases from 130 odd nations...we need to dismantle the military -industrial complex, end the usurious credit card company rackets, bring back our manufacturing base, put the executive branch back in its box, and recreate out lost opportunity society.

Anonymous said...

I guess in short, Jones et al want an America in which people think only like them, and that there are no laws that come close to restricting anything. Everyman for himself and survival of the fittest.

SME said...

The Fed Reserve might get audited because of Jones and co., not despite him. Its not a gift from Jones elected enemies.

I know. That's what I'm saying - Ron Paul got his way in spite of opposition. Would that happen in a fascist system? Unlikely.

Banishing credit cards/high interest rates seems pretty Big Gov to me. I think Jones, Norris, et. al. would prefer unrestricted trade and free enterprise. I mean, people use credit cards to buy Norris's book and Jones' DVDs and T-shirts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jones might not want to restrict the credit card creeps as much as they need to be. A beneficial law to reign those bloodsuckers in would be a governmental intrusion that I can live with.
The fascism is there, its just not everywhere. Ron Paul seems close to a victory, but its not a done deal yet. The popular resistance increased and helped make the audit attempt travel this far.

to anon 1:05 I dont think 1830's Jacksonian America was exactly a lawless free for all.

Jones and Paul might like Hayek, but I dont. Unrestricted business tends to end in monopoly.

Anonymous said...

I think we are entering an era of soft fascism, where one has rights, or one doesn't have rights, according to the discretion of officials.

The Patriot Act, the Military Commissions law, the John Warner Defense Act, the violation of Posse Commitatus by bringing in soldiers to perform police functions, the militarization of civilian police forces, recent Supreme Court rulings (the "running" and the "weaving"law, et al ad nauseam) the continueing widespread surveillance, most of which is illegal;
Obama is picking up the club, er I mean torch, that Bush swung.

The presidential debate forum in 1986-7 become a corporation owned by both major parties. The nonpartisan League of Womens Voters was dumped and replaced with the Commission on Presidential Debates.
They signed a secret contract in 2008 between McCain and Obama, to format the debates a certain way, to make sure certain questions never came up, etc. The public cannot learn the details of these contracts, they are beyond our reach.
So we end up with stage managed elections, where both corporate-lobbyist picked candidates offer us essentaily the same policy toward the budget, the middle east, immigration, and trade.

Highland Host said...

Weren't there 9/11 conspiracy theorists saying that George Bush was going to annul last year's US elections and install himself as dictator? What is it about these people and dictatorship? They might give people the idea that THEY would set themselves up as dictator given the chance. A daft suggestion like this tells us a lot more about the people who make it than it does the folk they're talking about.

Tell you what, if Obama sets himself up as dictator, I will personally EAT him.

And you can hold me to that.

Highland Host said...

Oh, and I like:

“If the people don’t rise up, we’re going to have a revolution in our country."

And if the people DO rise up, we're going to have a revolution. It's a no-win scenario, right?

Anonymous said...

Norris's statements came off badly......the idea is that if the dollar and America go under, then Soros types can buy up everything for pennies on the (defunct) dollar. last year a Minnesota state park was sold to the Chinese.

I bet they want Yellowstone.

It works better if the dictatorship is revolving, so people dont get sick of seeing one face every week on the tube. Periodically alternating parties works best, so far. The same billionaires own both teams- they cant lose.

SME said...

Yep, G.W. was going to launch some kind of false-flag attack (possibly a fake alien invasion, srsly), then declare martial law, then call off the elections and make himself dictator. I guess I blinked, 'cause I don't remember watching any of those things happen...

Highland Host said...

It's easier to stand up to imaginary dictators than it is to real ones. I sometimes wonder which world these people live in, because it's not the I do!!!

I'm still waiting for an apology from the folks who did the whole George W. Bush thing. And seriously, if Obama makes himself dictator of the US, I will personally EAT him.

You can hold me to that if it happens. Though if recent history is anything to go by, unless Obama seriously messes up, 2012 will see him re-elected. Hey, if George W. Bush could get re-elected, Obama can.

Chuck Norris apparently has a weird definition of "revolution", since I thought that the people rising up in a country WAS a revolution.

Anonymous said...

Obama represents a near seemless continuity of Bush. He is the false flag. Real elections were cancelled a while back.

Highland Host said...

Anonymous. What dimension are you from? Because it's not the one I live in.

Seriously, is this the new strategy? Instead of admitting you're wrong, redefine terms like 'False flag attack" and "Cancelling elections" so you can say "See, we were right!" Because if it is, it shows that your conspiracy theory is unfalisfiable. Bush cancels elections, you were right! Bush doesn't cancel elections, you were still right!

Of course, if Obama is merely a figurehead, which your theory requires, would you care to tell me who's actually running the country? And for the record, I won't accept "Billionaires", that's rather too broad.

Anonymous said...

When apocalyptic prophecies don't come true, you change the prophecy.

If this was the late 70s, all of these truthers would be in UFO cults.

S.M. Elliott said...

Some of them are. Srsly.

Anonymous said...

to characterize contingent forecasts as being "prophecies" is wrongheaded, and shows why people in deep denial about police state activity cannot understand what's happening all around them

Anonymous said...

The trend in the west is toward an increase in police state powers...this is an objective fact. People keep drawing lines in the sand, and when its crossed by the state and intrusive laws, they step back and draw another line. This is crossed, and they step back again. Eventually, your back will be against the wall, you will have nowhere else to go.

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