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Jones on Unethical Medical Experiments

Jones frequently mentions the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. To him, it is just another example that the medical profession is corrupt, that the elite are trying to kill us (particularly minorities), and that science is crazy and evil.

Unethical medical/psychological experimentation is a subject near and dear to me. I have been studying it off and on for about ten years, and I'm well-acquainted with many cases, even the lesser-known ones like the LSD experiments at Kingston Women's Prison in Ontario. At present, I'm trying to figure out if unethical experiments were conducted on First Nations children in my neck of the woods during the '50s and/or '60s, because there are a few indications of that. If my hunch is correct - and I hope that it isn't - there's a possibility the experiments were closely linked (if not directly connected) to the experiments conducted on black male inmates of Pennsylvania's Holmesburg Prison.

So having the truth about medical experimentation on minorities is important to me. I don't want conjecture, rumour, or propaganda. I have no time for stories that have been cooked up by those with ideological or political axes to grind; if you don't have factual information to offer, step off.
I'm not interested in using unethical experiments to defame the medical profession, or a country, or a political party. I know that such experiments have been conducted in nearly every developed nation during the past 70 years, by a small minority of researchers, so using them as a sledgehemmer against the entire healthcare industry or a single country would be absurd.

Alex Jones obviously doesn't feel the same way. And he is not careful in his research. Quelle surprise.

- In his 2006 rant about Zionism and the Israeli lobby, Jones talked about Israel's "ringworm children".
Throughout the '50s and '60s, ringworm was routinely treated with ionizing radiation in all parts of the developed world.
Five years ago, filmmakers David Belhassen and Asher Hemias made unsubstantiated claims that the Israeli ringworm treatments were really unethical radiation experiments funded by the U.S. Army, and that they killed and injured thousands of Sephardic immigrant children. Their documentary, The Ringworm Children, featured several adult "survivors" of the ringworm treatment. The radiation, they claimed, was 35,000 times the recommended dosage.
It doesn't take a radiologist to figure out that this level of radiation would have killed the children within weeks, if not days. They certainly wouldn't have survived into middle age to tell the tale. And they wouldn't have been able to have children, which several of the "survivors" in the documentary did. The claims made in the film are a reprehensible fraud, though where and how they originated isn't clear.

- During his interview of Dr. Boyd Graves (a man who claims he cures AIDS with swimming-pool disinfectant), Jones mentioned that a group of UN workers had actually been caught intentionally infecting Libyan children with HIV.
I knew what he was talking about, and I was more than annoyed - I was furious. Jones got this story so horribly, unashamedly backwards that there are really only a handful of possible explanations for it:
1. He's stupid.
2. He's incredibly lazy.
3. He knows the real story, but chose not to tell it because it didn't fit into his premise that the medical profession and medicine in general are evil.

Stupidity is a forgivable offense. Laziness and obfuscation are not, and those are the explanations I lean towards. Let's face it, Jones is probably of average to slightly above average intelligence. He could sort out fact from fiction, if he really wanted to do it.

What Jones was talking about was the case of the Benghazi Six, just six of the forty medical workers (23 Bulgarians, 11 Libyans) arrested on suspicion of deliberately infecting hundreds of children with HIV at El Fatih Hospital in 1998. The Six consisted of 5 Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian physician. The nurses had been recruited to work abroad by a Bulgarian company, Expomed. Not one of the forty people arrested represented nor worked with the UN.

The Six confessed to infecting the children. And you would have, too. They were beaten, electrocuted, and threatened continuously throughout their interrogations. One nurse was tortured in the presence of her appointed defense attorney. Another, Ashraf al-Hadjudj, lost an eye and had one hand paralyzed due to his torture.

One of the other Bulgarians arrested, Dr. Zdravko Georgiev, wasn't even in Libya when the kids were infected. He showed up after the arrest of his wife. He was actually put on trial, but found not guilty.

The Six spent a decade in jail. All were sentenced to death twice, before their death sentences were finally overturned in 2007. They gained release only through a deal between the EU and Libya, which may have involved the release of a Lockerbie bombing suspect.

UNESCO conducted a thorough investigation of the tragedy at El Fatih and concluded that the children had probably been infected through unsafe hospital conditions and practices that were in place before the foreign health workers arrived.

- In a recent broadcast, Jones mentioned the Huntsville prison experiments. He said that prisoners had been deliberately infected with infectious diseases without their knowledge, and these diseases spread to and killed many of the jail guards.
I was intrigued. I had never heard of this incident. But my searches related to the fascinating history of Huntsville Prison, Texas's oldest state prison, turned up nothing about medical experiments. So of course I Googled "Huntsville prison experiments". Roughly half the results had something to do with mycoplasmas, and this reminded me that a schizophrenic homeless woman of my acquaintance had told me the governments of Canada and the U.S. were deliberately spreading them around via infected mosquitoes, causing upticks in MS, certain cancers, and other diseases.

This was not looking good for Alex Jones so far. And it would only get worse.

Here's what I found: In the early '90s, Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicolson tried to find the cause of a mysterious illness Nancy's daughter had when she returned from the Gulf War. Gulf War Syndrome, in other words. Garth identified a mycoplasma, fermentans incognitus, and treated his stepdaughter successfully with doxycycline. He subsequently found the same mycoplasma in several other Gulf War vets.

M. fermentans incognitus was first identified in 1986, when it was found in the tissues of several AIDS patients. It was identified as a strain of M. fermentans. To date, the role of M. fermentans in HIV/AIDS - or any other disease, for that matter - is not fully understood. Yet Garth Nicolson identified it as the cause of a syndrome that may not even exist.

In 1997, Candace Brown's 10-year-old son became ill with a mysterious disease. His knees could no longer support his weight, so he had to use a wheelchair, and he suffered muscle degeneration. Some doctors thought he had human parvovirus B19; others suspected Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis; a few thought he could be malingering. Desperate for a diagnosis and cure, Brown turned to two doctors who theorize that JRA is caused by mycoplasmas. They both treat it with tetracycline, rather than steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs.

There is no evidence to support the theory that JRA is caused by mycoplasmas. Because rheumatoid arthritis is a form of autoimmunity, its causes are unknown. None of the current theories involve mycoplasmas.

Here's where Huntsville Prison enters the picture. Candace Brown learned that there had been 28 cases of ALS and 68 cases of MS in Huntsville in 1994. As JRA is a form of autoimmunity, she figured it might have some connection to these other autoimmunine disorders. She spoke to Sally Medley, the mother of a 17-year-old Huntsville girl tentatively diagnosed as having ALS. Medley had taken her daughter to Garth Nicolson, who informed her that it was probably a mycoplasmal infection.

Brown contacted Garth Nicolson. He informed her there had been a cluster of M. fermentans incognitius infections among Texas Board of Corrections employees and inmates, possibly because the inmates had been bioweapon test subjects as far back as the '60s. He claimed these experiments continued into the '90s.

Candace Brown and Sally Medley obtained TBOC minutes dating from 1965-1979, and they found numerous references in them to mycoplasma experiments. The Nicolsons had supposedly found evidence of "vaccine trials" conducted on the prisoners by a Houston biotech firm. To them, this confirmed the theory that mycoplasmas cause autoimmune disorders like the ones their children may or may not have been suffering.

In 1999, Brown published their discovery in the first issue of The Journal of Degenerative Diseases (reprinted here). This sounds quite impressive, but this publication is not a peer-reviewed medical journal by any stretch of the imagination. It is a dumping ground for disease-related conspiracy theories. One of its most popular articles branded AIDS an "American bioweapon". The journal is the official publication of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation of Sudbury, Ontario.

The AIDS director of this foundation is Dr. Boyd Graves.

The Common Cause Medical Research Foundation holds annual conferences. Last year, the main topic was 9/11 as a false flag operation. Dr. Garth Nicolson was one of the speakers. He explained his theory that vaccines are intentionally laced with mycoplasmas, and caused Gulf War Syndrome. He claims that M. fermentans incognitis was patented by the U.S. Army, presumably as a bioweapon. The actual patent, #5,242,820, will tell you otherwise.
You can watch some of Dr. Nicolson's presentation on YouTube. In fact, there a lot of YouTube videos about mycoplasmas as bioweapons, and a great many of them refer to "microplasmas" or "microplasms". One user even claims that the existence of "microplasmas" is being hidden from physicians and the public.

The most significant problem with the Huntsville experiments is that no one aside from the people in this group (Brown, Medley, and the Nicolsons) has ever mentioned anything about medical experiments inside Huntsville Prison. There are no documents, no books, no papers. All online references lead straight back to the Nicolsons. If the experiments took place, there is apparently no reason to suspect that they were unethical. In fact, Candace Brown claims the prisoners gave informed consent.
But there are no "mycoplasma vaccines", because mycoplasmas are bacterial, not viral. Also, even if the experiments did occur and did involve mycoplasmas, there is no clear link between experiments conducted in the '70s and a cluster of autoimmune disorder cases nearly twenty years later.

It isn't difficult to learn about the "medical experiments" mentioned by Alex Jones. Nearly all of the information above came from newspaper articles and research papers referenced in Wikipedia entries on "ringworm children", mycoplasma, autoimmunity, the "Libyan HIV affair", etc., so it's readily available to all but the most severely Google-impaired.

Hint hint, Mr. Jones.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The two faces of Daniel Estulin, Jones doesn't talk about Zionism again, and stuff Kevin Trudeau doesn't want you to know

Bilderberg Group researcher Daniel Estulin (the guy who swears he has a mole in the BG*) was recently interviewed about the BG on Press TV (clip here). Towards the end of the interview, he was asked where people should go online for more information about the BG, and he promptly replied, "I suggest they don't look at These are crazies who do that kind of stuff." Rather, people should read his book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group (which is sold by the Prison Planet store, BTW).

What happened here is pretty obvious, I think. Estulin, who has been a guest on Jones' show several times, was trying to distance himself from Jones to gain some credibility. Somehow, he figured this wouldn't get back to his core audience. But it did, of course.

So Estulin went on Jones' show to do some very awkward backpedaling. He said users of the Prison Planet forum had been trashing him, accusing him of being a Bilderberger (lol), and he was fed up with it. Jones accepted this explanation.

Estulin has a dismal track record with his "inside information". Last year he announced that THEY were plotting to assassinate Ron Paul because he was too great a threat to the New World Order. As if.

Other news:

- Estulin claims his book is being turned into a major motion picture by Halcyon Pictures. I'm sure that will be fascinating.

- Jones is sore about the "brutal" personal attack on him by the New York Times. Actually, this "personal attack" was a review of a documentary in which he and Estulin are featured, New World Order, and the reviewer was easier on Jones than most of his critics are. Jones is also incensed that the media claims he freaked out over the fire alarm at a Virginia Marriott Hotel, thinking it was meant to disrupt his phone call to George Noory of Coast to Coast AM (this incident is featured not just in New World Order, but in Jones' own documentary The Obama Deception. And yes, Jones was freaking out over a fire alarm). In reality, he now says, he knew the fire alarm was meant for him because the hotel's head of security told him, "I'm going to mess you up, Jones" right before it went off. He just didn't mention this in either documentary, that's all.


- Another recent Jones guest: Infomercial scamster Kevin Trudeau. Remember? The guy who talked about natural cures THEY don't want you to know about? Even though the multi-billion-dollar/year supplement, herbal remedy, and alternative med industries are ceaselessly promoted on all major networks and in all major publications?
I thought he'd slunk away in shame, but thanks to folks like Jones, the public still has to listen to Trudeau's self-glorifying, unfilterered crapola. On the show, he complained about the most recent legal actions against him (failing to mention that his criminal record goes back to 1990, and mostly doesn't involve his books). Then he griped that U.S. schools were dumbing down kids by removing phonics from the curriculum (If phonics was ever yanked from public schools, it couldn't have been for very long; I had to suffer through rather worthless phonics lessons right up through second grade). He then tried to take sole credit for alerting the public to side effects of Ritalin and SSRIs.

To refresh your memory, Trudeau at one time claimed he could provide cures for MS, cancer, arthritis, and just about every other dreadful disease and condition known to mankind (except gullibility). The "cures" (most of which were not actually in the book) included magnetic pendants, coral calcium, and a lot of other useless crap. There were a few time-tested home remedies thrown in for credibility, along with such duuuuhs as "There are different kinds of vegetables" and "Another important rule is not to have heavy food shortly before bed time". In interviews, Trudeau offered up batsh** insane tidbits of wisdom, such as "sunscreen causes cancer".
All of these cures supposedly came to Trudeau via a "secret society" made up of health professionals, heads of state, and powerful businesspeople. As a member, he took part in many covert government ops and knew all about suppressed alien technology. Later, Trudeau evidently tried to sell memberships to this "society" (actually a publishing outfit), called Nouveau Tech.

In The Weight Loss Cure THEY Don't Want You to Know About, Trudeau merely presented a diet plan from the '60s that lots of people knew about. It was never a secret. It involved lots of enemas, daily injections with a pregnancy hormone for no apparent reason, and organic food. Though Trudeau claimed in informercials that the diet was easy to follow and could be carried out at home, dieters obviously can't (or at least shouldn't) be injecting themselves at home with a prescription drug that isn't even approved for weight loss by the FDA.
Like all fad diets, this one substitutes weird regimens for the only reliable method of weight less: Regular exercise and a well-balanced, portion-controlled diet. Maybe that's the "cure" THEY don't want you to know about, because it would spell the end of the fad diet industry.

Like Trudeau's other books, Weight Loss also recommends that you practice Dianetics. After all, you probably can't attain any goals until you've audited every one of your past lives as a mollusk.

- For those anti-Semites still whining that "Alex Jones doesn't talk about Zionism", I'd like to point out this 2006 video that was recently re-posted on the Alex Jones Youtube channel, entitled "Israeli Lobby and the Zionist". Jones discusses "the influence of the Israeli lobby in using America as muscle to fight its wars" and "the history of Zionists funding Hitler."
Quote: "The people running Israel are diabolical."
The Alex Jones YouTube channel is an unofficial one maintained by a fan, but I think it bears mentioning that the YouTube tags for this vid include "devil" and "666".

* I was gonna link to a photo of Danger Mouse and his sidekick here, but to my extreme disappointment I have finally learned that Penfold is a hamster, not a mole.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last Sunday, Jones' broadcast was all about eugenics, or rather it was all about what Jones perceives to be eugenics and depopulation tactics: Food contamination (all intentional, he contends), fluoridated water, vaccines, birth control.

He began the broadcast by saying, "I have such an important job to do. How do I reach out to the people? How do I document for them that I'm right? That I have the evidence, I have the facts, I understand the globalist agenda...?"

The reason many of us don't take him seriously, he says, is because we're "punch-drunk on entertainment and alcohol."
Way to win new fans: Accuse lukewarm listeners of being idiots and drunks.
Soon, a regime far worse than that of Stalin, than that of Mao, than that of Hitler will descend upon the ignorant, hungover masses. That'll teach us not to ignore Alex Jones.

Later, he told us that if just 10% of what he said in his three-hour broadcast is true, we're in big trouble. I don't know about 10%, but based on the inaccuracies I heard in each hour, I'm guessing the percentage is rather low....

  • The Rockefellers were the sole funders of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute [Society]. If you Google "Rockefeller Kaiser Wilhelm Institute", you'll find an Encyclopedia Britannica entry that confirms this. I couldn't find anything like this by Googling, but a visit to the online EB shows it doesn't even have an entry for the KW Society. I think it goes without saying that all the KW Institutes receive funding from numerous sources, and always have. The Rockefeller Foundation made major contributions, however, and some of this Rockefeller-funded research became central to the Nazis' racial policies. That's what Jones was trying to say.
  • James Watson was forced to resign from the Genome Project because he declared that people of colour are a sub-species of homo sapiens. He stepped down as Chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 2007, after it came to light that he had referred to black people as less intelligent than whites. (Good riddance.) But he left the Genome Project 15 years earlier, because he opposed the patenting of gene sequences - a position with which Jones would certainly agree, if he knew anything about it.
  • A Mayo Clinic study found that children who receive flu shots are 3% more likely to be hospitalized than children who do not receive flu shots. To Jones, this is more evidence that children should not be inoculated against anything. Ever. He also views it as proof that "the flu outbreaks are from the shots". But the study dealt only with the flu vaccine, and Dr. Avni Joshi clearly stated, ""While these findings do raise questions about the efficacy of the vaccine, they do not in fact implicate it as a cause of hospitalizations."
  • "Hundreds of government studies" show that you triple your chance of developing Alzheimer's if you receive three or more flu shots in your lifetime. Similar misinformation has been circulating widely; that you're 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's if you have 5 consecutive yearly flu shots than if you have only one or two flu shots in your lifetime (note that Jones didn't even get his misinformation right). Bill Maher actually repeated this on Larry King Live in 2005. This seems to have come from a single doctor: Hugh Fudenberg. Please Google him - you'll learn much about his other unsupported claims (including, in the '80s, a claim that he could cure autism). In 1997, Fudenberg claimed the mercury in thimerosol (a vaccine preservative) collects in the brain and eventually causes Alzheimer's. Not one study, government-sponsored or otherwise, supports his theory. The causes of Alzheimer's aren't fully understood, but heavy metal poisoning is not a contender. Besides, you cannot get heavy metal poisoning from the tiny amount of mercury present in flu shots. (If you're still concerned about mercury for some reason, you can request a mercury-free shot.) Jones would be disappointed to learn that some of the more promising Alzheimer's treatment experiments being conducted involve vaccination with amyloid.
  • Baby formula contains rocket fuel. Not exactly. 15 brands of formula were found to contain trace amounts of perchlorate, which is used as a component of rocket fuel. Perchlorate contamination of cows' milk and drinking water may pose a health risk because it inhibits iodine uptake to the thyroid (though the American Thyroid Association has not found an increase in thyroid-related conditions due to exposure to environmental levels of perchlorate). So mentioning that it has been found in formula isn't totally out of line. Telling people that solid rocket fuel has been found in formula is.
  • Breastfeeding will probably be illegal someday. Not just in public - everywhere. I think La Leche Leagues all over the world would disagree with you there, Mr. Jones. Besides, what possible pretext could there be for outlawing breastfeeding?
  • "The Good Club" recently met in secret to discuss eugenics, namely how to kill Africans via tainted water supplies. This club, if it could even be called such, met at the behest of Bill Gates at the home of biochemist Sir Paul Nurse. Population control via birth control education was reportedly on the agenda. Does anyone other than Catholics seriously have a problem with that? Encouraging responsible family planning in impoverished nations that can't even support their current populations? And does anyone besides Jones et al truly believe that Bill and Melinda Gates are mass murderers?
  • Bill Gates and his father, who runs Planned Parenthood, want to reduce the population. No. They want to control population growth. Completely different thing. Cecile Richards, not Bill Gates Sr., has been the president of PP since 2006. Gates Sr. served on the board of PP at one time, but he hasn't been on the board for at least the last 4 years. He is not running Planned Parenthood.
  • "Almost every major philanthropic organization out there gives almost all their money to eugenics organizations." "Eugenics organizations", in Jones' view, means orgs that provide health care, clean drinking water, or medicines to Africans. I guess we're just supposed to let them die, because no humanitarians on this planet can be trusted. Also (and Jones has said this before), don't give a penny to cancer research. A cure will never be found, because that's the way Bill Gates and his cronies want it. Never mind that Gates himself has donated vast sums to cancer research.
"I have the facts"? Srsly?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jason Bermas, You've Just Won a Prize!

As a caller to Infowarrior was hamhandedly* struggling to explain Anthony Sutton's "synthesis/antithesis", Bermas cut in to talk about "problem-reaction-solution". Then it happened. Bermas said something like this: "Problem-reaction-solution, the Hegelian dialectic, whatever you want to call it..."

Jason Bermas, CONGRATULATIONS! I've been waiting two years to hear a Truther, any Truther, say "Hegelian dialectic" instead of using clunkety-ass* phrases like "playing both sides against the middle", "divide and conquer", or David Icke's twee "P.R.S.".

But I won't fool myself into believing that the same guy who thinks flu shots are lethally poisonous is brushing up on his book larnin'. Let's face it, Bermas still isn't quite Jeopardy material. He might want to tackle Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? first. Or maybe Wheel of Fortune.

* totally not a word

Friday, May 15, 2009


The Bilderbergers are meeting in Greece to plot more destruction, eugenics-by-stealth, general mayhem, etc. So Jones invited make-believe journalist and actual racist Jim Tucker back on the show for the umpteenth time to gripe about fascist overlords and filtered cigarettes. And some other guy came on to talk about being arrested in Athens. I mean, really. What is the world coming to when a guy can't even stand around outside a hotel for hours with a telephoto lens on his camera, trying to spy on people he's never met?

(Just as an aside, that guy has a far more interesting background than Big Jim; he and a friend took the Zack & Miri route to superstardom. They couldn't make a decent porno, but they got a half-decent book out of it.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More New World Order Sabotage!

Apparently, Jeff Rense's show was pre-empted by a hacker yesterday. Just like Jones, who believes that every technical difficulty, phone foul-up, and hotel fire alarm is aimed at silencing him (as if it could actually be that easy), Rense is fairly certain the NWO goons pulled his show to silence guest Texe Marrs. Because we all know how wise and timely Marrs' information about Israel and Satanism is:

  • Helen Keller was a Satanist because the "I love you" sign she created symbolizes Satan's horns. Sign language was brought to America 60 years before Helen Keller was born. But she was a socialist, and I think that also equates to Satanism for Mr. Marrs.
  • The Fox media conglom was named for Satan, likened to a fox in the Bible. It's named for founder William Fox.
  • "The horrible truth - the ultimate secret - of the New Age is that children will eventually be taken away from their parents." He wrote that in his '89 book, Ravaged by the New Age. Still waiting.
  • "Laws are now being tested that will make traditional Judeo-Christian lifestyles illegal." Ditto.
  • "The goal of the Jewish Masonic elite is to establish dictatorial Illuministic Communism and to enslave all of mankind under the thumb of a Jewish master race led by a world messiah who is to rule from Jerusalem." Srsly? All six of the Jews who are also Masons are gonna rule the world?
  • How can Marrs tell who's a Mason and who isn't? It's simple: Masons always feel obligated to make arcane hand and/or leg symbols for no apparent reason. For instance, Pat Robertson was making the Masonic "Lion's Paw" hand signal on the cover of Time (Feb. 17, 1986). Don't be fooled by the fact that Robertson has a reputation for being an anti-Mason just like Marrs; that's just a cover! And clearly, when Michael Richards posed for the cover of Newsweek with the rest of the Seinfeld cast, he wondered to himself, "How can I make this as Masonic as possible? I know, I'll make a V shape with my leg! There's no way that could be misinterpreted!"
  • "An essential element in this grandiose plan is the Masonic plot to blow up and destroy Islam's golden-domed monument now sitting on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem..." Now how would he know that? "On the heap of its ruins, the Masons intend to build a Jewish Masonic temple where they and their satanically energized messiah shall worship and pay homage to the Egyptian double-headed eagle deity, Mammon-Ra, the god of money and prosperity." Tacking a Christian entity to an Egyptian god doesn't actually create a new god, Mr. Marrs. It's called "making sh** up."

Rense fails to explain why, if the Illuminati Zionist Devil-worshippers are hacking his show just to stifle Marrs, Marrs' own website is untouched, his sermons are still on Google Video, and none of the other shows on which Marrs has appeared recently have been sabotaged. But that's how the NWO maniacs work...their genius lies in the fact that nothing they do is logical. That's why it takes a genius like Jeff Rense to figure them out. Quick, get him back on the air before the free world collapses.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alex Jones channel removed from YouTube for NO GOOD REASON!

Update: Jones is still talking about this to the exclusion of all else (aside from those poisonous tools of the Illuminati scumlords, vaccines).
He recently took a vacation and is trying to introduce some nutrition, exercise, and sanity into his life. We'll see how that goes.

The Alex Jones channel (a semi-official channel maintained by a fan) has been removed from YouTube. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette complained that Jones displayed one of the paper's articles about the Pennsylvania mass shooting during one of his broadcasts. Paul Watson and Kurt Nimmo of Infowars think this is a flimsy excuse; the reason YouTube really deleted the channel was to suppress Jones' coverage of the Swine Flu, they write. Because we all know how accurate, rational, and consistent Jones and his guests have been on that subject:

- The flu is just an excuse to force us all to be inoculated with a vaccine designed to kill us. The disease itself is basically harmless and is being blown out of proportion.
- Health officials and the media are covering up the number of deaths from the flu.

- The flu is actually a Satanic ritual sacrifice, timed to coincide with the occult holiday Cinco de Mayo and the Satanic holy day Beltane on May 1st. (see note at the bottom of this post) The elite have done a lot of nasty things on May 5, even though the Wikipedia list of notable events doesn't seem to include any of them. But that's probably because Wikipedia is controlled by the CIA, just as YouTube and Google are.

- You should buy a state-of-the-art filter mask from Dr. Deagle, to protect yourself.
- If you actually wear a mask, that means you've been suckered by the elites' alarmist propaganda.

Certainly, the channel couldn't have been deleted because Jones is spreading dangerous anti-vaccine misinformation, or because he makes slanderous and insupportable accusations against public figures, or because he insists that men only go on violent rampages because their second-ammendment rights are in jeopardy (or they're on psych meds, or they're mind-controlled assassins), or because he referred to people with schizophrenia as demons, or because he said the Columbia disaster was stage-managed as a "tribal bonding" rite for Israelis, or because he's scaring the hell out of gullible listeners who think they're going to be shot by hospital administrators if they don't agree to have their kids injected with lethal vaccines at birth, or because he brags about trespassing on private property...

I'll stop there, because I'm sure these couldn't have been valid reasons to yank his channel. I mean, Alex Jones is doing so much good for all of us! Sure, someday we may have to watch our children being placed in iron lungs because freaking polio has made a comeback, but that's a small price to pay for THE TRUTH.

* Note: Cinco de Mayo commemorates the 1862 Mexican victory against the French in the Battle of Puebla. Celebrants do extremely sinister, occulty-type things like drink beer, dance, and play air guitar. Clearly, we should keep some exorcists on stand-by for this stuff.

Satanists don't usually celebrate Beltane. Beltane is observed by many Wiccans and neo-Pagans, but we all know that every non-Christian in the world worships the Devil, right? Therefore they must be Satanists. If you disagree with this line of reasoning, it means you know nothing about Satanism or Wicca (even if you are a Satanist or a Wiccan), and you are going to hell.

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