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Other Dr. Deaths: Stanley Monteith, Boyd Graves, and Russell Blaylock

Now that I've covered "Dr." Scott Whitaker and Rebecca Carley, here are a few more of the doctors who have appeared on Jones' show...

Dr. Stanley Monteith

Monteith is a retired California doctor who spent much of his career fighting AIDS activists (well, at least he believes AIDS exists and is transmittable). He insists that vaccines cause cancer and fluoridated water is hazardous. And like all of the other doctors Jones has on his show, he believes an indiscriminate New World Order depopulation program is being conducted on a global scale. Why? So They can fulfill Biblical prophecy, in particular Revelations 6:8, which will install their leader (the AntiChrist).

Monteith appeared most recently on The Alex Jones Show in February, as a self-described expert on race-specific bioweapons and diseases, like AIDS (yes, he actually considers AIDS a race-specific disease, and Jones even cut in to say that black and Hispanic leaders are paid off to stay quiet about it, distracting people with "fake" racial politics).

He is also a conspiracy theorist, as you've probably already guessed. His book Brotherhood of Darkness is quite popular in the paranoid community. Monteith describes it thusly: "We reveal the secrets that the sages have passed down through the ages. If the secrets were discovered these men would have been killed. This book explains why the Supreme Court took prayer out of schools."

On Jones' show, he said American Special Forces are indoctrinated into the occult and are told that one of their most important missions is to eradicate huge percentages of the population. (Jones: "The blacks are just dancing right into the gas chambers, basically.") Funny, isn't it, how not one former member of Special Forces has blown the whistle on this?
What are these occult practices taught in the military? Monteith mentioned the Stargate Project, the Army's spectacularly unsuccessful remote-viewing experiment, which was completely dissolved over a decade ago. A very small number of military personnel were involved with it.

Monteith pulled out some stats: One in three black males between the ages of 21 and 31 is on probation, on parole, or in prison. "How could you possibly do something like that? I'll tell you how they could do it. It's the water fluoridation." That's right, tapwater turns you into a criminal. Especially if you're a person of colour. You've been warned.

Without providing a smidgeon of evidence, he said Mexican immigration groups are funded by the Ford Foundation, and Henry Ford was a disciple of "Satanic" Theosophy. Groups like MEchA, the NAACP, and La Raza, are also controlled by New World Theosophical eugenicists. (Ford may have dabbled in Theosophy, but he was Episcopalian).

Jones pointed out that Major Albert Stubblebine, one of Stargate's participants and perhaps its most enthusiastic supporter, now speaks out against it. At some point, Stubblebine realized he "hadn't been told the whole plan" behind Stargate; it is really a global extermination plan. Monteith: "I'm sure this is absolutely true." He went on to say that the eugenicists drew their beliefs from Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy and a "white supremacist" (she wasn't; Theosophy was cobbled together from beliefs of many different cultures). Jones cut in to say, as he has numerous times, that HPB was Hitler's favourite philosopher (she wasn't, though like many men of his time he expressed mild interest in Theosophy).

Jones then said that if you take a liberal - any liberal - aside and mention HBP or Margaret Sanger, the liberal will snarl, "That's right, you sonofabitch, and we're gonna get you too. We've gotta exterminate the blacks and the Mexicans."


Dr. Boyd Graves

Dr. Graves was diagnosed as HIV-positive in the early '90s. Searching for a cure, he stumbled upon evidence that the U.S. Special Virus program created AIDS in a lab. His primary piece of evidence is a 1971 flowchart found on page 61 of the Program's Progress Report #8, which supposedly lays out the "research logic" of the development of HIV/AIDS. You can wade through this evidence at his self-glorifying website.

Boyd calls himself The Man Who Solved AIDS, and claims he was the first person to take the *cure*: an antimicrobial topical cream containing small amounts of tetrasilver tetroxide in jojoba oil, sold under the name Tetrasil. He actively promotes this cure in Africa and elsewhere. He makes a huge deal out of the fact that Marvin Antelman, the creator of Tetrasil, acquired a patent for tetrasilver tetroxide injection as a "method of curing AIDS". As I know jack about patent law, I don't know how/why travesties like this can occur. Fill me in if you know. The bottom line is, no, there is no evidence that Tetrasil/tetrasilver tetroxide cures AIDS. It has minor antimicrobial properties, and is sometimes used as a pesticide or swimming-pool disinfectant. That's all. In fact, it's illegal to promote it as a cure for anything in the U.S., and Zambia has banned it outright.

Like Rebecca Carley and Bill Deagle, Boyd says the 1918 flu virus was engineered as a bioweapon during WWI.

Dr. Russell Blaylock

Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon, told Alex Jones' listeners earlier this year that "conventional medicine" (again, this is a misnomer; it's either medicine, or it's not) was created by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1901.

[pause for laughter]

Blaylock considers vaccines hazardous, but doesn't condemn them wholesale. The main target of his doctorly wrath is the excitoxin aspartate, found in food additives like aspartame and MSG. The only legitimate concern about aspartate is that it might affect parts of the brain that are not protected by the blood-brain barrier, but Blaylock (against all evidence) insists it does cross the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, he believes that MSG can be lethal. He's also a medical consultant to the Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative.


BG said...

Nice post.

Perry Logan said...

Thank goodness someone has the courage to speak out against those evil schizophrenics.

This is my uncanny impersonation of Alex Jones:

SME said...

Not bad. ;D

teri said...

You people need to WAKE UP!! Look whats happening all around you...This was explained years ago
by the so called crazies...Amazing
that Alex Jones, Stanley Monteith and so many others have warned us about everything that has come to pass....

Craiglsist Candy said...

Have you even read or listened to the Dr. Stanley Monteith? He researched this topic of One World Governement for over 65 years of his life? What is your background and how much have you researched before you made a post which ended with um? All the other people who complimented you are also sheep. I am not using that term in a derogatory way, actually it's really a sad yet truthful term of the majority of the population on earth.

S.M. Elliott said...

I am referring to Dr. Monteith's (and Jones') comments made on a single radio broadcast, not to Monteith's entire career.
But the length of time you spend researching a subject is not always a factor in how much you learn. We don't know how much *accurate* information Dr. Monteith has compiled during that time.

iluvmerengue said...

I guess the sriter & followers of this blog have already had their brains affected by aspartame, msg & fluoride, etc., because they can't think objectively...

Let me help you with some info you may find interesting:

1) I'm a caregiver to the elderly and last week during a work meeting about Alzheimer's that I attended one of the facts presented was the tremendous increase of such a terrifying yet incurable disease (also of "unknown" cause/s). Presently, every 69 seconds one more person is diagnosed with Alz. in the U.S.A. alone and in the year 2050 (if we get there...) it would be every 33 seconds. Hmm, I think it's fair to wonder if SOMETHING we are exposed to is helping to kill our brain cells...

2) The increase in auto-immune diseases, which also have no known cure or cause, is staggering as well, anyone ever wonder WHY? Being a sufferer myself I have, and now I believe I know the answer.

3) Anyone other than me has ever noticed that all those diseases for which every year there's been a telemarathon, a "walk" or even an entire month dedicated, still have no cure after decades of "research" and billions of dollars donated? Personally, I already stopped hoping years ago, after all keeping people sick is much better business than curing them and letting them die nicely fits the NWO plan...

I could go on an on but I'm confident that anyone with still a few brain cells left will get the picture... I hope!

Shitwolf said...

your right, Fluoride is good for you. That's why Hitler & Stalin both put it into the water supplies of all there death camps. I'm sure they just wanted to makes sure that there victims had healthy teeth while the where torture to death.

P.S. If you believe this article, you obviously haven't spent more that 2 minutes looking into the facts. So,Get of this page, go look at some real historical documents, and figure out what the truth is yourself.

S.M. Elliott said...

Shitwolf, first show me ANY source documentation indicating that the Nazis or Stalin used flouride in their drinking water.

PropagandaSeer said...

PropagandaSeer said...

Consider this, a fluoride compound is used in prozac, as well. Of course, lithium is much more useful and its effects are immediate, not accumulative like fluoride.

PropagandaSeer said...

Proposing lithium in the UK and America's public drinking water.

S.M. Elliott said...

@ P.S.: Somewhere else on this blog you'll find a post titled "Brain-Eating B.S.". The second half of that post contains information on the "lithium in the water" proposition, which according to the links you've posted above has been championed by only a tiny number of researchers (the five or so I mentioned in my Brain-eating post, plus a Czech dr. whom everyone has been ignoring). The research community, mental health professionals, and drs. are overwhelmingly against the idea of placing psychoactive chemicals in water supplies. Yes, lithium occurs naturally and has been safely consumed in water throughout history, but deliberately putting therapeutic levels of a psychoactive drug into our water would be expensive and risky (lawsuits would abound from people claiming adverse reactions, whether they had adverse reactions or not). It's simply not a feasible or sensible notion, and it is not being embraced by anyone other than a few frootloops.

1WAY said...

Hi Bloggers,

In Little old New Zealand they want to use Fluoride, children and every one will have issue's, it is a by product from Aluminium.
Maybe you have heard about I.G.Farben, read on and digest please.
The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in
Germany`s Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about
fluoride`s supposed effect on children`s teeth; their alleged reason for
mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and
force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission. (Ref.
book: "The Crime and Punishment of I.G.Farben" by Joseph Borkin.)

S.M. Elliott said...

Hi Anonymous Bullshitter!

What a coincidence, I happen to have a copy of The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben, and it contains not a single mention of fluoride!

Unknown said...

Lol stands for land of lunatics. Thanks for background on Dr. Montieth and for creating interest in both his and Mr. Jones wonderful work. Environmental racism question: are urban areas where blacks live given more fluoride than urban areas where whites live? That is difficult to imagine how the water supply could be segregated, but that does not take away from the fact that fluoride is indeed poison (research it and you will see) and may have neurological effects that put together with other risk factors do contribute to a rise in criminality. Of course, that doesn't explain why all those upper-class Illuminati are criminals. Maybe they eat toothpaste. Salams.

Jeffrey Ruzicka said...

You completely misrepresented Dr. Monteith. For instance, he is not against putting fluoride in the water, it is the form of fluoride they put in the water. The difference between Dr. Monteith and you is that he knows what he is talking about.

Jessica Grace said...

Just in case anyone else actually decides to read this crap I will provide a bit of light on the whole nwo problem. We are dealing with pagan occultists who are financed and controlled by the monarchy of the U.K.

This is not a zionist agenda, a jewish agend, a nazi agenda, a rothschild agenda, or a masonic agenda. It is an agenda solely perpetrated by the English monarchy. This is because they control every single occult globalist group out there. When you think of the illuminati, think of prince William. Aka King arthur/anti-christ. Net worth = 15 trillion. Look it up lazy bones.

Norshaman said...

Monteith and others really miss the point. If the ruling elite were really going after cholos and Blacks, why would the policies the governments whose "repesentatives" they buy and place subsidize millions of fatherless kids, where society is supposed to pick up the tab so that Willie can keep playing? PS- they all go to church- so much for "pagan occultist" crap.

psychedeligoat said...

Well he now is Dr Death - he's dead.

Truther said...

What a Pathetic Piece of Crap Blog! Idiot, that Doesn't Really Know what is Truly going on. If you think that Dr Monteith was a Conspiracy Theorist, then you are Totally Misinformed and you should Really ReEducate yourself!

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