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September Spawned a Monster

So what have Jones & Co. been up to this autumn? Here's an abridged recap:

- The #1 topic is, of course, the Swine Flu vaccine. It contains the usual array of toxins added to vaccines for the sole purpose of sickening and killing us: mercury, squalene, etc. Sure, doctors will try to tell you that small amounts of these substances are not hazardous and are the only things that keep the vaccines from spoiling or being ineffective, but who's going to believe a certified medical professional over Alex Jones?
According to Jones, squalene was long ago removed from all vaccines administered to Army officers, because it was killing many of them. But wait. Didn't Jones already tell us that each and every military officer is being deliberately injected with "very aggressive cancer viruses"? So, um, why did the Army bother removing the squalene?

More importantly, just how is squalene toxic? Though the squalene found in vaccine adjuvants comes from other sources, our bodies produce it naturally. Rather than banning it, WHO, and just about every other public health org on the planet, considers squalene totally safe for use in vaccines, despite unfounded fears that squalene had something to do with Gulf War Syndrome. Adjuvants were not even present in any of the vaccines administered to Gulf War I vets; the FDA has not yet authorized their use.

- Cancer rates in children are up "1000%", thanks to cancer viruses in all major vaccines.

- Jones resurrected the Birther debate on his show by inviting back Philip J. Berg. You'll note that nothing about Obama's Kenyan birth features in The Obama Deception, because that *documentary* was clearly designed to suck in Dems and vaguely left-wing folks. Now that Jones has brought a few of them on board, he can go back to the groundless accusations about forged birth records and "Nation of Islam persecution of whites".
Meanwhile, Berg still hasn't produced that long-promised audio of Obama's gran outing him as Kenyan-born.

- Jones declared that within 5-15 years, 9 out of 10 of us will be dead. First there will be a one-child policy, beginning with getting rid of the tax credit in California (he said there are already massive fines for having more than one child in Australia, New Zealand, England, and parts of Europe). Later, "extra" children will be confiscated, sterilized, and raped by CPS officials (remember, 50% of CPS workers are pedophiles, and so are most family court judges).

- The New World Order plan, of which The Great Swine Flu Plot of '09 is just one part, is to bankrupt the world and set up a new economic system based on carbon credits (designed by Enron and Al Gore).

- Jason Bermas, another Infowars correspondent, and Luke Rudkowski (founder of We Are Change) were detained during G20 protests in Pittsburgh. According to Bermas, police were randomly bombarding quiet residential streets with sound cannons, clubbing elderly women tourists over the head for approaching them with questions, siccing their dogs on tourists for no reason, and beating children in their own front yards because they're not supposed to be outside.
While there have been many allegation of police brutality and security overkill during the summit, these stories are above and beyond anything else that's being reported even by the fringiest of fringe media outlets. And the video clips posted at Infowars don't show any of this alleged violence. They mostly just show guys standing around in riot gear, waiting for something to happen.

- When Clinton was carrying on the policies of Bush I, Newt Gingrich was brought in to "act like a conservative" and discredit and derail real Republicans with his Contract for America. Just as Glenn Beck has been brought in to descredit and derail Tea Partiers and Truthers.
I don't concur with this theory that Beck is a New World Order operative. Aside from his support for the first bank bailout and his trash talk about Truthers, Beck is the slightly calmer twin of Alex Jones. Witness his analysis of "Communist symbolism" in art displayed at Rockefeller Center, his stubborn assertion that Zeke Emanuel supports the formation of "death panels" (even though Emanuel is a staunch opponent of euthanasia), and the fact that his bosses apparently forced him to debunk FEMA concentration camp rumours. Beck's show is like a stage production of Network.*

- Charlie Sheen still hasn't gotten his twenty minutes with Obama.

* Particularly annoying are all the visual aids Beck has been using since moving to Fox. Is this because he knows his Fox News viewers aren't quite as sharp as his CNN audience, or does he just want to be the Carrot Top of political commentary? Two weeks ago, he actually laid out on the table in front of him a Twinkie, a glass of milk, and a glass of fruit punch. Then he proceeded to tear up Nancy Pelosi's comments about the bigotry and partisan violence she witnessed in San Francisco during the late '70s, without explaining the snacks. Finally, after he'd rambled for several minutes, he explained that they were supposed to represent Harvey Milk, Dan White's Twinkie defense, and the Kool-Aid of Jonestown. Srsly. It was like something a third-grade teacher would put together, if he happened to be batsh** insane and the kids happened to be unusually slow.


Jennifer said...

Hey, here's an example of crazy people who listen to Alex too much: http://www.fontcraft.com/idiotwars/?p=1088

Anonymous said...

Did you mean that Beck was forced by Fox to deep-six the fema camp rumor/theory...and that the fema camp stuff is true, you agree with that....or did you mean that Jones was claiming that Beck was forced retract the story, a story you believe to be untrue?

Anonymous said...

I started listening to the Jones show after finding your site, not the other way around. You got me curious about Jones....some of the quotes you have Jones saying I don't remember him saying ,exactly. ("very aggressive cancer viruses" seems out of context)..

When Jones gets hopped up on NWO news, his rants occasionally contain exaggerations.This is to be expected. If you ran your mouth for fours a day, I'm sure someone could quote you a few sentences a day or week and the quote would not be the exact truth. Moreover, Jones himself admits that his statements (under the influence of ranting) contain exaggerations. He has said this several times recently. He told his audience not to take every word as gospel. When he isn't ranting, he says he's about 95% accurate.If you quote him it would help the debate if you tell us the day he made the statement.

I think part of his appeal is his ranting, I find them very entertaining, far better than anything on TV.

Jones is a good watchdog and canary...

Anonymous said...

You said that Jones said that Obama represents the opportunity for a Muslim persecution of whites here. Your linked-site showed that you said that Jones said that Obama is a closet Muslim, and you said that there is no such thing as closeted Muslims.

Ive never heard Jones say that Obama is a closeted Muslim. He may have said that Obama has Muslim roots, which is true. Maybe Jones did say what you said he said, I dunno.
I did hear Jones say that Obama's presence as Prez offers the financial elites the opportunity to exploit racial tensions.

There IS such a thing as closeted Muslims. They use an Islamic doctrine called Taqiyya. This is based, in part, upon Quranic verse- 3:28 and 16:106....Taqiyya has been employed, mainly, by Shia Muslims, when they find themselves to be a challenged minority in a country. Hiding this way is called "Dissimulation."

When Catholics regained control of Spain in the 14-15th century, they demanded that the Iberian Muslims convert, or else. The Moriscos outwardly converted, but privately remained Muslim.

Many slaves in America were Muslim when captured, and they were later forced to convert to Christianity, but many secretly remained Muslim.
"Closeted" Muslims exist.

I do not believe Obama is one, though. He's secular, probably an occasional agnostic. When you're a banker puppet, I guess you just worship money and power.

PS- I have heard Bergs audio of Obama's GM declaring that he was born in Kenya.
I have also heard the Kenyan Ambassador say that Obama was born in Kenya (even if he did later retracted the statement).

Anonymous said...

Obama himself is to blame for the birth certificate furor. Its almost all his fault. Why? Because he ran the most secretive campaign in American history. Documents were never released- nothing from Harvard, Occidental, no babtismal record, etc. The birth certificate released by his campaign was suspicious, even if legit. It was checked by the "nonpartisan" FactCheck.Org, which is not "non partisan" at all- Annenberg is (was) partly chaired by Obama. This is kinda like asking Obama to verify Obama; yet his suporters constantly referred to FactCheck.org as the final word on the issue. Then we learned that there (probably) is a discrepancy between what was posted on the camapaign site versus the original copy locked in a safe in Hawaii, a document the public still cannot see and we must trust the word of one or two officials.

Is it any wonder that an element of the Right seized upon this issue, since Obama was tainted by low-lifes like Retzko, he decided to re-invade Afghanistan in Febuary, he's the first President to fire a CEO(?), he bowed down to the Saudi King, etc. etc.

One of my long-standing minor heroes, novelist Gore Vidal, just said that Obama's rule will end in a military dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Ive been in contact with my Senator, and he's been in contact with me, concerning the Gulf War Syndrome issue. Even if the FDA had not yet approved certain ingedients for vaccines (1990), this in no way means that a substance was or was not present in the vaccines given to the troops. The Pentagon, White House, and the FDA are not to be trusted on this matter. We dont know for sure what was in the series of shots given to the troops in 1990-1. You go right ahead and believe what those entities tell you, knock yourself out, but I dont believe a word they say. They have been caught in too many lies and thefts, they have engaged in too much chicanery, deceptions, half- truths, murders and coups, etc. Governments and corporations rarely tell the truth about anything.

About 15,000 of our soldiers died from Gulf War Syndrome, another 100,000 (could be much higher) are on the disabled list from it...The vaccines could have played a role in this; they are suspect.

If a vaccine really works...then why would anyone be fearful of being around non- vaccinated people? Just let the trusting ones get the shots, and the skeptics can refrain from getting theirs...there is no reason to push any vaccine on any adult if they dont want it, if the pushers already have the shot and are thus allegedly safe.

(I know, one might say that there might be a circumstance that overides the above thought, but I meant this just as something to think on).

SME said...

Anon #1: It seems to be Jones' belief that Beck brought up the FEMA camps in order to fool viewers into believing he was on "their side", and that it was always the intention of Beck and/or CNN to debunk the whole thing. Part of the NWO plot, in other words.
It's my belief that Beck truly believed in FEMA concentration camps for political dissidents, and that he let that slip without the greenlight from his network. So they forced him to debunk the rumours.
I'll be dealing with FEMA camps more in depth at a later time.

Anon #2: As you'll find out if you continue to listen to Jones regularly, he brings up cancer viruses in vaccines a LOT. And you'll also find that his information isn't accurate anywhere near 95% of the time. Exaggerations are one thing, but flat-out misinformation isn't uncommon even when Jones isn't ranting. I provide broadcast dates when applicable; some of his comments are repeated so frequently that broadcast dates become redundant.

Anon #3: Jones has said several times that Obama is secretly a Muslim, and in his November '08 interview with Ron Paul he declared that Obama will usher in the persecution of whites based on his Muslim beliefs.

Anon #4: Not being a full-on supporter of any politiician (I weigh actions, not personalities or rhetoric), I know perfectly well that Obama has and will continue to make mistakes. Time will tell if Vidal's military dictatorship comes to pass. I doubt it. Vidal's a smart guy, but he gets carried away sometimes.

Anon #5: I'm not a fan of mandatory vaccination either, particularly with fast-tracked vaccines for diseases that are not necessarily life-threatening.

The Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses has concluded that Gulf War Syndrome exists and was probably caused not by vaccines, but by pyridostigmine bromide and perhaps pesticides. You can take that conclusion or leave it, but it bears examination.

SME said...

Jennifer, you said it.
I looked it into the "Amero conspiracy" when I first heard about it, and quickly learned that even the originator of the concept despairs of ever getting an Amero into circulation. Vincente Fox was the only one of the three leaders to give even minimal thought to the idea, and it's not as though the other two give his opinions much weight...

Anonymous said...

Zeke Emanuel may have written against some forms of euthanasia, but he has also written about how medical care must be restricted for the aged. So has Tom Daschle. Both support the rationing and restricting of care for older people -no eye or brain surgery for people over age 60 (?), etc. ... Zeke once fled a meeting when confronted about this...In any event, there is no description of any overt 'death panel' in HR 3200, even if some words or phrases around page 425 and 29, and a few other places, seems to suggest this...But the attitude of the people around Obama, combined with a myriad of overlapping government agencies and regulations that HR3200 would create...added to the current extreme budget deficits...all these factors could combine to eventually create a 'death panel' of sorts. Who knows? Obama doesn't care about human life...Since he became President, he's dropped bombs on top of hundreds of children's heads in Afghanistan, and he has maimed hundreds more, when he could have started fresh, declared victory, and pulled our forces out. And his attitude toward abortion is wild- he supports a radical concept of late-term abortion that I need not explain here.

We already have death panels....its called "your pre-existing condition won't allow us to help you- your not covered"...or "we denied your appeal to get X treatment. Go home and die."

A single payer -not -for- profit system would be a thousand times better than what O has offered...his plans(s) would pony up at least 30 million new customers to make the Insurance firms even richer. And these new customers would pay out of their pocket for the privilege of enriching some CEO's...

And the proposal to jail people who don't purchase health insurance is ridiculous. I'm certain that this amendment that the Montanan senator is toying with ...will be struck down soon , I hope. I think even O is nominally opposed to that one(?)...

Obama has tee-totally messed up the health-care reform effort...I don't think anything will be voted on this year, or forever after. He's a joke.

Anonymous said...


The "Amero conspiracy" supporter(s) "despairs of ever getting an Amero into circulation" This is due to rising citizen opposition and other changing external events...they even changed the name of the SSP recently (?)...to better hide the plan.

You just admitted that you agree that the plan was/is real. Granted, it was/is a scheme by several bigshots/organizations... each of which may have had varying degrees of ideas concerning as to what extent the integration would be, or how the final result would look like...A few want total union, and/or the others just want a super- NAFTA? Hmm. The debate rests along this spectrum.

I never even wanted NAFTA, NAFTA stinks.

Anonymous said...

I heard Bergs audio too. Obama's gm speaks in swahili, i think....You can hear in the background a male relative urging her to re-phrase her statement. She apparently says she was present when he was born in Kenya.

Gingrich was a phoney conservative, like most (all?) Republican leaders, while Clinton did continue in the mold of Bush 1- Greenspan was retained, policy was designed to benefit inverstors, etc. The founder of the Sierra Club said that Clinton harmed the environment more than Reagan and Bush Sr. combined....the telecommunications bill was passed, etc.

...I saw video of the G-20 summit where a guy and girl were ruthlessly swarm -attacked for no reason...a late middle age woman was bitten by a police dog, this was unprovoked too. I saw the tear gas and heard the sound cannons, I saw rubber bullets being fired and read reports of the damage. I saw someone being abducted by the military, in a cloud of gas. I listened to the police radio and ambulance radion channel for Pittsburgh during this time.
The police misbehaved and abused the people for no legit reason, even if no one was killed, or the numbers involved were smaller than other protests.

SME said...

I didn't "admit that the [North American Union, Amero] plan is real". I said one dude came up with the idea of the Amero, promoted it, and fell on his face because it's a stupid idea that wouldn't benefit Canada or the U.S. Both countries rejected it outright. They're not secretly planning to merge, economically or militarily or politically or otherwise. Yes, U.S. troops have agreed to provide support to Canadian troops in case of emergency, and Canadians aren't happy with that situation. But we wouldn't be in that situation if our military wasn't overextended fighting an unwinnable war halfway across the planet.

I'll have to search for Berg's long-awaited audio.

The theory that Bush I had control over three or four admins (Reagan's, his own, Clinton's, and of course Shrub's) has some merit.

Police in Pittsburgh undoubtedly went too far; there's been a lot of other video and testimony in that regard. I'm just saying Bermas didn't deliver the goods as promised, and his stories were a little odd.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Bermas real time account varied with what he later produced . Why, I dont know. Was his film destroyed?

About squalene: Its essential for our health, our bodies produce it naturally. Oral digestion of small amounts is beneficial, but injecting it bypasses the GI tract...this could cause problems. A 2000 study published in the 'American Journal of Pathology' showed that when rats were injected with their rat sized dose of squalene, they experienced "chronic, immune -mediated joint specific inflammation" (rheumatoid arthritis). This may have been a permanent result...I dont know if anthrax vaccine related MF59, if real, triggered or caused Gulf War Syndrome or not...it might be that several co-factors synergistically combined and did the damage.

I think the FDA recently approved contracts for four vaccines for the swine flu (?)... MedImmune, CSL Limited, Novartis Diagnostics Limited, and Sanofli Pasteur....What will be in these vaccines? Arthritic causing squalene? But we dont really know if squalene will do that, do we? Will the vaccines contain carbolic acid, aluminum, formaldehyde, antifreeze and/or antibiotics?

Those allergic to eggs and/or chicken proteins might want to stay away- all 15 million of you here in the US- contraindictions for these allergies are noted on the vaccines inserts. Some of the allergic ones might go into anaphylactic shock...

...All this, to prevent a 'mild' flu..? Who benefits if we get the shots, and who benefits if we get sick from the shots?

The FDA vaccine committee is essentially run by the vaccine industry, and the FDA as a whole is little more than a mafioso -type enforcement arm of the pharmaceutical industy.

"The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isnt. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks its doing are as different as night an day."

- Dr. Ley, former Commissioner of the FDA.

Anonymous said...

I'm unsure if Robert Pastor is the "dude" you referenced...he and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) offered a blueprint for the creation of a North American Community. This entity would have expanded the 3-nation link already in place via NAFTA. Mexican president Vicente Fox has made numerous statements where he says the main idea is to eventually merge the three nations. The other two national leaders never rebuke his pronouncments in favor of eventual total union, whenever he makes them. At least I haven't heard any direct rebukes.

The SPP does seem to be designed to facilitate moving NAFTA into something resembling the proposed North American Community. I doubt the SPP meetings were meant to merely maintain the status quo level of interaction...All over the world ,individual countries are moving toward regional currencies. Calls for global goverance are being heard more and more....just as the European Common Market moved into the structure of Maastricht,and soon, now the Lisbon treaty. ... Whats next?

Our southern border has been partly erased, and would have been almost completely erased a few years ago if not for rising US citizen opposition. An amnesty would have allowed tens of millions of relatives of former illegals to promptly come here, and it would not have been long before further border easements would have been put in place, due to new Latino citizen lobbying/voting and changes in the law.

All the Mexicans have to do is wait- their birth rates will ensure that the US is subsumed (consumed? ha ha ) by them before 2050. Their leaders know this, Ive heard them say so.

Why would a trilateral union be a bad thing? Democratic acountability tends to end at the level of the nation-state. Movements toward global governance will create bureaucratic dictatorships.

We have a standard here that our southern neighbor simply does not meet. Ive worked closely with many immigrants, legal and illegal- the majority of them don't even like the US or Americans. Almost half of them hate us. They come here to make a fast buck, thats all. Many of them are good people, but thats beside the point. If you break into this country, you have broken federal law punishable by six months in jail and then deportation. Non-enforcement is encouraged in many quarters, and this non-enforecment, among other measures, constitutes a criminal betrayal of the USA. Who, or what ideology, is spearheading this non-enforcement?

My uncle has a home in a rural part of Stafford county VA., about 35 miles from DC. Illegals invade his property all the time; when he gets the police after them, they have said to him "After we take over this country you gringoes are dead!" This is a common attitude among illegals. Ive heard them say this over and over.

I agree that the "Amero" is dead. I agree that the so-called North American Union was, or is, not much more than a nebulous idea entertained by a clutch of elites. It's whats coming down the road, later, that's a concern.

"NAFTA represents the single most creative step towards a New World Order"
Dr.Henry Kissinger

SME said...

"The other two national leaders never rebuke [Vincente Fox's] pronouncments in favor of eventual total union."

Why would they? It's Mexico, and to them Mexico is just a place to be exploited and ignored when it's not being exploited, not treated as an equal on the world stage. They don't want to merge with Mexico any more than you want to share a house with these allegedly homicidal illegals of which you write.

Re: The NAU/Amero

Herb Grubel is the father of the Amero. Pastor may have his ideas about a sort of NAU, but he does not have the pull to make them happen and he is not in the majority. Ditto for Grubel.

My primary problem with NWO theories is that there are many "New World Orders" fighting for supremacy. The elite are not of like mind on the issue. Those who want global change differ in what it is they want. Some want unilateral control by a single nation. A handful muse about world government, though the odds of that ever happening are vanishingly slim. Coalitions are contentious and ever-shifting. There is no Master Plan. Only masters and plans.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you- there are several factions among the financial elites; several(dark) visions compete for primacy.

Even if many elites do not want to merge with Mexico, there is push to Latinize the US- not just from south of the Rio Grande...for better or for worse. This has implications.

You are right- "there is no master plan" ... the odds of a one world government forming soon ...is slim. Its dangerous enough when two or three power blocs control almost everything, as when a corporate monopoly controls a market.
The goal(s) of one world government might be satisfied when we end up with just three or four currencies, decades hence.

TK said...

::Slinks to the corner by the fire, pours a drink, starts to catch up::

The policing of summits like the G20 have a tendency to go wrong wherever they're held:


For what its worth, while every demonstration has the potential to contain idiots out for trouble, every anarchist I've ever known has been a peace loving idealist. I suspect heavy handedness is the result of the police being on edge because of the nature of these meetings, and who is attending them. I haven't heard of any brutality against tea protesters. So does Jones have an explanation for why the NWO doesn't have it in for the tea people? They must be the biggest threat -- they know Obama was born in Kenya, has death panels and is secretly a socialist. Or something.

SME said...

Oh, Jones (Glenn Beck et al) thinks the Tea Partiers have been persecuted and/or unjustly slandered by the Commie Obamanoids. Apparently a few bad jokes and some casually critical press count as persecution now.

Funny, I've never met an anarchic anarchist either. They seem pretty mellow.

Anonymous said...

The "tea-party" protests were more peaceful than the G-20 one...plus, the tea party protest in DC was huge in comparison, filled with working families with their children, so the cops perception of them was different than what they thought of the smaller so-called "anarchist" protests at the G-20. A cop is more likely to legit join a tea party protest than he is to roll large cans toward other cops at a G-20 summit.

Its not just a few bad jokes- The Department of Homeland Security has issued alerts to police around the nation to monitor returning war vets. If you subscribe to certain beliefs- that the bailouts were bogus, 9-11 Truth, or you think the Constitution ought to be defended..etc., then you have become a potenially dangerous suspect. This idea was echoed by the MIAC report, whereby if one thinks the Feds are involved in unconstitutional over-reach, or if one wants to defend the border or gun rights, then one becomes a suspect worthy of being monitored. These watch alerts are not specific to tea party-ers, but a broad brush painting the majority(?) of law abiding citizens as somehow being dangerous suspects....is troubling. To demonize the majority for their activism...is crazy, and shows the intent of our rulers. Does this mean that an extreme banker/multiculturalist cabal (offshore banks allied with SPLC, et al,... ) is directing police to do these things?

There is a overlap between the tea party-ers and those concerned about constitutional,border, and gun rights issues and many activists have now been targeted by Homeland Security even if they have never broken the law.

A few years from now the current cabal will be rolled up and replaced with another.

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