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Bugging Out II: A Long Way to Go to Avoid a Shot

Remember the guy who's hiding out in the woods to escape flesh-eating robots and other scary stuff that doesn't actually exist? Well, it seems Alex Jones isn't averse to the idea of bugging out, either.
Despite all his talk about not fearing death at the hands of the elite scum who threaten him continuously, despite all his rhetoric about the Spirit of '76, despite his avowed uberpatriotism, Jones isn't above fleeing his country if the sh** gets too heavy. One of his guests today was Mike Adams the Health Ranger, an advertiser who fled the U.S. for Ecuador. He and fellow expats were concerned about the H1N1 vaccine, the food supply, the economy, and U.S. fascism. So, he moved to a country plagued by poverty, disease, and kidnapping, without clean drinking water. Good thinkin', Mike. You'll be safe there.

Jones said he, too, has looked around for places to flee with his family.

Here are Mike Adam's "10 Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media":

1. There are no adjuvants in H1N1 vaccine.
This is quite tricky of Mr. Adams. You see, there are adjuvants in H1N1 vaccine. But not in the doses being distributed in the U.S. So by saying "there are adjuvants in the vaccine!", you're not exactly being dishonest, because European countries have been using WHO-approved adjuvants like squalene for years - with good results.
Incidentally, I couldn't find any support for Adams' contention that squalene causes infertility. I'll be posting on squalene soon, since it has become one of the biggest boogeymen in the H1N1 vaccine hysteria propagated by Jones & Co.

2. Swine Flu is more dangerous than seasonal flu.
I've had both this year. The Swine Flu was worse, and if I had a pre-existing health problem like asthma, I might have been one of the many people confined to hospital and placed on oxygen because of H1N1. While it's true that seasonal flus result in approximately 20,000 U.S. deaths per year, H1N1 is severely affecting young people that the seasonal flus barely bother. It's not the Black Death, but it's serious stuff.

3. Vaccines protect you from Swine Flu.
Yes, Mr. Adams, the purpose of the H1N1 vaccine is to prevent H1N1. Will it work? We don't know. But inoculation is a better bet than crossing your fingers and glugging colloidal silver until you turn blue.

4. Vaccines are safe.
For the most part, they are. While Adams insists that no one has proven they're safe, he doesn't mention that no one has proven they're not.

5. The vaccine isn't mandatory.
For the average American, it isn't. But health workers and some teachers are being asked to take the shot for the safety of their charges, and their refusal could put those people entrusted to their care at risk.

6. Getting a vaccine is a good bet on your health.
Usually. It's a better bet than standing in the sun without sunscreen because sunscreen causes cancer, cutting your open wounds in lieu of getting tetanus shots, avoiding fluoride because you think it will render you sterile, or any of the other ludicrous health measures Jones has recommended.

7. The vaccine isn't made with weakened live virus.
This is just flat-out wrong. I know of no mainstream media outlet that claims flu vaccines aren't made with weakened live virus, because that is how they're made and everyone with any knowledge of vaccination knows it. The vaccine wouldn't be effective otherwise. It's nothing to be scared of.

8. Washing your hands will help you avoid exposure.
Again, Mr. Adams is being tricky here. No one is saying that hand-washing reduces exposure; it reduces transmission.

9. Children are more vulnerable to Swine Flu than adults.
Generally, children are more susceptible to flus and other infectious disease than adults. It's not a lie. Anyone with a kindergarten-age child knows that if there's something going around, your child stands a really good chance of catching it and bringing it home to the rest of the family.

10. There is nothing else you can do beyond a vaccine and Tamiflu.
Again, nobody in mainstream media is saying this. Adams already mentioned hand-washing, so what the hell is he trying to pull, here? No one denies that good old-fashioned immunity-boosting and prevention are wise, and news stories have been chock-full of advice on how to stay healthy by exercising, taking vitamins if necessary, eating properly, etc.


Russell said...

I'm unfamiliar with this "Mike Adams" fellow (which sounds to me like a pseudonym), but he moved to Ecuador? I've been to Ecuador, and while the cost of living and the scenery are very nice, your statements about the tap water are true and the rural areas are VERY impoverished and underdeveloped. From reading the news out of Ecuador, the political and economic instability are only getting worse.
Also, if he doesn't want to take the H1N1 vaccine, then he doesn't have to do so. It's that simple. I don't understand why a *voluntary* public vaccination program would freak him out enough to make him leave the continent altogether...

SME said...

Well, you see, the H1N1 vaccine isn't just a shot. It's the central plank in the GREAT SWINE FLU PLOT OF '09, the New World Order's next step in eradicating 99% of the population. A few of their other weapons include artificial sweeteners, tapwater, all other vaccines, sunscreen, MSG, and cellphones.

Anonymous said...

The H1N1 flu/vaccine hype is orchestrated and unecessary- at the least, its a for profit hype.

The 99% figure is not mentioned, the figure used is usually closer to 80%. Read some of the official documents where the elites state this desire. Its a common sentiment among elites- they want this. Would it be unusual if they decided to implement at least a portion of the admitted plan? Wouldn't it be odd for them to hold back and refrain from acting on this idea ? The sentiment to wipe out a large portion of us is held by a wide cross section of wealthy movers and shakers, many different people and organizatios.
At the least things like artificial sweeteners and expirimental flu vaccines are meant to rake in bucks for people like Donald Rumsfeld, who is a key culprit behind the plague of aspartame, a substance that makes me ill just thinking about. When it first came out, I thought wow, a way to have soda without extra calories....I drank a few and became quite nauseated and headache-y. Rumsfeld is a malignant pusher, who tried, and did, harm me personally. Even if these toxins are merely being pushed just so a few can make a fast buck or billion, and not to kill off is important to combat these plans, no matter what the scale of abuse, or shape or form they take.

Even if the H1N1 vaccine is safe, once we are acclimated to getting largely uneccesary shots, then the mentality is in place to get a future vaccine that may not be safe. If not mandatory right now, then fearmongering could make a untested vaccine mandatory next year or the year after for another hyped flu or disease, or even an authentic viral danger. Government/corporations are now all about control. 'Winston Smith' was right-power is God. If they can fear you into accepting a future mandatory vaccine, then they can fear you into accepting just about anything. But I think they will fail, eventually. State legislators have moved to make shots mandatory, hopefully they will fail.

Its true that there is an element of exxageration within Jones program, but he's generally correct. Your own statements are distortions too ("99%"..."eat gobs of colloidial silver until you turn blue", etc.)Your site is littered with so many its hard to list or keep track. The bug-out discussion didn't come across the way you tried to make it sound.
Ive been to Ecuador - the kidknappings happen close to the Columbian border- very very few Americans have ever been kidnapped in Ecuador. I didnt like the food, but people dont generally drink tapwater there unless they have to, tapwater sucks almost everywhere...I liked the jungle area around Tena much more than the cities. American expats are not in danger in Ecuador unless they go out of their way to put themsleves in danger.

Russell said...

@ Anonymous:

Where might I find these "official documents?" That's a phrase I've heard Alex use for many years, but he never names specific sources. Many environmentalists believe that the planet's human population is excessive and should gradually be reduced through *voluntary* measures such as greater distribution of birth control, etc., but I've never heard any of them advocate killing people to achieve this goal.

Several people have told me that they believed aspartame caused them to have migraines, upset stomachs, etc. To be honest, I've never really researched those claims because I don't drink soft drinks and therefore wouldn't have anything riding on it. I just don't know.

I've seen no examples of attempts by state legislators to mandate vaccinations. Source, please... ?

From my experiences, you're right about personal safety in Ecuador. I was there for a week (more than a decade ago) and never felt threatened or unsafe. I've traveled pretty extensively in Central and South America, though not since 2000, and unfortunately some of those countries have destabilized since then so they might be less safe than they were when I was there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The above posted link might help...

Ted Turner advocates for a probably involuntary "voluntary" one child for every family on the planet for several decades. Bill Gates wants similar measures...A solid document(s) to look at would be those that came out of the UN Rio 1992 summit, specifically the 'Earth Charter'.
Ideas presented in these documents: Humans will be culturally transformed to be viewed as having as little consequence as a rock. Private property rights are to be viewed as not being tangible legal rights but they will become flexible and temporary; the same sentiment is to be extended to the traditional(?) 19-20th century western family unit. (Google 'Agenda 21'for similar notions)

The think tank 'Club of Rome' wants people to become viewed as being the enemy- if we pollute the earth too much, then the problem is really other human beings.

The task of maybe implementing a tech/ fix for our problems- free energy, colonizing the solar system, etc....this is thrown away, and instead, people must be reduced or almost eliminated from the planet- so the Earth can rest easy. Former presidents of the Club of Rome include Gorbachev, Al Gore (I think ).

Another motive for depopulation is the fact that the ruling class simply despises the people. Elites view working stiffs the same way the upper middle class views homeless winos and junkies. To our rulers, we are vermin, we are just gross rats to be stamped out.

In reality, the entire population of the world could comfortably live in one single, albeit huge, city, if this city was designed (and run)properly -do the math ( XXX amount of square foot per person, etc.).

I was in Ecuador in December 2004. I travelled alone around much of the country for 29 days ... the only real risk was being in a certain parts of Quito late at night- I avoided doing this.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't bother me if Jones is wrong sometimes, even if hes wrong 30%... If Jones, Rense, Madsen, Congressional dissidents like Kucinich,Ron Paul... Nader, plus several others...if these people never existed, if they had never alerted the minority of people that they have...the financial oligarchs would have had there way with us to an even much greater extent then they already do. WE would be in a much, much worse state than we now find ourselves. The actions of Jones & Company have put a slight brake upon the advance of the despotism.

The main point is to try to make the Federal Reserve accountable, and to lessen the control that defense contractors, offshore banks, and big pharma has over our lives. We have to lessen their sick grip upon our collective necks. The financial oligarchs are harming us in countless ways, they are erecting a police state, they are waging senseless brutal wars for profit, etc. The criminal element at the top needs to go, and this is Jones main point.
To try to muzzle or discredit Jones - this does the general public a diservice and can be construed as treason.

TK said...

"To try to muzzle or discredit Jones - this does the general public a diservice and can be construed as treason."

Jones discredits himself, every time he spouts lies. Other people point it out, but he's the one firing the ammo. At himself. No one is trying to muzzle him.

You may be happy with his being 70% wrong (I think that's a low estimate)but it hardly makes him a reliable source of information.

Jones spreading hysteria about a vaccine that may save lives is dumb and dangerous. Pointing that out isn't treason.

TK said...

Sorry anonymous, I misread your comment -- you think he's only wrong 30% of the time. I misread that as right 30% of the time.

Anonymous said...

It would help the debate if you could be more specific- detail Jones errors, and we will see if he is really more than 70% incorrect as you say. If you think he's wrong about the way elites operate, show how he is wrong.

I wrote an "or" after muzzle. That changes the meaning.

This vaccine stuff is not primary- The Fed has to be made accountable, the defense contractors and foreign banks, et al, have to be put in their place, our electoral methodology needs fixing...and this is Jones primary role- to critique the criminal upper echelons that are destroying the nation. A patriot should welcome this critique. To severely ridicule or otherwise inhibit someone who is fighting to do these things...this ridicule can be viewed as treason, to some. (I said "can be"...)

We dont know if anyone is or is not trying to muzzle him, or do worse. Supposedly the ADL and SPLC people are harassing him, but this I dont know for sure. His work has gotten him arrested in the past.

SME said...

Anon said, "The criminal element at the top needs to go, and this is Jones main point."

And this is where a lot of critics of the establishment go wrong. Removing the capstone will not effect the pyramid. Rather, the middle will move to the top. To change anything at the top, you must change the foundation - and it must be a solid foundation, not one made up of conspiracy theories, factoids, and half-digested news headlines. Who do you think the "elite" of this world are? They're not Reptoids or space aliens. They're ordinary people who, through fortune or birth or hard work (or all three), reached the top of the pyramid. Removing them will accomplish nothing, because there is an endless line of people waiting to take their places.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of people who are "critic(s) of the establishment" know that its not just about the leaders. The pyramid or system is flawed, most people know this.
I know that you know that I know this. When I say that the Fed needs to be held accountable, I mean things like an audit, etc., and not just prison time for Bernacke.

Please, Jones doesn't talk about UFO's or reptiles, even if people he knows are into this. Adding that part was designed to distort the picture.

Most elites are not really "ordinary people." Many are sociopaths, with their hands on levers that they use manipulate their way to wealth and power. Some elites are decent, though.

Anonymous said...

The removal of criminal elites also implies (to me and Jones, Kucinich, et al) changing things (the Pyramid) so it won't happen again. I should have been more clear about that.

Anonymous said...

The flu vaccines being manufactured by the four(?) companies contain: thimerosal, mercury, egg and/or chicken proteins, polymyxin, neomycin, nonylphenol, betapropiolactone...(ingredients vary slightly from vaccine to vaccine, though. Some mercury is administered, and then removed, in at least one)...

The clinical studies used to acertain the safety of such vaccines utilized very small numbers of test subjects...these companies largely reference older studies performed for past seasonal flu/vaccines. These studies, in turn, utilized small numbers of test subjects (but maybe large enough)...the findings of these earlier studies indicate a range of symptoms resulting from the shots, with about 3% of recipients becoming quite ill with nausea, chills, vomiting headache- these 3% recipients basically got a full blown flu from the vaccines, or maybe even a worse flu than they would/would not have gotten naturally.

Titer levels for test subjects show that adequate amounts/kind of antibodies for the targeted flus varied from about 49% to about 70%, sometimes higher. This means that the shot conferred immunity for one particular flu to about this percent (49%-70% plus) of people getting the flu shot. At least once, a companies report did showe a higher than 70% immunity....

These vaccines have not been evaluated for their possible carcinogenic or mutagenic effects, or the possibility that they might cause impairment of fertility - no studies here at all, at least for the companies I looked into.

One vaccine maker says no children under the age of four should ever get the vaccine... pregnant women should not get the vaccine unless absolutely necessary. But another company says children just six months old should get the shot....
In the event of viral mutation, which happens almost all the time, these vaccines would become worthless, or nearly so.

Anonymous said...

The nasal mist live flu vaccine contains: monobasic potassium phosphate, dibasic potassium phosphate, gentamicin sulfate, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin,sucrose, and attenuated live h1n1 virus.
The nasal mist vaccine should not be given to anyone between the ages of 2- and 17 if they use aspirin.
From MedImmunes literature on their nasal vaccine: "should not be administered to any individual with asthma"

This flu vaccine confers the usual approx. amount of immunity- 44% up to 89% (?) depending on how you read the graphs, or for what flus, etc. ( like filling out forms, sometimes I have a hard time reading graphs. If I'm off a bit or very wrong, forgive me)

Side issue: for all the flu vaccines, I found that there was a curious focus on testing them on infants or toddlers....this might be normal procedure, but the testing seemed lopsided, with fewer adults tested. These young kids cant give legal consent to become guinea pigs, so their parents had to consent. I would never ever let my kid be a guinea pig for an untried or new procedure.

Anonymous said...

Whats curious is the fact that the vaccine co. inserts say that pregnant women and infants probably should not get the vaccine, yet the CDC website and most of the media strongly urge pregnant women to get the vaccine...

also, it is claimed that the live virus in the nasal vaccine has been altered enough to prevent anyone from getting the flu from the vaccine, yet the insert seems to say that 9% of recipients will get the flu from the nasal vaccine (??)...My friends nephew got the nasal vaccine and he came down with a full blown flu just afterwards...

Secretary Sebelius- her testimony before the Senate the other day on the flu was far from inspiring- she didn't know what she was suppose to say, she had to look down at her notes almost at every other word, and what she was saying sounded pretty basic or easy to memorize...

Im not against vaccines per se, I got a boatload of them a few short years ago (yellow fever, typhoid, some others)...but this swine flu stuff does seem to be an attempt by someone to make some bucks off of the publics manufactured fear.

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