Wednesday, August 5, 2009

25 More of the Strangest Things Said by Alex Jones

26. Multiculturalism was designed to create division and conflict.
27. Albert Pike was a Satanist who founded the KKK. (The Satanist part comes from the Taxil affair, an admitted hoax engineered to defame Catholics and Masons)
28. Manly P. Hall was a Freemason and a Satanist, proving the two practices are one and the same.
29. The CIA killed General Patton because he disapproved of Operation Keelhaul. (April 23/09 broadcast) The murder of Patton is a popular theory, but there's not enough evidence to prove it.
30. "Everything I say comes true."
31. On genetic modification: "They've got chimpanzee-humans, spider-humans, cow-humans, goat-humans..."
32. Whenever he talks about the Reichstag Fire (OFTEN), Jones mentions that accused arsonist Marinus van der Lubbe was "mentally retarded". Van der Lubbe was a gainfully employed politician and union activist, devoted Communist, and a native of the Netherlands who learned enough German to work and be politically active in Germany. His activities indicate average intelligence, at the very least. Ironically (given Jones' disdain for Communism), the rumour that van der Lubbe was in some way mentally unstable might have been started by Communists seeking to diminish his culpability.
33. Abraham Lincoln not only laid the foundation for the destruction of America, he was an occultist.
34. Magic Johnson took the cure for AIDS, but was told not to talk about it. (Magic Johnson never had AIDS; he is HIV positive. In fact, he was on Oprah earlier this week to talk about living with HIV.)
35. Government white papers say They're going to kill not just 80% of the population (as described in Endgame), but 99%. (Mar. 9/09 broadcast)
36. Geoengineering is part of the New World Order depopulation program. It will probably result in the death of all plants, because particles released into the atmosphere will block the sun's rays and they will no longer be able to photosynthesize. See #49.
37. If you videotape near the Pentagon, Army protective services will grab your camera, erase your footage, and hold a gun to your head.
38. Muslims attacked Serbs in Kosovo. "The news spun it and claimed the Serbs attacked the Muslims." (Dec. 9/08 broadcast) This is part of a larger conspiracy theory that Milosevic was a pretty nice guy, framed by Clinton and NATO. When he said he didn't know anything about Srebinica, he was being straight up.
39. "All children at birth will be injected [with vaccines]. If you don't like it, a SWAT team will murder you."
40. "They're putting mercury in high-fructose corn syrup." A recent study by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy did, indeed, find mercury in many processed foods that contain high-fructose corn syrup (not as much as they have found in fish). Where's the evidence that this contamination was intentional? Nowhere.
41. The military leaked a Pentagon document to the writers of The Matrix, as part of an effort to desensitize us to their plan to place us all in tanks and lock us into a hive mind.
42. In late 2001, Jones repeatedly predicted that limited nuclear warfare would erupt at any minute.
43. In 2005, Jones predicted that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be the hero of some staged crisis. "Arnold is gonna save children at a school shooting, or there'll be some type of bombing, and he will land by helicopter and run in and direct things. I predict it....I see it all aligning. I see it all coming together. I see their plan, clear as day.... He'll fly in and things will be burning and he'll run into it and save someone."
44. Most policemen are Communists, and they have threatened to kill Jones. "Do you know what it's like to know the cops are terrorists?"
45. "I have people telling me the European Union doesn't exist, and they're serious."
46. "I remember reading stuff written 80 years ago by the Dept. of War when they were hiring top psychiatrists on how [sic] to dumb down the population through the public, through the media, and how to break up the family and get rid of the middle classes..."
47. "You wanna know the New World Order ideology, what makes the globalists tick, what their philosophy is - you see The Watchmen [sic], you will know." (Mar. 9/09 broadcast)
48. On people with schizophrenia: ""They're inherently evil people. They call it 'psychological' or 'mental' - whatever, they're a demon. And that's the end of it." (April '09 broadcast)
49. "Photosynthesis, that's admitted. But they say photosynthesis isn't real. Someday plants will be a conspiracy theory. They won't exist anymore, and some kid will say, 'Mommy, did there used to be plants?'
'No, honey, that's Al-Qaeda.' "
50. The rescue of Jessica Lynch was scripted and directed by Jerry Bruckheimer. (Bruckheimer co-produced a series on the war in Afghanistan, but had nothing to do with Iraq. The Lynch story is already an egregious example of bogus war propaganda - why exaggerate it?)


Anonymous said...

47. "You wanna know the New World Order ideology, what makes the globalists tick, what their philosophy is - you see The Watchmen [sic], you will know." (Mar. 9/09 broadcast)

I don't know, I agree with him on this one in that the "powers that be" believe in the philosophy of "the ends justify the means". For example if they have to nuke a few cities and blame it on someone else to save the world, they would. (or blow up two skyscrapers and blame it on muslims) That's what I got out of it anyway. That being said, I think Alex has gotten a lot looser with the facts in the last few years. His info on the police state and 9-11 was/mostly is still spot on but all this stuff about colloidal silver and satanism is just somewhere out there and some of his recent guests are questionable. I think expanding the show to 4 hours has added to the divide. I guess now its "take what you want and leave the rest"

SME said...

It's totally true that the Watchmen = globalists as portrayed by Jones. Unfettered power = unfettered corruption and chaos. But that's not what Jones took away from the movie. He thought the Watchmen, particularly Ozymandius, were being held up as role models - that we were supposed to admire their actions and emulate them.

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