Thursday, November 12, 2009

Environmentalism Kills Children! (And other nonsense)

Several weeks ago, Jones cited an article entitled "Carbon Calculator Teaches Kids When to Die", and said that some children have already committed suicide to avoid harming the environment.

There are a couple of big problems with this.

1. The calculator is actually a game-style computer program called Planet Slayer, and it doesn't tell kids anything about death. It just tells them if they have already used up their "lifetime share of the planet", based on how they answer a series of questions. If the child has used up his "share", he's told to answer the questions differently - not end his life. Sheesh. No game that I know of tells kids to off themselves, fer crying out loud. I've told you a million times not to exaggerate, Mr. Jones.

2. People rarely - and I mean pretty much never - commit suicide because of science, excluding medical problems or troubling medical diagnoses. There have been suicides or threats of suicide over 2012, the Large Hadron Collider, the Hale-Bopp UFO, and other alarmist and misinformed stories that don't involve any real science. But suicide because of the environment? News to me. I can't find a single documented case of this. When kids kill themselves, depression and bullying and loss of a loved one seem to be the most common causes. "A computer game told me to kill myself" wouldn't make the list.

"Hitler was on the MI5 Payroll"

Jones declared this earlier in the week, apparently not realizing that Mussolini - not Hitler - was recently exposed as being on the MI5 payroll early in his career. Wrong country, wrong dictator.


Anonymous said...

Hitler and the Nazis did get a ton a cash from British concerns...but this does not mean that he was on any intelligence payroll. I think a recurring story popped up recently, which caused the conflation of the story of Mussolini and Hitler as both being spies of a sort for Britain- -Hitlers sister in law's 1970's shaky account of Hitler being in Liverpool 1912-1913. Plus, theres Greg Halletts book which seems to describe Hitler as being a kind-of British agent. I think the mythology puts the infamous Tavistock Institute in this story somewhere. The idea of Hitler being a MI5 agent, or Brit agent, is not a Jones creation.

When Germany lost WW1 in 1918, Hitler seemingly developed hysterical blindness, or maybe he really suffered from a poison gas attack- we dont know for sure (maybe both?) Hitler ended up in hospital, on a psych ward, under the care of Dr. Edmund Foster. The allegation/rumor is that Foster hypnotized Hitler to believe that he was a future great man, that he would transform the world...this was thought to be the "medicine" Hitler needed to regain use of his eyes. This is the time when Hitler had his grand revelation...I think Foster himself claimed to have been the agent who turned Hitler into the hell- bent visionary that he became... I have first hand knowledge of such hypnotic techniques, so dont doubt the power. Could Foster have been MI5? Probably not-but he could have been working for some other group with wild plans- the long term goal of Britain has always been the neutralization of Russia. This could explain several anamolies of the conduct of the second world war.

I think Jones said there have been some child suicides over environmental issues or concerns,that the game in questiion was factor, but I dont remeber him saying that the game told them to kill themselves. I'll check again.
I think a suicide could occur related to science, if cast in emotional imagery- dying animals.

SME said...

I'd never heard of Hallett before, and now that I've looked into his work - he sounds like a complete whackjob. Also far too LaRouche-y.

Jones may have gotten some of his info from Hallett or other sources, but I suspect that he just got confused after reading the recent articles on Mussolini.

Highland Host said...

Remembering that Italy was an Allied country in the First World War, that an Italian worked with British intelligence shouldn't be that surprising. Before WW 1, Germany and Britain were very close (Kaiser Wilhelm II was the grandson of Queen Victoria, after all), so a German chap being in Liverpool in 1912-13 wouldn't really be that surprising. All the rest sounds like total whackery.

Hitler, after all, was a lowly NCO in the First World War. The historian cannot retroject the importance of Hitler and Mussolini before the 1930s.

It is my experience that the conspiracy theorist places his conspiracy as a sort of surrogate god, which manages all the significant events in history (hence the illuminati nonsense), failing to realise that while a supernatural being might reasonably be expected to have the attribute of omnipotence, even a large group of people do not.

Plus, it's more comforting to think that Hitler was some sort of monster than to realise that he was in fact a normal human being like us.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was a good thought. But I dont think anyone in 1918 had made a bet on Hitler later seizing power and then taking care of Russia for the Brits...there could have been an evolution toward using Hitler that way- eventually the moneybags from England started to fall into Nazi laps.
Dr. Foster allegedly was murdered by the Gestapo in 1933 when he tried to publish, abroad, his report on Hitler.

Powerful organizations can and often do operate in secret, and they often see themselves as being above the law. ...ask any DA and she will tell you that conspiracies happen all the time. I dont think conspiracies closely direct history, though, but history can flow around conspiratorial events . I think the term itself is misleading, it conjures up the wrong imagery. If groups have cover of law, they can harm us more openly and pay off others tell the doubters that they are crazy. The upper echelons of the ruling class do not have omnipotence, but when your staring down the barrel of a gun (like I have) and your being told you will be killed, then I guess thats omnipotent enough (ha).

The idea that Hitler was a normal human being- I'll have to ponder that one...

Anonymous said...

Hey, SME. While keeping up with Alex Jones' never-ending fountain of insanity is informational and tedious, have you ever thought of doing a "flashback" entry? There's a tremendous amount of nonsense spewed by Alex Jones and his media holdings in the past. To name one from memory, Prison Planet says that the new design of is a "clone" of Infowars (the web designers are NWO!), copying the layout in an attempt to... fool the real patriots? (The article is called "Fox Launches Clone Website in Attempt to Cannibalize the Patriot Movement".)

Or where in an interview, he dismissed Noam Chomsky as an agent of the NWO after a disagreement about gun control, followed by Alex Jones doing some asinine mocking routine, and mimicking Chomsky's voice for 5 painful minutes or so.

And the list goes on...

Anonymous said...

Was there a simularity between the the two website designs? Isn't Murdoch/Fox news really just false news, a base to assist WTO and our bad trade policies?

Anonymous said...

Penn and Teller demolished Chomsky in a segment for one of their shows; the issue was free speech curbs imposed by universities.
I like most of what Chomsky says or writes, Ive read about six of his books. Alex Jones is still mad at Chomsky for refusing to see the need for a new investigation concerning the events of 9-11. We have a crime scene with about 3,000 victims, we have too many unanswered questions. A majority of Americans understand that the official narrative is deeply flawed...when I ask people on the street if they really believe anything the government tells them, they say no.
Chomsky gave Jones the impression of being controlled opposition, but he could just be in denial. Just the subsequent deaths due to inhaling the toxic dust of 9-11 needs investigating, just the slow and confused response to 9-11 by FAA and NORAD, or the drill the simulated 9-11 and then 9-11 really happened, on cue, etc... needs reinvestigating.

Chomsky's gun control views deny our traditions, and are erroneous anyway. Law abiding citizens using their guns save tens of thousands of lives each year, and prevent about a million property crimes. The idea that disaming the citizens would result in infinitely safer streets, the way most of Europe was before they let in millions of illegal immigrants, is ridiculous. Chomsky might have gun phobia, like many opponents of private gun ownership.

I went to see Ralph Nader when he stopped by my town during the last campaign...Nader touched upon a lot of important issues for about an hour and 15 minutes... The audience applauded him on occassion, but when he concluded with a call for a new investigation into 9-11, the crowd, for the first and only time, stood up and cheered.

Anonymous said...

I bet most liberals who oppose the second amendment are really afraid that if they themsleves owned a gun, one day they would blow their head off.

SME said...

I strongly suspect that Glenn Beck is modelling himself on Jones et. al., and maybe vice-versa.

I am sick unto death of all the conspiranoid grousing about Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and other "Left gatekeepers". Chomsky has his opinions, Jones has his, and that does not mean either one is a disinformationist or a NWO lackey or whatever. NO ONE is obligated to leap on the "new investigation" bandwagon. It's a personal choice, and I thought Jones was all about freedom?

Anonymous said...

it may be a personal choice, but if the evidence leads you one way, it becomes a moral imperative...a causal examination of 9-11 anomolies leads one to reasonable doubt

SME said...

"Moral imperative"?

Well, I believe that the Canadian government launched a genocidal campaign against its First Nations people, using residential schools and hospitals to eliminate those who would not conform to expectations. And I think it's time for Canadians to learn about that.

But is it a moral imperative for every Canadian to jump on this particular bandwagon? Of course not. We all have our special causes and our particular strengths. Some tackle homelessness, some deal with troubled kids, others concentrate on health and sanitation in the Third World, etc. No one is morally obligated to become a Truther - or anything else.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt expect western Canadians to....I meant the commment for US citizens, mainly, since it affects us more than others, although we shall see.

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