Monday, July 20, 2009

Then I'll stand somewhere else

No time to post, so I'll have to expose you directly to the wit and wisdom of Mr. Jones. Sorry 'bout that. In this piece, he talks about - what else? - eugenics, John Holdren, and the globalist monsters. He also *complains* about those who attack his message, and explains that we're probably just jealous. He could be right about that; I do envy his ability to live in a world of his own design, and I admire his extraordinary success at staving off nearly every intrusion of factual information and common sense into that world. That takes true skill.


Anonymous said...

Aahhh, yes, WE'RE all misguided, misinformed, and controlled by the evils of the Earth. But you, Alex, are not corrupted (by logic) and are forever to be our only hope....right.

Typical commentator 'I get taken out of context ALL the time, but I NEVER do that myself.'

Either he's sounding like Glenn Beck, or Beck has surpassed him (he isn't crying yet).

Love all humanity? Didn't you just say that you are sacrificing family-time in order to... save your family?

TK said...

Hey SME, do you think he's talking about you? I think he is.

We need to see your fruit, apparently. To tell if you're good or bad. I know the bible reference, but it's just so funny. Are you a rotten apple or a bad bananna? And how do we tell through a blog?

And we're a species of tapestry. Okay, I may have missed his point there, but it's hard to concentrate when Alex Jones is scaring the cat.

"99 percent of what you say about me is a lie or a distortion"

This feels like a new defensiveness on his part. He's always paranoid, but is he that concerned about his critics?

SME said...

In conspiranoia circles, having critics is the greatest badge of honor. Having people tell you you're wrong, or nuts, or just stupid means you're on the right track. Some will invent enemies just to earn street cred.

My fruit is a kiwi. Kinda tart at first, but then sorta bland unless you've developed a taste for it.

"scaring the cat" ;D
My greatest shame is that my rabbit actually enjoys listening to Alex Jones.

tshsmom said...

LOL TK! Jones freaks out our dog too. ;)
My husband always says that he doesn't trust anybody that our dog doesn't like. The dog hasn't been wrong yet.

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