Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another school shooting that occurred slightly before 1988

Here's another one of the school shootings that "we didn't have until 1988... when Prozac came out":

On the morning of May 6, 1940, the vice principal of South Pasadena Junior High summoned school district officials to a meeting in his office. Then he killed five of them with his .22 pistol, permanently injured a sixth, and shot himself. He didn't die, but he always insisted that he couldn't remember his own actions on what came to be known as "the Monday Massacre". His psychiatrist, however, concluded that Verlin Spencer viewed himself as an educational crusader and staged a near-suicide so he could "remain the center of attention, commanding that position in a grisly triumph over imaginary enemies." Whether this explanation has any validity or not, Verlin Spencer was one messed-up dude... without SSRIs.

Is there really any question that Betty Henderson and Alex Jones are willfully ignoring information that contradicts their beliefs about antidepressants?

Sniper by Jon Wells (Wiley, 2008) , p. 22

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Sir Jorge said...

great call, i used this example once and got called a liar, but here is rock solid proof :)

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