Friday, March 26, 2010

Countdown to Nothing

Since February 18, the day Joseph Stack plowed a plane into the Austin IRS offices, Jones has been declaring that the government will launch false flag domestic terrorist attacks in mid- to late April, then lay the blame on Tea Partiers and/or tax protesters. The target will probably be the IRS.
He bases this not on any inside scoop, but on the fact that a few documentaries critical of the Tea Party astroturfing effort will be released around that time. He seems to ignore the mainstream media's relatively gentle treatment of Stack and his pathological paranoia. Rather than branding Stack a domestic suicide terrorist, which he most certainly was on some level, the media generally focused on his mental instability and declined to describe him as anything other than an unwell man. He also ignores the fact that the Tea Partiers don't have to be discredited, because the blatant racism and menacing behavior of a few TPers has certainly sufficed to make all TPers look like redneck douchebags.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You'll LIke It

Remember the old Life cereal commercials where Mikey hates everything and his brothers shove a bowl of cereal at him, thinking he won't like it? And then Mikey ends up liking it? And his brothers are all surprised?

Health care is kinda like that. You should try it. If you still hate it in five years, then feel free to bitch.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Phantom Underage Call Boys

There isn't much to say about the health reform issue that I haven't already mentioned (here, for instance), so I won't even go there. Instead, I'll address an offhand comment that Jones made about Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank. Why? Because it's little factoids like these, casually thrown out, that are embedded in the minds of listeners as "facts". I mean, Jones wouldn't say something on the air if it wasn't true, right?
On Monday's show, Jones stated that Barney Frank can get away with "hiring underage call boys".
I had to look this one up, because I don't exactly keep tabs on the sex lives of congressmen.
As it turns out, between 1985 and 1987 a male prostitute, personal assistant, and lover to Frank sometimes took other clients to Frank's apartment. When caught, he alleged that Frank knew all about it (which Frank denied). This was referred to by some of the more conservative media outlets as a "call boy ring", but it was basically just one male prostitute using a boyfriend's house for sex with other clients.

That's pretty much it. The lover, Stephen Gobie, was not underage when he began his relationship with Frank. He was 28. Furthermore, in 1991 the House ethics committee determined Frank did not know about the prostitution "ring". The panel did conclude that a letter Frank sent to a Virginia prosecutor on Gobie's behalf, in his effort to win probation on felony charges, was "misleading", and that he had used House privileges to get rid of parking tickets Gobie received when driving Frank's car. Frank was reprimanded, but the charges were not serious enough to warrant further action.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


In Friday's chats with Jesse Ventura and Gary Fielder (a Colorado lawyer who refused to submit to a courthouse body scan), Jones did something that I've heard many conspiranoids doing lately: He tried to prop up his own conspiracy theories (the world depopulation agenda, UN Communist world takeover, etc.) by listing actual, historical conspiracies. I've already written about this phenomenon at Swallowing the Camel, but I mention it again because I would really, really like to know if anyone can point to an example of conspiracy theorizing successfully predicting or uncovering a real conspiracy. I don't count the Jones/Bill Cooper "predictions" of 9/11, because they were far too vague to be of any use. It seems to me that the vast majority of conspiracy theories, past and present, turn out to be not just inaccurate, but mega-crazy inaccurate.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Natural Born Psychos

Spring is here, and come hell or high water this blog will be online daily!

To start things off, here's an exchange between Jones and Alan Watt from yesterday's show that tells you a lot about where Jones' head is at. He may rant against the "conquer and divide" strategies of the New World Order, but his world is neatly divided into the scumsucking elite and the good, virtuous everyman. They are sadistic, debauched. and power-mad; we are clean-living and kind. They are rapers of children and defilers of purity; we are upholders of justice and defenders of innocence. It doesn't get more simplistic than this.
Jones has just stated that 1% of the population consists of "psychos" (sociopaths), and that this 1% always takes control of the other 99%.

Jones: We've got to identify them, educate the virtuous and good and the mighty to rise up and be the leaders they are, to defeat this scum. Do you agree with me, Alan? It's about 1% are psychos?
Watt: I'd say it's a bit more than that. The elite have been breeding for a couple thousand years at least (probably three), with "winners", those who dominated... And they continue interbreeding with more what they call "successful" people, ruthless people, and so you have generations of them. And they're psychopathic."
Jones: A lot of them don't even have to think about duplicitous things, it just flows through them.

It's bizarre to me that a person who claims to despise eugenic thought and practices could attribute sociopathology to heredity, when there is no evidence of any hereditary component to antisocial personality disorder. But then, we already know that Jones hates the mentally ill.

They return to the subject of formal education. Watts implies that all college-level educators, or perhaps even all educators, are sociopaths. Ironically, neither Jones nor Watt stop to acknowledge the fact that anti-intellectualism can be a hallmark of totalitarian thought.

Jones: That came out in a UN document three months ago, that all the major universities went to UN meetings - hookers, meals, everything - for the world government, to get them all involved. They know carbon dioxide isn't bad. They know it's about bringing in a Communist collective world state. They did psychological tests of these people, and they hate their fellow man. I see someone happy and I'm happy for them... I appreciate wholesomeness. To them, they see you healthy, happy, successful, they hate it!
Watts: Oh, they hate it, alright. And academia really is a form of totalitarianism... They don't care who they're brainwashing, or what they're taught to brainwash the youngsters with. They will go along with it quite happily because they're psychopaths, and they're very well-paid as well.
Jones: What percentage would you say are genetic psychopaths versus the psychopathoid, biological android version [created] through the conditioning in the media? What percentage are natural psychos, versus quasi-horde-of-hell, servant wraith[s]?
Watt: I'd say probably at the ruling elite's level, you're probably looking at maybe only about 20,000 very important families...

It's interesting that Jones would say the UN paid for hookers. This is another expression of Jones' notion that the "elite" are more sexually deviant than the average person, an ancient meme in populist thought (in mass-produced broadsheets, the relatively chaste Marie Antoinette was painted as a lesbian orgiast).
The UN meeting Jones mentioned didn't actually take place. As noted in the Infowars article, UN documents discussed recruiting academia for assistance in UN climate change initiatives.
It's also very interesting that Jones and Watt zeroed in on higher education, when public school education in Texas has some very serious problems that should be addressed ASAP.

If it isn't clear to you by now that Jones deems the "elite" to be less than human, in response to a caller's comment about the Reptilian overlords, he declared, "They might as well be Reptilians from Planet Pop Tart, because they're so anti-human and so different from us. What they are is a bunch of psychos."

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