Tuesday, August 4, 2009

25 of the Strangest Things Said by Alex Jones

I've provided broadcast dates when possible. Some of the undated statements are ones that Jones has repeated again and again.

According to government documents from the 1960s, the Anglo-Saxon Protestant work ethic, along with international WASP cooperation, was eradicated by "the Zion". Until that time, WASP countries were highly productive and largely free of corruption, while non-WASP countries were in decline because of corruption.
Most of this incoherent rant was prompted by a survey of U.S. schoolchildren, showing that cheating and stealing and lying is common among them. Jones didn't note that one third of the kids also admitted they lied on the survey itself...
2. Foreigners like Arnold Schwarzenegger should not be allowed to hold public office in the U.S. This includes Americans with Israeli citizenship.
3. Arabs own Hollywood.
4. Obama is secretly Muslim and will usher in "Black Identity/Nation of Islam" terrorism and persecution against whites. (November '08 interview of Ron Paul)
5. "Rebellion against tyranny. Rosa Parks stuff." - comment made to a boy who received in-school suspension for refusing to remove his "9/11 is an inside job" T-shirt. (Dec. 29/08 broadcast)
6. "We know the Freemasons at the highest levels worship Lucifer, they say that in their own writings."
7. All U.S. capitol buildings are Babylonian/Egyptian structures designed by occultists. (July 8/08 broadcast)
8. Foster children are being killed with radiation and chemicals.
"Barack Obama will probably be the president that has me arrested." (Nov. '08 interview of Ron Paul)
10. Aldous Huxley admitted the brainwashing techniques in Brave New World were drawn from actual elite plans for humanity, told to him by brother Julian. (Coast to Coast AM, Nov. 6/7, 2007)
11. Bertrand Russell suggested thinning the population by putting mercury into vaccines. (Coast to Coast AM, Nov. 6/7, 2007). Actually, Russell was warning of such things. He also predicted bacteriological warfare, infanticide, destructive wars, and general misery. In short, he was a little like Alex Jones. Only brilliant.
12. There are no safe vaccines. Vaccines are a "modern Holocaust". Vaccines cause autism. "That's a fact." (interview by Kevin Bates)
13. Each and every member of the U.S. military is injected with aggressive cancer viruses via vaccines intentionally designed to kill them.
14. Chemtrails are part of the depopulation agenda.
15. His IQ was lowered by at least 25 points thanks to childhood consumption of fluoridated tapwater. "A shadow of who I would have been calls out from the grave." (I have to admit, I think the world would be a better place if Alex Jones was slightly smarter.)
16. Mumbai was a Western attack designed to trigger WWIII.
17. After the former chief of Pakistan's intelligence agency (the ISI) Hamid Gul said Mumbai and 9/11 were perpetrated by "neocons and Zionists" in Dec. '08, Jones complained that Gul's CNN interview was "heavily edited", and that it is "childish" to accept Gul's remarks and similar allegations as anti-Semitic; that's merely a media divide-and-conquer ploy that "sophisticated and nuanced" people like himself reject.
18. "Everything is false flag! Everything revolves around it!"
19. The '93 World Trade Center bombers were recruited and led (not just infiltrated) by FBI informant Emad Salem. The men he selected were all "submental", "listed by the city as low-grade morons" with IQs of 80 or less. In reality, Yousef and Abouhalima attended university. Funder Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has a mechanical engineering degree. Even the driver, Eyad Ismoil, studied engineering at Witchita State University. Nidal Ayyad had a degree in chemical engineering from Rutgers.
20. The New World Order elite might fake a UFO landing with the Pentagon's "giant hologram projection system" as yet another excuse for martial law.
21. People are being arrested for growing aloe vera.
22. U.S. soldiers have made a hobby of throwing Iraqi children off bridges.
23. The Port Arthur massacre in Australia was "clearly staged" to usher in tougher gun control.
24. GMO crops are killing honeybees.
25. MSG causes obesity and should be banned.


Lee said...

Have you ever looked into some of these claims? I used to think it was craaaazy too... then I did some reasearch. Perhaps if you looked into eugenics, population control, Bertrand Russell (google Bertrand Russell Eugenics), the effect of GMO crops on the environment and human health, unlawful arrests, project bluebeam, false flag terrorism... you'd see that some of these things aren't so crazy, and you've got a lot of learning to do...

Russell said...

Lee, you're all over the place. You named about a dozen (unrelated) topics in one paragraph. Would you care to discuss them at greater length, and perhaps provide some evidence for your claims, or would you prefer to continue ranting and raving incomprehensibly?

SME said...

Project Bluebeam was talked about solely by a French-Canadian "journalist"/Evangelical Christian who was either very inventive or very credulous. Even if an image of a messiah figure did appear in the sky, not everyone is going to drop to their knees in supplication to the New World Order. Thankfully, we still live in a world where people are somewhat cynical.

Bertrand Russell, while not a wholesale eugenicist, did hold some of the racist beliefs of his place, social class, and time. However, he did not promote the slaughter of involuntary sterilization of minorites. In fact, he warned about zealots who would sterilize the poor or "undesirable" indiscriminately, which he believed would ultimately be a disservice to mankind. He also correctly foresaw that governments would withhold birth control from Africans. This is precisely how missionary groups have behaved, which has contributed directly to AIDS deaths in Africa.

False flag events have been and will be staged by various nations for various reasons. I am well aware of many examples. Ditto for false arrests and wrongful convictions, actual eugenics practices, and the problems of genetic modification.

Anonymous said...

Concerning #6, I wouldn't be so quick to mock it. I don't know what's in all the writings of the Freemasons, but in Gnosticism and certain strains of Sufism, they DO in fact teach that Lucifer/Shaytaan etc. is the "good God" and that El/Mars and similar deities are the "bad God" because (supposedly) they like war and death and people as slaves (to the "one true god") while Lucifer, Prometheus and similar figures etc. were all about knowledge and (supposedly) light love and happy-feel-good things. Given the types of books you can find inside the Masonic library in Alexandria, VA (a lot of New Age-y junk) if they are teaching that Lucifer is the true god, it would not be all that surprising or controversial from an occultist perspective.

SME said...

They could worship sock puppets, for all I care. It's none of my business, and it doesn't have any sort of significant social impact anyway.

Anonymous said...

You always have to look at the context of something quoted. Its easy to distort comments out of context. Alex sometimes exagerates to make a point in the heat of non scripted emotional speech. Most of us our guilty of this sometimes but most of the gist of what he talks about you find to be true if you have the fortitude to do the research but of course most people dont.

SME said...

"most of the gist of what he talks about you find to be true if you have the fortitude to do the research but of course most people dont"

I, too, wish that more people would check Jones' info, because they would learn that even his "gists", never mind the concrete information he provides, are frequently erroneous.

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