Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The DHS "Police State" : Telescreens

As a followup to yesterday's post on the Department of Homeland Security's "See Something, Say Something" anti-terrorism campaign, let's look at the other feature of the program that is riling Jones: "Telescreens".

Earlier this month, the "Orwellian" telescreens were placed in select Wal-Mart stores around the country.
Now by using the term "telescreen", you would assume that these devices enabled some form of two-way communication by which shoppers could report suspicious activity (not just activity in the store itself, but in any public place).
That's not quite the case. In fact, it's not at all the case. The screens are just that: Screens. A brief, looped message from Janet Napolitano plays on them. The screens are basically talking posters.

This Infowars article by Paul Joseph Watson implies that telescreens will be installed in 9000 other public places, including federal buildings and sports stadiums, but another article makes clear that only "signage" will be placed in 9000 federal buildings. There is no indication that screens will be placed in these areas.

Paul Joseph Watson likens See Something, Say Something to the Bush-era TIPS program in this article. But TIPS, which was canceled when the DHS was formed, encouraged repairmen, utility workers, and other home-service employees to keep an eye out for suspicious activity in people's homes. TIPS bears little resemblance to the new campaign, which deals solely with public places.

I'm sorry, but I have a difficult time viewing a handful of Wal-Mart TV screens, three bland PSA videos, and some posters as a "Sovietized police state" aimed at nabbing political dissidents. If you truly believe that these things are just like the tactics of the East German Stasi, then I strongly suggest you review some literature about the Stasi and remind yourself that if you're a lifelong American, you have never lived under that kind of oppression. To say that you have would be an insult to people who actually survived life in fascist police states.

And I have an equally hard time believing that Jones is really concerned about the DHS program fostering paranoia, distrust, and suspicion in Americans - because that's his stock in trade. He has told us to be suspicious of environmentalists, white Rastafarians, pretty much every law enforcement officer you'll ever encounter, cartoon scriptwriters, doctors, free mammogram clinics, comic books, and schizophrenics. If that's not paranoia, distrust, and suspicion, what is?

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Scariest Videos You Will Ever See

Or not.

Jones is freaking over a trio of PSAs put out by the Department of Homeland Security as part of its anti-terrorism "See Something, Say Something" campaign. An Infowars article by Paul Joseph Watson claims that in the videos, "ordinary everyday activities are characterized as signs of potential terrorism".

I don't really have a problem with the DHS releasing videos like this. For one thing, they're chock-full of duuuuh information that the average, moderately functional person will not really need. They cover very basic security measures for hotels, malls, and stadiums.
For another thing, the DHS has an annual budget of over $55 billion and should damn well be doing something with all that lucre, even if it's just pumping out cheesy PSA vids for morons. They're spending a paltry $13 million on this effort, according to a Huffington Post article.

Give them a view (here) and decide for yourself. Personally, I would not call any of the following activities "ordinary" nor "everyday":
- Paying in advance for several weeks' stay at a hotel. In cash.
- Parking your car smack in front of the hotel entrance, then walking rapidly away from the hotel while bellhops and valets shout at you.
- Presenting false ID.
- Strolling into a hotel kitchen to take pictures with your cell phone, or covertly filming mall walkways for no apparent reason.
- Leaving bomb parts strewn around your hotel room for the maid to find.
- Calling the mall to find out how many security guards are working.
- Purposely leaving your stuff in an open spot and never coming back for it.
- Hanging out in employee-only areas even though you don't know any employees.

While I definitely don't want to foster paranoia in anyone, I don't think there's anything wrong with vigilance, either. Being aware of your surroundings and following your gut are called "survival instincts" for a reason, and that's basically all the DHS videos are asking you to do. It's not "Stasi-like" to report something funky.
Though the media has all but ignored it, a backpack bomb was found and defused along the MLK Day parade route in Spokane, Washington, last week - thanks to citizens' vigilance. They saw the pack in an open place, wondered how it could be "lost" in such an obvious spot, and reported it. There was plenty of time for the parade to be rerouted and the bomb removed.

Tomorrow I'll discuss the other scary part of the "See Something, Say Something" campaign: Thousands of "telescreens" in public places.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Blame Game continues

The greatest thing about The Alex Jones Show is that you usually don't even have to listen to it to know exactly what Jones is going to say. But I do anyway, just to be sure.

As I expected, Jared Loughner is probably a government mind-controlled assassin and an abortion-loving atheist Commie. Weirdly, he's also linked to white supremacy, but that's not very important. Remember, all crazy gunmen are left-wing, even if their unidentified government handlers have coached them on how to be right-wing zealots for the past twenty years.

Jones admits there isn't a lot of evidence that Loughner is a Manchurian Candidate, but like all other Candidates, he was preoccupied with mind control. So are many mentally ill people, but never mind that. Federal zombie assassins are way more interesting.

By the way, how dare the mainstream media jump to strange conclusions about this crime?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010: The Imaginary Year in Review

If everything Alex Jones warned us about had actually occurred last year, this is what 2010 would have looked like...

As a continuation of The Great Swine Flu Plot, which commenced in the autumn of '09, nearly every American was forcibly inoculated with the H1N1 vaccine, which of course killed and injured a vast number of them. The dead were dumped into mass graves, incinerated, or buried in plastic FEMA coffins (otherwise known as vault liners).
The holdouts and survivors, however, staged massive protests that resulted in the institution of nationwide martial law, administered by NORTHCOM and Americorps volunteers (AKA "Obama's thugs"). Dissidents were rounded up at their local post offices and confined to FEMA concentration camps, where they remain.

All of this happened, in part, because Americans voted in as president the Kenyan-born Communist Barry Soetoro. If they had opted for Ron Paul, the New World Order would have been stopped in its tracks and pot would be legal.

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Meanwhile, the government ramped up its decades-long depopulation policy by slipping sterilizing agents into municipal drinking water supplies, as per John Holdren's instructions (included in a 1970s textbook, but kept on a shelf until the moment was right). Fluoride, plastics, aspartame, intentionally contaminated Chinese products, sunscreen, genetically modified corn, body scanners, all vaccines, Obamacare death panels, and most prescription medicines are slowly killing the rest of us as I write this, with the help of Pentagon-produced progaganda like the cartoon Squidbillies. But filterless cigarettes, massive alcohol consumption, meat products, environmental pollution caused by under-regulated industry, and preventable diseases are not killing significant numbers of North Americans. Those things are mostly okay.

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By this time, the few Americans left alive and unincarcerated had helplessly witnessed the passage of bank bailouts, carbon taxation, the Clean Water Restoration Act, government healthcare, and hate crime legislation that basically stripped them of all rights and paved the way for a U.S. takeover by the United Nations. Today, the U.S. is a fully-owned subsidiary of the UN.

Worldwide, millions died as a direct result of carbon taxation. I'm not sure exactly how, but they did.

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In the summer of 2010, the New World Order takeover plan was beginning to drag a bit. Tea Partiers, Patriots, and Alex Jones fans were making things difficult for the plotters. So they blew up several IRS offices in the U.S. and blamed the attacks on prominent Tea Party activists and tax protesters. These people are now in FEMA camps.

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The depopulation agenda continues apace. Soon, up to 99% of the world's population will be dead and the elite will be able to sit around and gloat over their global domination. They can continue their transhumanistic, technocratic agenda in peace and quiet. Twenty years from now, Bill and Melinda Gates will have total control of the weather.

But the Spirt of 1776 just refuses to die, so all is not lost. There were stupendous advances in science, economics, and education throughout 2010:

  • Leonard Horowitz invented OxySilver, which "electronically zaps pathogens, and is a good replacement for vaccination." I don't quite understand how this zappy-thingy could possibly prevent viral infection, since it only zaps pathogens that are already in the body. But I'm not a genius like Dr. Horowitz, the man who taught us all about serial killer dentists and the New World Order's instruction manual Report from Iron Mountain.
  • The final solution to the (intentionally created) economic meltdown was presented to the world in a single feature-length documentary produced and directed by people who aren't even economists.
  • We learned that Hitler was on the MI5 payroll. The media told us Mussolini was on the MI5 payroll, but Alex Jones told us it was Hitler. So it was definitely Hitler.
  • The Alex Jones documentary Police State 4 was released. After watching it, "You'll basically have a master's degree in the police state takeover." Unfortunately, nationwide martial law had already been established by the time the DVD went on sale.
  • To the delight of Jason Bermas, the "fat cops" who arrested him at the G20 summit protests all died as a direct result of the elites' depopulation agenda. Bermas had a good laugh.
  • All climate change was exposed as a tax-grabbing fraud. This means that nearly all environmental regulations, sustainability measures, and "green" solutions are total crap. Exept for those solar panels GCN advertises.
  • Even though you'll be dead soon and you're probably already sterile from eating corn chips and drinking tapwater, you'll be able to ride your motorcycle in comfort thanks to jeans with a diamond gusset in the crotch, where you need it most.
On the global front, Wikileaks undermined the illegal wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq with leaked diplomatic memos and video footage of civilian deaths. But that's not really a good thing, because Julian Assange's former stepdad was once in a cult and George Soros might have some behind-the-scenes involvement in Wikileaks - so Assange can't be trusted. The unknown Climategate hackers can be trusted, however.

Not that any of this matters now. Like I said, we'll all be dead soon.

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