Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Blame Game III: Hal Turner

Soon I'll have some commentary on Jones' latest take on the Swine Flu "hoax". It's a lot of crazy to wade through.

In the meantime, let's look at an Infowars story on Hal Turner.

Hal Turner of New Jersey billed himself as "the most controversial radio host on the planet", and claimed that he shut down his show a year ago only because of all the media, interest group, and government pressure that had been brought to bear on him. In reality, he was in constant danger of being yanked off the air for making assassination threats against U.S. politicians, telling listeners, "We may have to kill some of the people you elect." Turner is also a vocal white supremacist, Holocaust denier, and anti-Semite. In addition to elected officials, he has encouraged people to assault or murder Jews, immigrants, and anyone who tries to interefere with Christmas celebrations.

Quote: "People say violence doesn't solve anything. They're wrong. Violence solves everything. You can argue with someone till you're blue in the face. They just won't change their point of view and if you knock the living shit out of them, then they change their view…I've done it. It works, and I encourage you to do it. We need a lot more violence to straighten up America."

And Jones wonders why the Cyberbullying Act exists.

After the show wrapped, Turner announced via his website that the U.S. had shipped 800 million Ameros to China. When readers expressed skepticism, he posted a video in which he held up one of the 20-dollar Amero coins. It was coppery and slightly larger than a Toonie, but details weren't visible in the shaky, low-quality vid. Turner said that one side was imprinted with the words "Union of North America", with an eagle and a map of North America. A "D" indicated it came from the Denver mint, in 2007.
The Ameros were shipped to the China Development Bank, Turner explained, because the U.S. currency would collapse by February 2009. "This is irrefutable proof that shenanigans are afoot at the highest levels of the government..."

But Turner's definition of "irrefutable", just like his definition of "sanity", differs significantly from mine. The coin in his video was a collectible mock-up designed by coin designer Daniel Carr, to express his distaste for the idea of a common North American currency. Photos of it began circulating online in late 2007. It was usually misidentified as "an actual Amero".

This was pointed out to Turner, who promptly accused the government of creating Daniel Carr's website solely to discredit his factual claims. But dc-coin.com was registered in 2005.

Though Turner briefly returned to broadcasting in April of this year, he's currently in jail for urging fans to assassinate officials, politicians, and judges in two states.

Now for the scary part. Federal officials have claimed that Turner was briefly a paid FBI informant. As reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center last year, some hackers also found email correspondence between Turner and an FBI handler.
Your tax dollars at work.

Infowars has taken a consistently disapproving stance on Turner's behavior, but as always, personal responsibility takes a backseat to other concerns. A June story on Turner's arrest laments, "Hal Turner’s arrest feeds into the Department of Homeland Security’s effort to conflate Second Amendment advocates, 'antigovernment' activists', and veterans with white supremacists." The article hints that Turner was only posing as an anti-Semite and racist, to help further this agenda - he could be a whole lot more than just an informant, in other words.

This attitude is even more evident in the latest Infowars story on Turner, "Hal Turner Admits He Worked for the FBI". This article argues that Turner was probably a full-blown "COINTELPRO" agent, encouraged by the FBI to make terroristic threats against federal judges. He is "a classic government patsy burned by the people he attempted to collaborate with." The bulk of the article consists of other "examples" of the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center paying and abetting terrorists for their own ends. These cases will be examined in part II.

In Alex Jonestown, there's always someone else to blame. Lunatics like Turner and Von Brunn never act fully of their own volition, terrorists never do their own plotting, and nothing sinister gets accomplished without covert government funding.


Eugene said...

Well of course, if it's not because of a shadowy cabal of evil shadow government figures then the world just wouldn't make sense!! Why then people like Jones and his followers would just have been wasting their lives! This reminds me a little of this video from the Onion. Sometimes you need to laugh just to keep from crying

SME said...

Apparently there are two distinct species of common sense. There's the common variety, and then there's the conspiracy theory variety. That second variety probably doesn't exist, but that doesn't mean it isn't real!

Earlier this year I asked Canadian Truther Barrie Zwicker, an intelligent and thoughtful guy, why he believes the World Trade Center was brought down with explosives. I said, "Rigging a building with explosives, then slamming a plane into it doesn't make any sense. It could dislodge the charges and break det cord. Not to mention it isn't even necessary, since you're, y'know, slamming an airliner into the building."

He said, "It doesn't make sense to YOU. It makes perfect sense to THEM!"

Anonymous said...

SME, is there any place where you keep the "Quote[s] of the Week" archived? I find them quite useful, as there's no easier way to expose the insanity of Alex Jones.

SME said...

I've added most of the quotes of the week to an ever-growing list of "weirdest/stupidest" things ever said by Alex Jones, which I will definitely post.

Anonymous said...

Ive called in before. there was no call screening at all! I think you need to stop infighting with the movement. Alex Jones may be wrong about some things but everyone is entitled to there opinion and people make mistakes. Also at least he wakes people up to many important issues that need to be looked at. He also is for preserving the rights and freedoms of all people everywhere. Also he is one of the biggest supporters of 911 truth. He has made people realize that the WE have the power and WE can effect change in a positive peaceful manner, and violence is not the answer! You are completely wrong on about 99.9% of your info on this site. He also states over and over that he will not single out any group of people. Once again you are wrong. You need to open your eyes and ears and do some actual research before you start bashing someone that is just trying to make a difference. I am not a minion of Alex Jones...I am a person who has done the research and I agree with him on many of his opinions, and I want a free world without tyranny. I want the governments around the world to stop the bloodshed of innocent people. I want the attack on our god given rights and freedoms to end and be fully restored. I am for the people ... and I also think Alex Jones embodies these ideals. Even if what you are saying is true(and i am not saying it is)at least he has woken people up to the fact that everything is not what it seems, All humanity is beautiful, and he has ignited peoples souls again. At least now people question the actions of the government, instead of just going along with whatever they are told to believe and do in their everyday lives. We need to stop bashing each other and unify against the real threat. The treat of a criminal group trying to shape the world into a hellish police state.

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