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Satanic Panic is Alive and Well...

on The Alex Jones Show.

During his latest interview with David "Turd in the Punchbowl" Icke, Jones declared, "We know that Satanists sacrifice people. They get caught doing it all the time."
He said that France's Minister of Culture, Frederic Mitterand, bragged in a book that he "goes to slave camps and rapes little boys". Mitterand even refers to this practice as a "ritual".
This is pure bullshit. The book Jones refers to (though he clearly hasn't read it) is Mitterand's 2005 autobiographical novel, The Bad Life, in which he describes visiting young male prostitutes (young men, not children) in Thailand. No "slave camps". No "rape". No "little boys". However, Mitterand did push the envelope by describing his reaction to the sex trade in Bangkok thusly: "All these rituals of the market for youths, the slave market, excite me enormously".
Icke stated, "Roman Polanski is a practicing Satanist." He said Sharon Tate's murder was directly connected to Satanism. He went on to explain one of his central conspiracy theories, that the elite routinely rape and sacrifice prepubescent children to obtain their energy (and blood, since they are blood-drinking, shapeshifting Reptiles from another dimension). All of this is, again, pure bullshit. The Manson Family did not practice Satanism. Charles Manson talked about the Devil, but he also talked about and likened himself to Christ on many occasions.
There are zero indications that Roman Polanski has anything to do with Satanism, either. Is he a perv? Yes. Is he kinda creepy? Yes. There's ample evidence of both of those things. But a Satanist? Don't think so. Pure speculation. Directing a horror movie does not a Satanist make.

Jones listed the cultures that have practiced ritual human sacrifice: Mesoamericans, Africans, Aztecs, Asians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, Middle Eastern tribes. He said that all had high priests who worshipped the same snake god and followed the same "secret mathematics religion", and all sacrificed healthy people of all ages and both sexes. Most tortured their victims. Most used hallucinogens (as does Icke himself, but Icke stayed mum at this point in the broadcast). Note, please, that Jones didn't mention Celtic or Nordic sacrifice.
Again, pure bullshit. There is no "secret mathematics religion", and the cultures mentioned had an array of gods (not just a single "snake god", though a few did incorporate snakes or serpents into their cosmology and/or mythology at one time or another - as does Christianity, which Jones favors, and the chemognostic New Age "shamanism" that Icke appreciates).

Jones went on to say that Tony Blair likes to be possessed by the spirit of "white light", and that homosexual orgies take place during Skull & Bones initiation ceremonies. As Blair is now Catholic, I don't know why his alleged ecstatic states would have anything to do with Satanism. And though there is reportedly some True Confession aspect to Skull & Bones inititation ceremonies, no one has revealed gay orgies (or any kind of orgies, for that matter).


Anonymous said...

Curious here. Is Alex Jones a fundamentalist? And why does he collaborate with David Icke?

SME said...

I don't really know. My guess is that he's conservative but not fanatical in his religious views. As for Icke - IMHO, he knows that a lot of his listeners like Icke, and was willing to swallow his pride to capitalize on his popularity. They agree on most things, just not the lizards.

Anonymous said...

Hey, SME. I'm the anon that posted the previous comment. I submitted this article to Reddit.

26 upvotes so far.

Eugene said...

I grew up fundie and this sure sounds very familiar. Seriously when talking to this kind of crowd about this kind of subject you never need to back up your claims - merely saying it's true makes it true and there is no claim that you could possibly make that would make anyone say "No wait, that sounds a little too crazy"

Anonymous said...

Jones should also mention that human sacrifice is prevelant in Chrisitianity (his religion). Isaac/Abraham, Jephtitah (book of Judges), Jesus, etc...

Anonymous said...

If Frederic Mitterand had used underage boys/girls for sex abroad, he probably would not have admitted it in his book. The actual admission of using (just barely legal age) youths for pleasure could be seen as inflating their ages to protect oneself from legal or social scrutiny. I dont know if this is the case here, but from what I know about elites and near or pseudo-elites who do such things (go to 3rd world spots mainly for sex), Mitterand breaking the law in this area would seem typical. Very typical.

I dont know how Icke defines Satanism. I know Schopenhauer thought that the world represented the personality of Satan, and he was said to be an atheist of sorts. I do haveinformation that casts Polanski in a bad light on this issue, but it cannot be proven. Let me just say that several famous Hollywood people may have commited crimes in the pursuit of their "religion." Very sick crimes.

I agree with you on this: Charles Manson was not a satanist and the crimes associated with him and his friends was not satanic in the religious sense- the Tate Labianca case involved other issues (Manson isnt guilty in the way that most people assume).

As far as elites kidnapping, raping, and snuffing our children- this happens, but it is rare. The current concern over "human trafficking" is really aimed to prevent the abduction of children, and not adult slavic or asian women as commonly thought. Tv shows are too genteel, so we see the focus on adult human traficking victims, for the most part. There are exceptions. For more evidence about possible organized child kidnap rings: The Lawrence (Larry)E. King case ( just who did commnand that documentary to be pulled almost at the last minute?hmm. King was eventually forced to pay a judgement to one of his victims, even if this was due to him merely not showing up in court and geting a default judgement agianst him. Our murdered former CIA director- William Colby- wrote a preface to one of the expose books on this case (for you out there who dont know who Im talking about, Larry E. King was a banker lobbyist high roller for the Repubs in Nebraska and DC). Theres also the Danny Gosch case....
and then thereis the bizarre world of Marc Dutroux in Belgium, who seemed to have the protection of highly placed authorities....and of course, our Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.
None of these cases have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Its a lot of smoke, though. Evidence has been fabricated to exxonerate these suspects or clear these cases... there are others. The elite , here and there, a small minority, do break laws and harm others to satisfy certain lusts. Tens of thousands of children dissappear forever in the US every year,dont they? what percent are not runaways or adult custody related? You can almost figure this by examining the walls on the entrances to Walmarts. Hmmm.

I think the mathematic religion alluded to was a reference to certain cults/tradions that think numbers are sacred and have potent meaning...the Pythagorean and mystery cults, lineages moving toward Kabbalah numerology, calculations of the end times... but more direclty relating to the precise measurements needed for astrology or astro-theology, which seems universal. I could throw in Fulcanelli, but wont (ha).

I dont know of any homosexual orgies going on inside the crypt at Yale, but the initiation does involve a tinge of homo-eroticism. What always concerned me was the confessions one had to make to be initiated. This is really meant to be used for future blackmail- step out of line, and thats it for you. I wonder if any foreign power has ever tried to bug the Yale crypt?
Bohemian grove is where the "faggy" stuff happens, according to President Nixon.

I think the reference to Blairs "white light" experience was an allusion to the Luciferian force, since Lucifer is associated with light, in many occult circles, or even the Bible.
I think the cultures mentioned did practice human sacrifice, but I dont know about the stuff associated with it, except the drug part is true.

Anonymous said...

The serpent God is a common motif; to recognize this does not mean that one rejects a cultures use of other Gods.
You noted that Jones ommited Norse and Celtic- i get your drift, but I dont think thats exaclty fair.

Backtracking: look up the June 29, 1989 edition of the The Washington Times.

SME said...

The Franklin case is a mess. I've been looking into it for over 10 years and still don't know quite what to think. While it's possible that some abuse occurred, most of the allegations are too silly and implausible to address. Hunter Thompson making snuff films? Rusty Nelson, a convicted child pornographer, coming forward out of the goodness of his big old heart? Give me a break. There's something very, very weird about the whole thing.

Michael Aquino has never been charged with any crime, and the next time you or anyone else tries to impugn his character on this blog by implying that he has been, the comment will be erased. Shame on you. Don't believe everything you read on the Internets, okay? Please pay attention to the fact that NO ONE accused Aquino of ANYTHING until he was outed as a Satanist. Then he was attacked from every quarter with flimsy allegations.

Anonymous said...

Ive never read anything online about Aquino. Nothing. I used other sources, but if I impugned the Satanist, I didn't mean to.

Anonymous said...

@SME, You should make a blog post about the Franklin case, there is a new book about it out.

S.M. Elliott said...

The Franklin case has metastasized into this sprawling, ultra-convoluted, horrendously confusing labyrinth.
It would take a whole series of posts to even come close to explaining that mess. I may tackle it someday at Swallowing the Camel, but for now I'm too baffled myself to offer readers any clarity on the issue.

Name Pending said...

Don't mean to impugn such a good guy's character but Aquino was dishonorably discharged in 1990 when accusations were leveled against him involving child abuse at a day care center. The U.S. Military does not wantonly hand out this type of discharge to anyone in its ranks, especially the higher ones like Lt.Col., based on 'flimsy' allegations. Aquino was also quite open about his satanism for years, so it goes against your claim that it wasn't until he was 'outed' as such that he was accused... Being outed suggests that he was trying to keep it quiet. Aquino spent 6 years with lavey and the church of satan before founding his own 'temple of set' in 1975- hardly the behavior of a closet satanist, to be founding your own satanic church, don't you agree?

Unknown said...

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Satanism has quite a spectrum to it, and Manson's claims to be Christ and satan and his general routine fit the overall picture. as for Tony blair, there is a lot of false spirit infiltrqation in Christian circles incl. Catholicism,

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