Monday, December 7, 2009

How is the Great Swine Flu Plot of '09 coming along?

Over the summer, Jones laid out the steps that the elite scumlords will take to strike a death blow to the U.S. Constitution, kill most of us, and institute global government. I call this the Great Swine Flu Plot of '09, because Jones has said H1N1 and H1N1 vaccination is a central plank in the evil plan. Jones also said the initial stages of the plan would be instituted in the autumn. Now that it's December, let's take a look at how many of the steps in the plot have been carried out:

Step 1: In the fall of '09, Swine Flu hysteria will serve as a distraction while the government sneaks in more bank bailouts, carbon taxation, the Clean Water Restoration Act, and the passage of hate crime legislation. Then forced inoculation will be introduced.

Bank bailouts? Check. There have been several of those. But I wouldn't say that H1N1 distracted anyone from them.
The Clean Water Restoration Act? No. Languishing in the Senate.
Carbon taxation? No. Jones insists they will be levied immediately upon U.S. ratification of the Copenhagen treaty, so time will tell.
Hate crime legislation? Half a check. The Matthew Shepard Act was signed into law in October, It's mostly an update of 30-year-old legislation, so it's hardly anything to freak out over. It does not in any way limit hate speech. The Cyberbullying Act, which is more problematic because its wording isn't as tight as the Shepard Act, is languishing in the House.
Forced inoculation? No.

So we have a check and a half for the 4 items in Step 1. That's a 36% success rate. Slightly better than Sylvia Browne's track record, but still dismal.

Step 2: Forced inoculation will result in riots all over the U.S., because people are too smart to take the shots voluntarily. The vaccine will not protect against Swine Flu; in fact, it was probably an experimental vaccine that was used to start the outbreaks in the first place.

Still no forced inoculation yet, even though October poll results indicated 60% of adult Americans were not planning to be inoculated.

Step 3: The rioting will give "Obama's thugs" (NORTHCOM and civilian service orgs like Americorps) the perfect excuse to institute and maintain nationwide martial law. Everything will be federalized.

No martial law. If the bailouts count as "federalization" (and Jones, Glenn Beck et. al. would argue that they do), then that would be the only major example thus far.

Step 4: Under the direction of Obama's science czar, John Holdren, sterilizing agents will be placed in municipal water supplies.

No, but Jones now insists that 150 chemicals found in municipal water supplies are "known to sterilize mammals" and were placed there deliberately. (today's broadcast)

Step 5:
Dissidents will be rounded up and placed in FEMA concentration camps. The Constitution will cease to exist, and the U.S. will basically become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UN.


Step 6:
The real mass murder begins. 80-99% of the world's population will be eliminated via tainted vaccines, execution, forced abortions, and involuntary sterilization.

No. Again, time will tell. Considering Jones' batting average so far, I'm not holding my breath. I still haven't seen any sign of Obama's "Muslim/Black Identity/Nation of Islam terrorism and persecution of whites", which Jones predicted during his November '08 interview of Ron Paul.


Anonymous said...

SME, I love this blog and I despise Alex Jones, but I do recommend that you add a link or video of the broadcast for any doubters.

Eugene said...

I would join you in waiting for the Obama-Swine Flu plot but I'm still busy holding my breath for the Bush-Schwarzenegger-NWO police state. That must be due any second now! Really starting to get dizzy though...

TK said...

I had the pork plague vaccine on friday.

I'm waiting to drop dead, but so far, nothing.

Anonymous said...

I keep coming across thi whole "Obama is a Muslim" thing (and if you can't tell the difference between 'Nation of Islam' and real Islam, then you need to go look it up). The trouble is, while it (like all conspiracy theories) explains PART of the evidence, it can't explain the whole thing. How so? Islam is socially conservative, and Muslim radicals believe in the execution of homosexuals. Obama is socially liberal and has said some pretty radical things about supporting homosexuals. So, is he lying? On the other hand, if Obama is a liberal Christian, then it fits perfectly. I once heard a liberal Christian minister say, in a service, that Christians ought to reverence Mohammed. Christian liberals believe that homosexuality is a gift from God... so "Obama is a liberal Christian" explains EVERYTHING so much better than "he's a Muslim." As I have explained myself to one person who had seen a video on the internet trying to push the whole thing.

Not that I, for one, would have a huge problem if he was a Muslim, only if he was pretending not to be.

Anonymous said...

Jones and company put out the alert: vaccine resistance was ready, the martial law goons pulled back, knowing the risk of moving when vastly outnumbered. So the other points could not be pushed through, so far...Jones also said on occassion this summer/fall that all this was maybe a drill to prep for future actions, years hence. In this sense, Jones was/is correct on most points.

Anonymous said...

Our top cop, AG Eric Holder, admited that the Hate Crime law was exclusive, not really necessary, it inappropiately involved the Feds in local and state issues.... it imposes double jeopardy when the government uses its new -found psychic powers to determine a suspects innermost motivations...
The Brownback amendment was needed to allow it pass, since First Amendment rights were seen as being at risk... the bills sponsor, Sen. Leahy agreed. The bill also had to be attached to the Pentagon death machine budget (a hate crime syndicate itself? aggressive war is not hate? hmm). Holder said his motivation for the law was to bend over backwards to rectify historic abuses involving traditionally targeted groups, as he saw it; when he at the same time admitted that this wasn't statistically necessary, as the states and localities only very rarely failed to enforce laws against murder, mahem, assualt, etc. He and the bills servants just wanted extra protections extended to certain groups. Its bad law that extends Federal control over our lives. I thought a rape or murder was hateful perps can be punished twice or double...if the victims are correct.

Anonymous said...

Jones wasn't wrong about Carbon the time frame hasn't exactly run out- so why include it in your calculator for accuracy?

A security crackdown could have allowed the Cap and Trade bill to be pushed through by now, but resistance to the various globalist schemes stiffened (the sort of misdirected tea parties, widespread vaccine skepticism, plus the botched attempt to label opposition to the WH as being racist, etc.)... the creeps in charge held off.

Carbon taxes are already in place in Boulder, Co, and several counties in California. Carbon dioxide received special legal status with the EPA government taxes are contained in rudimentary form in Cap and Trade and Copenhagen,, which would do nothing to solve any environmental problem- key countries would not participate, and polluters would be able to buy their way out of would also levy high taxes on home sellers.... Its a scam. The crafters of the legislation know it wont solve any problem, so it has to be a money making scheme for the globalists criminals who are sabotaging Western middle classes..its just a red handed fraud.

Jones said we could forestall all these things, meaning that there isnt any need to try to rattle off a list of his so called failed predictions.

We await your cherry -picked response...

Eugene said...

Regarding "hate crime" legislation, The Slactivist did a really good post on that that here

SME said...

the martial law goons pulled back, knowing the risk of moving when vastly outnumbered

Anon, that doesn't even make sense. The "goons" are always outnumbered during martial law. Hasn't stopped them in other countries. That's kind of the point of martial law; keeping the many under control of the few.

Why not just admit that Jones' predictions didn't come to pass on the timeline he laid out? He said all these things (carbon taxes, martial law, forced inoculation) would happen in the fall. It's winter.

Anonymous said...

No. Vaccine hesitancy was too great, mandatory vaccinations became limited to the military and a few others. There really were too many potential vaccine resistors, the bad propaganda failed, the virus didn't get out of hand, it was a beta or alpha test, or almost nothing at all, except maybe a plan to make money for a few. Goons, or control freaks, or whatever, did back down.
On many occassions Jones said these things could be avoided or stopped.

I knew exactly which sentence/phrase of my comments you would choose to zero in on.

SME said...

There really were too many potential vaccine resistors, the bad propaganda failed

But Jones said that was the point! The purpose of forced inoculation, he said, was not just to inject as many Americans as possible with deadly toxins, but to provide an excuse for martial law. They wanted resistance and rioting, according to Jones.

If you predict something, then say, "But this might not happen if you [pray, resist, call your congressman, etc.].", then you're not really making a predication at all, are you? You're providing yourself a nice, safe out if everything you've said turns out to be bollocks.

Anonymous said...

I never said that I think Jones is always for real.
Both of us dont listen to every show...I heard hope -inspired equivocal pronouncements. You may have heard more provacative statements undiluted by calmer moments (an oxymoron for Jones, lol)
Jones said "they" may want rioting and resistance, but not so much that they couldn't impose a martial law, just yet. I was under the impression that if just 5-10% resisted, that was more manageable, while if 40-60% resisted, that was a red light. The martial law apparatus has been put into place, just in the last two years it has been vastly ramped up. "They" wanted manageable resistance, whether "they" plan on using foreigners to enforce a martial law or not. The risk is real, whether we lose all of our freedoms bit by bit or in some dramatic swoop; Forced inoculations could be imposed on a locked down society without riots, if nobody resisted, yet we would still have martial law.

tshsmom said...

Anon, if "they" were going to force everyone to have the H1N1 vaccine, wouldn't "they" have made enough for everybody? Here in MN, I'm not eligible to get the shot and I'm a food-service worker. They're only doling out the vaccine to those who are most at risk of dying of H1N1.

Anonymous said...

"They" are sometimes incompetent. Or "they wanted to create a false demand and then have a scarcity, then the riots would start, a fight for shots... then the martial law would come....I dont necessarily believe it, though...its just a hypothesis, and there are better ones...

SME, of all the sites Ive ever left comments on, yours is the most fun.

SME said...

OK, I get it: The NWO baddies wanted a certain level of resistance, and when they felt the level might exceed that threshold they just reverted to Plan B, which is apparently to just sit around and wait for another chance to declare martial law and open up those U.S concentration camps that have been sitting vacant for...what?...30 years? (must be, because a far more dangerous Mr. Jones told his disciples that they would be thrown into the camps if they didn't obey his orders in 1978, and back in San Francisco the gay men were prettu sure they'd be thrown into those camps too)

It all makes sense now. I feel edified. [cue calliope music]

Anonymous said...

They dont want to lose.

Hundreds or thousands of Mariolitos were (are?) put, without charges, into detention centers here in the US, for decades?

you dont believe in the detention centers or the FEMA/HS/Army camps? Isn't NORTHCOM coming home, aren't returning vets on HS watch list?

wasnt J Jones a camp in the jungle? didnt the CIA, etal, do that one?

The people who own everything despise the people and cannot wait until all elections are scrapped. the Constitution is a barrier to them.

SME said...

No, I don't believe the U.S. Gulag Archipelago scenario. It's technically feasible, but completely impractical and not very likely. I'd say there's a .0001% chance of mass detentions in the U.S. They're still trying to live down the internment of Japanese Americans.

No, the CIA didn't engineer Jonestown.

Anonymous said...

when that nuke goes off and destroys a certain city, then the bet is off. the camps might overflow...

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