Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Great Swine Flu Plot of '09

Though Swine Flu has killed more people than all the vaccines Jones despises put together, he's convinced that the flu is relatively harmless. Maybe it is. I'll give him that. But that's where our opinions on the matter diverge, but Jones posits the existence of what is basically a United Nations takeover plot of America. Here's roughly how it will play out, according to Jones:

Step 1: In the fall, Swine Flu hysteria will serve as a distraction while the government sneaks in more bank bailouts, carbon taxation, the Clean Water Restoration Act, and the passage of hate crime legislation. Then forced inoculation will be introduced.
Step 2: Forced inoculation will result in riots all over the U.S., because people are too smart to take the shots voluntarily. The vaccine will not protect against Swine Flu; in fact, it was probably an experimental vaccine that was used to start the outbreaks in the first place.
Step 3: The rioting will give "Obama's thugs" (NORTHCOM and civilian service orgs like Americorps) the perfect excuse to institute and maintain nationwide martial law. Everything will be federalized.
Step 4: Under the direction of Obama's science czar, John Holdren, sterilizing agents will be placed in municipal water supplies.
Step 5: Dissidents will be rounded up and placed in FEMA concentration camps. The Constitution will cease to exist, and the U.S. will basically become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UN.
Step 6: The real mass murder begins. 80-99% of the world's population will be eliminated via tainted vaccines, execution, forced abortions, and involuntary sterilization.

The Great Swine Flu Plot model Jones has crafted relies on the very shaky presumption
that any pandemic preparedness on the part of any government agency is bad, m'kay? This includes any cemetery preparedness. We should just let people die and rot where they drop, I guess.
Let's look at the other evidence Jones has amassed in support of his model, some of it supplied by guests:

Jones claims he predicted the flu pandemic on March 5th, after noticing that mass graves were being prepared at the National Memorial Cemetery in Pheonix and Houston National Cemetery. He has also noted that the New York Division of Cemeteries sent "Mass Fatality Forms" to cemeteries to collect data on their ability to deal with casualties of a flu pandemic or other disaster. However, this survey was conducted in 2007, and was spurred by concerns about an Avian Flu pandemic.
Kurt Nimmo of Infowars found it sinister that in Exeter, England, there are emergency plans to inter flu victims in old catacombs. Again, this was discussed as early as 2006, in relation to Avian Flu. The catacombs were orginally built for just such epidemics, by the way. Modern Englishmen aren't the only ones with the foresight to prepare for the worst...

There's nothing amazing about Jones "predicting" the pandemic in March, because pandemic concerns were being aired as early as January.

There's another problem with Jones' claim that he predicted Swine Flu. Quote: "Two months before 9/11 I said, 'The government's gonna blow up the World Trade Center and blame its asset, bin Laden.' I saw the preparation right out in the open!"
If you listen to the prediction made on July 25, 2001, you'll hear for yourself that he wasn't this specific. He did mention bin Laden, but he did not provide a timeframe, a target, or a means of attack. When he mentioned explosives, he was referring to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the Oklahoma City bombing. When he mentioned the World Trade Center, he was again referring to the '93 bombing.
And unless you're a Truther, you know that the World Trade Center was not blown up on 9/11.

There are more problems with the prediction. As critics of Jones have pointed out, conspiranoid broadcaster William Cooper gave an identical warning (mentioning bin Laden but not a specific target) a full month before Jones. You can hear Cooper's prediction 1:27 into this video.

Also, when he appeared on CNN to discuss Charlie Sheen's Trutheriness, Jones declared he "had intelligence" that the 9/11 attacks were going to occur, and that he was first person to expose 9/11. So which is it? Did he figure out that 9/11 was going to happen because he saw preparations "out in the open", or did he receive intel about it? And why does he claim to be the first person to expose the plot, when he probably knew (or at least knows by now) that he was not?

Forgive me, but I'm not placing much stock in Jones' predictive powers. He has said, "Everything I say comes true," but that doesn't seem to be the case at all. The vast majority of things he says don't come true.

On the show, F. William Engdahl claimed the H1N1 virus has not yet been isolated and examined. Paradoxically, guests Rima Laibow (a doctor specializing in nutrition and alien abduction, wife of Remote Viewing champion Albert Stubblebine) and Wayne Madsen said the virus shows signs of genetic engineering. Yet all three of them are incorrect. The virus has been examined, and is indistinguishable from naturally occurring flu viruses.

A year before the Swine Flu (H1N1) outbreak, Baxter International and other pharmaceutical companies applied for a patent for the same RNA sequence found in H1N1, proving Swine Flu was genetically engineered by the same people who are supposedly trying to prevent its spread. I can't find any evidence that an H1N1 RNA sequence patent was given to Baxter nor any other company [note: the patent has apparently been found, and it's not even close to what Jones described; you can find the details in this thread at the JREF forum]. But this sounds an awful lot like the work of A. True Ott, a "doctor" who has dipped his toe into many conspiracy pools (including Mormon Satanism and the profoundly retarded theory that digital converter boxes are rigged to spy on Americans). Ott believes that a 2005 flu vaccine patent granted to Novartis was actually for H1N1, a "reverse engineered" and patented virus created at Ft. Detrick (using the next generation of PROMIS software). Ott explains everything in this "scholarly" paper full of ALL CAPS.

Kurt Nimmo's Prison Planet story "Flu Pandemic Hype Another Pretext for Global Government" (Apr. 27/09) states that under the 2005 International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Flu adopted by the UN General Assembly, the U.S. will be controlled by the WHO, the WTO, the UN, and NAFTA during a pandemic.
But a similar article by Nimmo posted at Infowars on July 27th mentions only FEMA, Homeland Security, and the military. WTF?

FEMA's NLE 09 exercise, conducted last month, was possibly a pandemic/martial law drill.
It was a terrorism response drill. If you want to pretend it was something else, fine. Whatever.

A secret State of Texas memo leaked to Jones by an Austin city official states that "global martial law" will be instituted in the event of a pandemic.
Until we get more information or see the actual document, this tidbit is basically worthless. What on earth is "global martial law" supposed to be? Who would enforce it, and how?

In his April 9/09 broadcast, Jones mentioned that the defunct Rocky Mountain News ran a story about a huge incinerator for human remains and mass graves being set up in the U.S. He didn't mention that he's been telling this story for five years. Nor did he mention that the incinerator is the Grand Junction incinerator set up by the University of Colorado to dispose of the heads of deer and elk with Mad Cow and wasting disease. It probably cannot be used as a crematorium for human remains during an epidemic; some question whether it's even effective against BSE and wasting disease.
The "mass graves" are a reference to the cemetery survey conducted in 2007.

Professor Eric Pianka said They want to use engineered Ebola to wipe out a large percentage of the population. Professor Pianka said he wanted to see naturally occurring Ebola wipe out a large percentage of the population. He didn't say it should be initiated by anyone. He was just expressing the commonly-held belief that the planet is ruinously overpopulated. While I don't wholly agree with his view, I see no reason to characterize Pianka as some sort of mad scientist training our young people to go out and kill - as Jones does. He points out that some of Pianka's former students work in bioweapons labs. Well, of course some of them do. They were biology students. Doy. Out of every batch of biology students leaving a major university, a few will go to the "dark side". And they wouldn't be getting their training from Pianka, anyway, because he's a herpetologist.

The UN Biological Diversity Assessment for 1996 stated the UN would use engineered flu virus to kill us. The UN's Biological Diversity Assessment, a global study involving 1500 scientists, was kind of a census of life on Earth. Its report, released in November 1995, placed the number of different species at around 13 million and noted that species are going extinct at a troubling rate. Though the report encouraged nations to preserve biodiversity to the greatest extent possible, there was nothing in it AT ALL about reducing the human population. Anyway, the U.S. has been notoriously uncooperative with global efforts to preserve biodiversity. Just one year before the UN report was issued, for instance, the Senate refused to ratify the Convention on Biodiversity treaty.

Jones isn't the only one propagating the Great Swine Flu Plot of '09. Catherine Austin Fitts states that in her opinion, the Swine Flu vaccine is part of a depopulation plot. A. True Ott concurs, as does Rebecca "Ghandi with Breasts" Carley. In fact, Dr. Deagle. Carley, and Ott have formed a team to oppose mandatory Swine Flu vaccination - not with good solid facts about the actual risks, but with conspiracy theories about a global depopulation agenda.


Anonymous said...

Great post SME - and I've linked to it elsewhere but the sentence where you suggest that there were more people killed by swine flu than all vaccines Jones complains about put together is giving the woo-masters I'm linking this too a reason to disregard the article.

So far swine flu deaths are under 500, as far as I can tell. Its also problematic given that the further back you extend the timeline the number of vaccine related deaths can overcome the 500 figure quite easily.

Probably just some quick-writing and that's cool, you produce a lot of great work and you can't be batting 1 000 all the time. But maybe a correction would help prevent some from dismissing the posting.

Anonymous said...

SME, anonymous commenter #1 back again:

I was curious about the patent thing too cause this was getting passed around on a few boards I'm on.

Started one @ JREF and I think we have more info now: http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=151515

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that the swine flu vaccination in 1976 resulted in a crippling disease that left it's victims unable to walk or to lose motor controls.. I believe something around 4,000 people sued the government..

Not dead, but crippled for life..

when only about 200 people died from the swine flu.

could you possibly not be so misleading?


Russell said...

Yes, another prediction of "martial law" from Alex. What he doesn't mention is that he's predicted the same (implausible) scenario dozens of times in the past.

My guess is that he was screaming when he said most of these things... ? What you didn't mention is that his hysterical fits are always intertwined with ads for his websites, T-shirts, and freeze-dried foods. No matter how "out-of-control" he supposedly gets, he always remembers to beg for your contributions.

Anonymous said...

SME, anonymous poster #1 and #2 back again.

If you checked the thread I posted @ JREF earlier in the day it seems we have our complete answer as to the patent issue now. So check back!


SME said...

Anon #1: I should be more specific about the number of vaccine deaths. The number of Swine Flu deaths thus far is just under 500, and in the history of vaccination more than 500 people have died from adverse reactions to vaccines. But I was thinking more about the very recent vaccines that Jones villifies most - Gardasil, the MMR, etc.

Anon #2: I provided a link to that very video in my post of April 30th (http://leavingalexjonestown.blogspot.com/2009/04/jones-spreads-swine-flu-panic-and.html). There are rare adverse reactions to every vaccine, and that particular one was not good from what I understand. I'm not trying to hide the fact that there are rare adverse reactions to vaccines. That information is available to anyone investigating vaccines. I just didn't explicitly mention it in this particular post.
Personally, I don't think that "fast-tracked" vaccines are a great idea, and I won't have much confidence in this one. But vaccines in general? They've been a benefit to humankind.

Russell: How right you are. See this post for a sterling example of Jones at his best/worst - http://leavingalexjonestown.blogspot.com/2009/07/summer-repost.html

SME said...

P.S. to Anon #1: Thanx! I'll add a link to that thread, act'lly.

Anonymous said...

"There are more problems with the prediction..."
-> ... maybe AJ just follows NEWSWEEKs (European)edition..

Jimmy said...

Swine flu is very dangerous disease. Its almost fatal. The UN has cautioned that the unearthing of the H1N1 virus in avian species in Chile is bound to escalate the proliferation of the virus. It would be very difficult to stop it if it spreads from from avian to human beings. One should take proper care of it.

SME said...

It's serious stuff. Lots of hospitalizations in Canada, a few fatalities.

Anonymous said...

The vaccine is mandatory for US military...my friends nephew is in the navy, he had to get the swine flu vaccine and wow, did it make him sick! He was flat on his back for ten days, and this was typical response to the vaccince....You could never pay me to take that crap.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Pianka said, “Good terrorists would be taking [Ebola Roaston and Ebola Zaire] so that they had microbes they could let loose on the Earth that would kill 90 percent of people.

(((Source: http://seguingazette.com/story.lasso?ewcd=751d52c8fcce3017)))

Does that sound like naturally occuring Ebola to you ??? And never mind the century-old (and even more) stance of malthusian eugenicists (bankers/royals, ex-SS officers like Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, oil tycoons like Maurice Strong, the whole Club of Rome crowd, definitely the kind of people who fear o so sincerely for Mother Earth and the future of Humanity - not us miserable slaves, but them superior beings, of course). What a pathetic piece of pseudo-debunking... I wonder what you really think you're doing here, trying to prevent people from listening to Alex Jones and other people of the same kind ? See, you have a problem: the overwhelming majority of facts reported by Jones and others are perfectly true, and easily verifiable. You might not agree with his analysis, but what you're doing here reeks of hypocrisy. And you sure seem to spend an awful lot of time doing it... Do you think you're giving people a service by telling them that everything's OK, no need to look around or being cautious about their government's actions ? That they're better out just watching CNN, and not looking for any information outside of the MSM ? Really ? Or are you some paid shill ?

S.M. Elliott said...

Anon, you're ignoring the fact that nothing in Jones's prediction came true, and that those things had an extremely low probability of occurring in the first place. That was my only point. I wasn't trying to debunk the entire concept of eugenics/population control or anything else.

I don't care if people listen to Jones or not. I'm just here to point out that a lot of the things he says are wildly wrong, unverifiable, or distorted. It's up to his listeners to decide for themselves what to believe. I'm just participating in that process. As I explain in the intro to this blog, I don't think Jones is wrong ALL the time. I do not want to see his free speech limited in any way, and I'm not telling people to disregard everything he says. I'm encouraging them to think and investigate these notions and claims for themselves - something Jones himself encourages his listeners and viewers to do. If the things he says are true, they will withstand any amount of scrutiny.

And no, I don't get paid for this or any other blog.

kaney said...

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