Sunday, March 29, 2009

Other Dr. Deaths: Rebecca Carley

Now that we've covered "Dr." Scott Whitaker, let's take a look at some of the other medical professionals who have been guests on The Alex Jones Show. First up is...

Rebecca Carley, M.D. (AKA Ghandi with Breasts)

"Vaccines are biological weapons. Period."

Ms. Carley was a guest on Jones' show on the 5th of this month. She warned that They are planning to create an Avian Flu pandemic. Early in the broadcast she said They will unleash the flu in order to offload the supply of Tamiflu before it expires. Paradoxically, she later says the "vaccine" itself will be used to start the pandemic. As evidence of this plot she cited a 2008 report that the U.S. is refusing to sell supplies of Tamiflu to nations that sponsor terrorism, for fear they will use the doses to create bioweapons. She believes this is just a cover story: They actually want to keep it for themselves so they can use it to infect people with Avian Flu.

Confused yet?

She didn't explain why she refers to Tamiflu as "bird flu vaccine", when it is not really a vaccine. She also didn't explain why They would use the "vaccine" to infect people when they could just use Avian Flu viruses.

She told listeners that vaccines cause cancer and all autoimmune diseases (as you'll see, her concept of autoimmune diseases is, um, creative). To Carley's mind, this goes back to the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918; it originated with vaccines administered to U.S. soldiers in WWI. In reality, the origin of the epidemic has not been identified. This lacuna in medical knowledge leaves lots of room for conspiracists to spin fantasies, theories, and wild guesses about the Spanish Flu being the world's first genetically engineered bioweapon. Seriously. Dr. Bill Deagle has talked about it, too.

Far from being the vaccine expert she declares herself to be, Carley does not have even a basic grasp of how inoculation works. She asks, "If something is a dangerous pathogen, why am I going to inject it into my body?" Eighteenth-century milkmaids grasped the principle behind inoculation; why can't this reasonably intelligent, educated, twentieth-century doctor get it?

Jones heartily concurred with everything Carley had to say, and vice-versa. Carley shares Jones' view that an indiscriminate, worldwide depopulation effort is underway. She refers to vaccination as a "holocaust." Like "Dr." Whitaker, she opposes universal healthcare on the grounds that it will merely be a front for the depopulation agenda. Again, this vaccination-as-murder theory leaves us with the question, Why not avoid vaccination altogether and let people die naturally from all the nasty diseases vaccines prevent?

Though Carley's website, interviews, and talks ostensibly focus on medical issues (particularly "vaccine-induced diseases" and Avian Flu), she approaches them from a conspiracy theorist's perspective. She collaborates with a conspiracy researcher and self-described "doctor" called True Ott.

Ms. Carley has a medical degree from SUNY, but never completed her residency. She has never worked as a doctor, though she held numerous health-related jobs for short periods of time until 2003. That's when her license to practice medicine was suspended by the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct. She was deemed as "impaired by a mental disability"after psychiatrist Zev Labins concluded she was suffering a delusional disorder, with narcissistic and borderline personality traits. She had been giving medical exemptions to parents who didn't want to vaccinate their children, on the grounds that all vaccines are "genocidal weapons of mass destruction" developed by Freemasons in the U.S. Dept. of Health and the Dept. of Defense, as part of the Masons' plot to take over all professions. She also believed that she could cure all autoimmune disorders and diseases with her "Hippocratic Protocol" detox system, and included in her list of these disorders and diseases austism spectrum disorders, diabetes, cancer, ADD, learning disabilities, asthma, and allergies. Of all the conditions on her list, only one (lupus) is actually an autoimmune disease. She classified all these conditions as "vaccine-induced diseases, or VIDS".

Carley believed that an alliance of Satanists, Freemasons, medical professionals, governmental agencies, and legislators were conspiring to prevent her from "curing autism". Her own husband was a part of this plot; on behalf of the government, she told Labins, he raped their son during a Satanic ritual in retaliation for her anti-vaccination efforts. The rape also served the purpose of causing Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities) in the boy, so that government agents could "program" his alters to do their bidding. No evidence of abuse was found by doctors, detectives, or child welfare. Carley's ex-husband was granted full custody of his son in 2000.

Because of this massive conspiracy against her, Carley likened herself to Joan of Arc and "Ghandi with breasts".

Another reason Carley lost her license was that had made threats against many of the people she suspected of being part of the conspiracy against her (police officers, social services workers who were unable to find any evidence of child abuse against her son, and others with any degree of authority). She even threatened to harm the children of a police officer who was assigned to escort her to hospital.

Rather than undergo therapy and regain her license, Carley became an unlicensed "wholistic detox consultant". (Her license was permanently revoked in 2004.) She continues to claim that her detox regimen can cure cancer, autism, and nearly every other condition known to medicine. Sadly, parents desperately seeking a "cure" for their children's autism continue to turn to this deeply unwell woman and her untested treatments. She has also managed to convince a few other credulous doctors, like Monty Weinstein, that she really is a medical "whistleblower" and the victim of a massive conspiracy.

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