Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End of Jonestown?

Or the start of another one?

In last week's interview with Paul Watson, Jones announced that when his next documentary has been completed and his book has been written, he might abandon filmmaking and broadcasting altogether. What will he do instead? Form groups to educate the public about "eugenics" and the elites' depopulation agenda.

Once again, he stated that he no longer goes to movies, or dines out, or swims with his children because he is consumed with his mission to educate the public about the elites' agenda. But this time he specified that his mission revolves around the poisoning of the air, water, and food.

"Nothing else matters."

I don't know quite what to make of this. It could be a positive sign that Jones is going to narrow his focus, which would probably alienate (or simply bore) a huge number of his followers. Sure, they're freaked over fluoride and MSG, but are they going to drop everything to fight them 24/7? Doubt it.

On the other hand, Jones' current MO is to spread his special brand of ignorance and alarmism very broadly, and thinly, over a wide array of topics. What will happen if he concentrates all his manic energy on a single topic? He might be able to convince large numbers of people to reject science-based medicine, birth control, soy, public education, vaccination, cancer research, and any number of things he links to the depopulation agenda. He might just gain a whole new following and fulfill his dream of creating a "9/11 Truth movement for eugenics". And that's a distressing thought, because his views on "eugenics" are the most dangerous ones he holds.


TK said...

That is a dilemma.

More niche, but more concentrated stupid. And he might supply an overarching framework of crazy to the disparate groups who already have fears of vaccines, contraception etc.

SME said...

"More niche, but more concentrated stupid." Perfect.


tshsmom said...

And... "ya can't fix stupid"!

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