Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chuck Norris: more questions than answers

I never thought I would even care enough to ask this question, but...

Has Chuck Norris lost his damn mind?

On Jones' show yesterday, he actually said Obama is trying to pull a Chavez move on America, that he's working on "annulling" the 2012 elections so he can install himself as lifetime dictator. Gingrich said something similar a while ago (video here), complaining that Obama has signed too many Executive Orders (33). In his first year of office, G.W. Bush signed 54 Executive Orders. Didn't hear a peep from Gingrich about that.
What evidence is there for this move toward dictatorship? What steps has Obama taken to install himself as dictator? Jones complains that Obama wants to "socialize" or "nationalize" absolutely everything, but thus far nothing has been socialized nor federalized. The banks have not been nationalized. The proposed health care plan leaves health care firmly in the hands of private insurance companies.
It looks like the Federal Reserve is going to be audited. Surely a dictator wouldn't allow that to happen, right?

Norris also gave the opinion that if the U.S. ratifies the Copenhagen agreement, Congress should impeach Obama for even attempting to enforce it. It's just a scam designed by guys like George Soros to "bankrupt our economy here in the United States and then come in with international money and take away the dollar”. Seems like a pretty drastic plan just to replace the dollar, dude. And just exactly how does Soros benefit from "bankrupting the economy"?

“If the people don’t rise up, we’re going to have a revolution in our country."

Lovely. Chuck Norris leading the masses in an uprising that will preserve or restore....what, exactly? I mean, what golden age of American history are we harking back to here? Jones hasn't liked any American president since Jackson, only because Jackson hated bankers. Jones talks a lot about the spirit of 1776, but he also seems to think the founding fathers were just like the baddies of today - Freemasonic New World Order occultists with secret agendas.

What kind of country does Chuck Norris want? What kind of country does Alex Jones want?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A message to all liberal college students:

Alex Jones is not happy with you.

White Rastafarians can be a little annoying, I'll admit, but Alex Jones really, really hates them.

"You can go to any university and see the people with their Rasta fake hair, the wannabe white Rastafarians and their sandals and their patchouli, going, 'It's what we gotta do for the earth', and I just wanna knock their Nazi teeth in. Don't you understand the Nazis have fake Rasta hair, with limp wrists...they're walking around in coffeeshops actin' real cool, and I just wanna knock their teeth out...I WANNA CRUSH YOUR SKULL! Because I'm just a normal mammal...I'm a normal...[pause for thought] creature that when I see innocence being torn apart, my instinct as a warrior is to stand up and fight."

Jones seems to believe that all liberals endorse eugenics and enforced population reduction. During his February interview of Stanley Monteith, he declared that if you take a liberal - any liberal - aside and mention Madame Blavatsky or Margaret Sanger, the liberal will snarl, "That's right, you sonofabitch, and we're gonna get you too. We've gotta exterminate the blacks and the Mexicans."

He's right, of course. When the moon is full, liberals gather in Rothschild castles and dance naked around cauldrons full of gay porn and back issues of Mother Jones, bellowing "Gooble-gobble! Gooble-gobble!" until Al Gore calls for silence. Then they pray to a plaster bust of Margaret Sanger and pledge to exterminate all minorities by putting minute quantities of harsh chemicals into the same drinking water that they consume.

So I guess we could go ahead and add "campus hippies" to the list of New World Order baddies, along with bankers, "rockabilly art types", schizophrenics (AKA "demons"), herpetologists, law enforcement officers, and pretty much anyone with a college education. But my advice to Jones is to just be patient with the college kids.

"It only takes 20 years for a liberal to become a conservative, without changing a single idea." - Robert Anton Wilson

Monday, December 7, 2009

How is the Great Swine Flu Plot of '09 coming along?

Over the summer, Jones laid out the steps that the elite scumlords will take to strike a death blow to the U.S. Constitution, kill most of us, and institute global government. I call this the Great Swine Flu Plot of '09, because Jones has said H1N1 and H1N1 vaccination is a central plank in the evil plan. Jones also said the initial stages of the plan would be instituted in the autumn. Now that it's December, let's take a look at how many of the steps in the plot have been carried out:

Step 1: In the fall of '09, Swine Flu hysteria will serve as a distraction while the government sneaks in more bank bailouts, carbon taxation, the Clean Water Restoration Act, and the passage of hate crime legislation. Then forced inoculation will be introduced.

Bank bailouts? Check. There have been several of those. But I wouldn't say that H1N1 distracted anyone from them.
The Clean Water Restoration Act? No. Languishing in the Senate.
Carbon taxation? No. Jones insists they will be levied immediately upon U.S. ratification of the Copenhagen treaty, so time will tell.
Hate crime legislation? Half a check. The Matthew Shepard Act was signed into law in October, It's mostly an update of 30-year-old legislation, so it's hardly anything to freak out over. It does not in any way limit hate speech. The Cyberbullying Act, which is more problematic because its wording isn't as tight as the Shepard Act, is languishing in the House.
Forced inoculation? No.

So we have a check and a half for the 4 items in Step 1. That's a 36% success rate. Slightly better than Sylvia Browne's track record, but still dismal.

Step 2: Forced inoculation will result in riots all over the U.S., because people are too smart to take the shots voluntarily. The vaccine will not protect against Swine Flu; in fact, it was probably an experimental vaccine that was used to start the outbreaks in the first place.

Still no forced inoculation yet, even though October poll results indicated 60% of adult Americans were not planning to be inoculated.

Step 3: The rioting will give "Obama's thugs" (NORTHCOM and civilian service orgs like Americorps) the perfect excuse to institute and maintain nationwide martial law. Everything will be federalized.

No martial law. If the bailouts count as "federalization" (and Jones, Glenn Beck et. al. would argue that they do), then that would be the only major example thus far.

Step 4: Under the direction of Obama's science czar, John Holdren, sterilizing agents will be placed in municipal water supplies.

No, but Jones now insists that 150 chemicals found in municipal water supplies are "known to sterilize mammals" and were placed there deliberately. (today's broadcast)

Step 5:
Dissidents will be rounded up and placed in FEMA concentration camps. The Constitution will cease to exist, and the U.S. will basically become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UN.


Step 6:
The real mass murder begins. 80-99% of the world's population will be eliminated via tainted vaccines, execution, forced abortions, and involuntary sterilization.

No. Again, time will tell. Considering Jones' batting average so far, I'm not holding my breath. I still haven't seen any sign of Obama's "Muslim/Black Identity/Nation of Islam terrorism and persecution of whites", which Jones predicted during his November '08 interview of Ron Paul.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Blame Game: Mark David Chapman

Paul Joseph Watson, you're busted.

As you probably know, it is the contention of Alex Jones and many of his guests (as well as a vast array of conspiranoids) that most mass shootings are committed by mind-controlled Manchurian Candidates and/or people who are on SSRI antidepressants. Jones conveniently ignores the many mass shootings that occurred before SSRIs even existed, like this one.

So it's really no surprise that in this 2007 Infowars article about the Virginia Tech massacre, Paul Joseph Watson tries to pin the brunt of the blame on videogames and SSRIs. He points out that most spree killers are on SSRIs, and states that Mark David Chapman was on an SSRI medication at the time of his crime.

That's interesting. The very first SSRI on the market was zimelidine, and it was introduced in 1982. Chapman shot John Lennon in 1980.

Nice try.

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