Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where's the Harm?

People have asked me, "What's so bad about Alex Jones? Sure, he's a bit of a drama queen sometimes, but it's harmless stuff. Why don't you just ignore it?"
For the most part, Jones' propaganda is harmless.

But then you have Jones fans like this guy. He's seriously preparing to go to ground, convinced that Luciferian New World Order chaos is about to crash down on the U.S.
He thinks the banker-controlled elites are about to cut off the food and water supplies, slaughter citizens who resist total control, and confiscate most private property. So he's hunkering down in an undisclosed location with a huge supply of guns, firewood, and water.

He is a devoted disciple of the late William Cooper (a UFO "whistleblower" who branched out into NWO theories), Alex Jones, Lindsey Wiliams, etc.
He believes in an indiscriminate worldwide depopulation program (even though there is no indication that such a program is underway), the "poisoning" of our food and water with things like fluoride, the Luciferian agenda of the UN, and imminent martial law in the U.S.

There is a lot of harm in subjecting people to this level of hysteria, most of it based on flimsy conspiracy theories, bizarre misinterpretations of historical events, and "Satanic panic". I know that Jones think they're doing the right thing, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.
The saddest thing is, once people reach this advanced stage of dread and paranoia, there's probably no going back.

The other major hazard posed by Jones and company is that devoted listeners will ignore real problems (international terrorism, global warming, nuclear power, etc.) because they're so preoccupied with non-problems like artificial sweeteners and MSG, FEMA concentration camps, or Satanic ritual sacrifices. And because Jones tells them the real problems are only blinds crafted by the elite.


pølsemannen said...

Depopulation? Really? 5 billion in 1988, 6.7 in 2009. Right.

But there will be "depopulation" eventually they way things are going. Especially in the Third World, desertification, water and food shortages, causing millions of deaths and an unstoppable stream of desperate refuges to the industrialized countries, destabilizing their societies,

But Alex makes nice "voices" of rednecks and British royalties and sells cool shit like "survivalist" foods that no one with 2 brain cells would dare to consume. Groovy.

I think I'll stick with his show.

More popcorn please.

TK said...

Ugh, that is sad. So what happens with these folks when Armageddon doesn't come, year in, year out? Do they stay in relative isolation for the rest of their lives, or do they venture back at some point?

I can imagine that five acres of beauty isn't a bad place to raise a kid, but what happens when they grow up? Do they, too, live isolated like this?

SME said...

None of the gone-to-grounders has mentioned a timeline. I'm guessing they'll tire of hiding sooner or later and emerge - but that could be 5, 10 years down the road. Their poor kids.

Jones narrated a very scary commercial for a survivalist outfit that's offering free handguns for anyone who buys five days of training and a 30-state concealed weapons permit. The ad concludes, "I think it's time for Americans to have firearms training that exceeds military and law enforcement standards."


Eugene said...

I think you guys may be a little optimistic regarding what will happen if Armageddon fails to arrive - just look at religious fundamentalists. They have been keeping the "rapture/armageddon/antichrist is going to happen any day now!!!" engine running for many many decades now and a quick look at a site like shows that they are still keeping the rev counter in the red despite the fact that generations have come and gone believing exactly as they did.

Lets face it, homo sapiens have a pretty much infinate capacity for delusion.

SME said...

Oh, I think these guys will always fear imminent martial law/Communist takeover/FEMA camp roundup/whatever. They'll just tire of hiding and rejoin the rest of us eventually. Which is kind of unfortunate, because their panic spreads more slowly when they're in hiding.

Eugene said...

Well I hope they come out of hiding because time in isolation does really scary things to people with this kind of mindset. I think it all depends on just how far gone they are. If there is a shred left of their rational thinking they will probably eventually come out of hiding. Problem is that there comes a point with fundie/paranoid conspiracy thinking where everything you see starts to confirm your beliefs and nothing can disprove it. Earthquake? Its a sign that the end is near! World peace? The Antichrist is behind it! When you get in that deep returning to reality becomes really hard.

SME said...

True. Frankly, I wouldn't care if these folks retained enough common sense to return to society, so long as they didn't attack anyone who approaches their little fortresses. But I feel for their children, who have no choice in the matter, and for the family members they leave behind.

Anonymous said...

...why can't you copy and paste on this blog? is it my browser?
anyway, you said you think that Jones and company are doing the right thing. I'm not so sure. I think Jones may just be a con artist who doesn't believe a word of what he says and is laughing all the way to the bank. either that or he really is as paranoid as his commentary indicates...either way he's an egotist, hard to take seriously/believe at all.

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