Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jones Suing a Fan?

I really don't like to discuss Alex Jones' off-air behaviour, but if it's true this is kind of infuriating, and it is directly related to his broadcasts: Jones is reportedly suing a former Prison Planet forum moderator, Chris Arnold, for posting Jones' videos on his own website. If you're a regular listener, you know that Jones virtually orders his listeners to freely copy and distribute his documentaries to get the word out there. The catch here is that the website in question had some advertising (to pay for the site, presumably), and Jones and/or his lawyer feels he should be getting a cut.

To my knowledge, Jones has never specified that you shouldn't post his videos on sites that advertise. While I can understand being irked by someone else making money off your work, the revenue from these ads probably wasn't even enough to pay for the site itself (considering Jones' documentaries are available on YouTube, Google Video, and many other prominent web-sharing sites).

During his money bomb drive, Jones mentioned that part of the proceeds could go into a legal defense fund because some people were talking about suing him. That may be true, and donors were obviously okay with that. But I don't know if they wanted their money to go towards suing other fans, instead of "fighting the New World Order".


TK said...

Holy Smoly.

That's no way to treat your loyal followers.

If Jones really does earn hundreds of thousands with his merchandise, money bombs, DVDs etc. then it kind of does have a whiff of tele-evangelism about it.

Does Jones get permission for all the copyrighted stuff in his videos? I've assumed he doesn't, but I could be wrong. And it may come under fair use anyway.

tshsmom said...

You're welcome. ;)

Anonymous said...

Obrahmané Report did a fun & educational documentary about Alex Jones censorship & posting removals on many subjects.

See it for yourselves & make your on conlcusion:

Anonymous said...

From what I can see , it looks like they just want Chris to take down the offending videos. I can really see both sides of this one. I think Alex has probably tarnished his image more than any potential profit he could get from ad revenue. I also did hear him say on his show that he liked the site so I'm a bit confused by the reversal of opinion. It's hard sometimes to separate principles from personalities but I'll probably still listen to Alex .I am considering cancelling my prisonplanet membership though.

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