Saturday, July 4, 2009

Al Gore and the Suitcase of Blood

It's an indie movie just waiting to happen.

According to Jones' frequent guest Alan Watt (not to be confused with the late Alan Watts, who was actually quite intelligent), all prime ministers, high-level bureaucrats, and VIPs carry at least two pints of their own blood with them wherever they go. He surmises this is because THEY know how contaminated we serfs have already become by all the toxins THEY are using to poison us into extinction.

Jones added that USA Today reported that Al Gore travels with an entire fridgeful of blood.

I couldn't find any credible source for the Fridge of Blood story, but a Suitcase of Blood story is quite popular among the fringier conspiranoids on the Internets. Some say Gore is a vampire, others think he's a Reptilian, and one YouTuber wonders if he's addicted to adrenochrome.

Whatever he is, the story seems to have originated with Fritz Springmeier, a fundie mind-control deprogrammer and professional conspiranoid who used to give Prophecy Club lectures on the "13 bloodlines of the Illuminati". A huge amount of the weird misinfo featured in David Icke's books (like the nonexistent "Mothers of Darkness" castle near the village of Muno, Belgium) comes from Springmeier's lectures and his mammoth books The 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati and The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind-Controlled Slave. (That's right - you can actually create your very own invisible zombies. Go ahead and add that to your Amazon wish list. I'm sure it will come in handy.)
Springmeier is currently serving prison time for plotting a 1997 armed bank robbery in Portland, Oregon. Needless to say, he and his supporters insist he was framed by the Illuminati.

According to comments on the Prison Planet and Infowars forums, Springmeier mentioned in one of his lectures that Al Gore was apprehended at an airport with a suspicious-looking suitcase. It turned out to be full of numerous "packets" full of Gore's own blood. The media allegedly covered for Mr. Gore's vampirism/blood addiction by telling the American public he's a hemophiliac.

A strange conspiracy-art vid on YouTube, titled Al Gore Addicted to Blood??!!!, features audio of conspiracy researcher Steven Soros telling the Suitcase of Blood/hemophiliac story, and hinting that Gore is hooked on adrenochrome.

The trail ends there.

Whichever version of the story you choose - fridge or suitcase - it doesn't make much sense. Gore is not a hemophiliac, and apparently has never been misidentified as one by the mainstream media. Blood supplies are not hauled around in briefcases. Hemophiliacs don't use their own blood for transfusions. And if we are thoroughly contaminated by environmental pollutants, then THEY are too; it's not as though Gore and company can take space-vacations to detox themselves while the rest of us are stuck on Earth, stewing in all the air-, water-, and food-borne chemicals. Although that would also make a decent indie movie.


TK said...

I wanna invisible zombie.

Terry said...

Re: Mothers of Darkness:

1) there is a village of Muno in Belgium (look it up at Google maps);
2) right next to it - to the north-west - is the Bois des Amerois [Forest of the Bitter-Kings] and the Château des Amerois;
3) by camparing the photo included in Springmeier's book of the front entrance of the Mothers of Darness, it is identical to the Amerois Castle;
4) pedophilia and/or satanic shenanigans - ritual abuse - has already been claimed to have occurred there by others (in European media) independent of Springmeier.

Thus the only difference in tangible particulars is that Springmeier called it the Mothers of Darkness Castle when in fact it is known as Amerois.

Jenný said...

You must have an empty live to have as a hobby to listen to 4 hours a day of radioshow you don't like.

I like the show a lot, and wish I had the time to document it as thoroughly as you, with labels and all. Empty or not, you do a good job.

SME said...

There is a Belgian village called Muno, and there is a Chateau Amerois somewhere in the area that matches the photos presented by Icke, Springmeier,and others. Icke actually located it in "Muno Bel", combining the name of the village and an abbreviation of Belgium. That shows you the depth of the research into this edifice, which has never been known as "Mothers of Darkness" nor "The Castle of Darkness". It is not a "secret castle", and it does not contain the same "1000 points of light" referred to by Bush Sr.

the_last_name_left said...

Al Gore travels with an entire fridgeful of blood.

HAHA. Hopefully it's CFC free........

Tnix80 said...

I've heard every single show alan watt has done with jones as well as hundreds of others, and he never once claimed this about al gore. He spoke about his carbon trading "company" started up with a partner in england by the last name of gore. Just by reading one post I can tell there is so much you don't understand about the world and have chosen the cop-out of denial over harsh reality. The media you trust so much laughs at your blind faith and ignorance. I hope you find truth one day instead of wasting your life attacking someone actually living a life that has meaning. :(

Tnix80 said...

alan has said no such thing anywhere, you are a liar and I wish he had the money to sue you for defamation.

BTW watt is the intelligent one, watts was some new age spin doctor, full of bs. They are a dime a dozen (that would be an overpayment).

S.M. Elliott said...

Alan Watt did indeed tell Jones's listeners (on the July 1/09 broadcast) that elites carry two pints of their own blood with them when they travel. You can listen to him yourself, roughly 10 minutes and 5 seconds into this video:

As specifically stated in the post, it was Jones who brought up Al Gore and the refrigerated blood.

theAqCon said...

a pretty fair article. The open dialogue is the change we need.

I'm not sure about all the facts surrounding it, I would like to track down that USA Today article about Gore's blood cases.

It's an important point that hemophiliacs don't carry their own blood, but where is the article? Could anyone oblige?

S.M. Elliott said...

I would love to see that article, myself. If anyone finds it kindly post a link.

Clare Kuehn said...

Though you're right to question people's sources, the major definite mistake here is in representing the word "undetectable" as "invisible": there are known mind control cases and claimed mind control cases, both tragedies if the latter are true. They aren't zombies literally, and their suffering is terrible, as it is for other torture and sexual abuse victims. So, if you want to mock Springmeier's errors, do it with less uncritical (and prejudicial) thinking on your own part.

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Unknown said...

So where is the usa today story then???

Charles Frith said...

Blood suckers

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