Friday, July 10, 2009

Jones Calls in a Hate Speech Expert

The following is a prime example of how my idea of an expert and Jones' idea of an expert couldn't possibly be any different.

If discussing a medical issue like vaccination or Swine Flu, I would talk to licensed health professionals who have dealt extensively with that issue and are able to offer concrete information about it to the public.

Jones talks to doctors who have been stripped of their licenses, people who have no formal medical training at all, and doctors who attribute the spread of disease to Lucifer.

If discussing the Cyberbullying Act and hate speech legislation, I would talk to an ACLU rep, a human rights advocate specializing in free speech, or maybe an attorney.

Jones talks to Ted Pike.

The Reverend Pike is the head of the National Prayer Network, a Christian organization that provides two things: God's word, and reasons why a lot of Jews suck.
Like virtually all anti-Semites, Rev. Pike indignantly and vociferously insists that he is not anti-Semitic. He simply devotes most of his time to pointing out how mean, greedy, and amoral a lot of Jewish people are. He also likes to point out that they killed Jesus, and how anyone who says otherwise is just covering up the truthiness and persecuting nice people like Mel Gibson.

Rev. Pike's National Prayer Network website is bursting with information about the "threat of evil Jewish leadership" posed by hate speech laws, as well as charming cartoons about black men crucifying straight white men.
Many of his articles decry the persecution of the "well-researched movement" made up of "Holocaust reductionists" like Fredrik Toben.

Oh, and the word of God? That part of the website is still under construction. You'll have to go elsewhere for that. Maybe, I dunno, the Bible?

I'd provide a link to the NPN site to make life easier for you, but then I would have to bathe in kerosene to strip away the yuck.

The National Prayer Network was founded by Pike's father, Claude, in the late '70s to campaign for a national day of prayer. Today, Rev. Pike is on the staff of the American Free Press. In 2006 he co-authored an article on the Jewish threat, the other authors being National Vanguard staffers (NV was dissolved a year later, when its founder was convicted of child porn offenses). His books and videos are very popular with other neo-Nazi/white supremacist organizations, as well.
In other words, Rev. Pike is very much a part of the anti-Semitic culture in America, whether he's actually anti-Semitic or not. The national day of prayer fell by the wayside a long time ago - a single page of the NPN website is currently devoted to it.
Truthtellers groups are organized along the lines of Campus Crusade, but rather than being devoted to Christian college life, their mandate is to "fight" pro-gay professors and staff. Rev. Pike bragged about the success of this program in his 2002 book Shaking Campus Liberalism: How Christian Students Defied the Pro-Gay Faculty...and Won!.

This is the kind of demented little assmonkey Jones turns to when he wants to educate the public about the perils of hate-speech legislation. Are you still going to tell me that Alex Jones is a "Zionist shill"?


Obrahmane Report said...

Alex`s site sometimes can censor comments on many issues including peoples personal opinion...

Anonymous said...

Instead of nitpicking what credentials of Alex's guests you don't approve of, how about analyzing the actual topic of discussion? Don't you think Alex would love to have Al Gore on to debate hot topics such as this Crap and Raid bill? As for your blasting of 'Ghandi with breasts', it is quite obvious that she is a victim of how this beast system treats those who try to stand up to it. A license is nothing but paid government permission to do something. If you went through 8 years of med school, doesn't that qualify you as an expert? But I guess a know nothing bureaucrat with the snap of a finger can erase all that knowledge by simply revoking a license.

TK said...

I suppose Jones has to have this type of assmonkey on his show, because his own brand of fear mongering begins and ends with ignorance.

If he actually had an informed guest on, Jones’s arguments would collapse. Jones’s world view is unencumbered by reality.

SME said...

That's today's post, Anon. Chill. Part of evaluating information is learning where it comes from and how/why it was gathered.

TK, true. Plus, an AJ Show with actual experts would be very boring. It would just be Jones blustering while some poor guest asks, "What are you even talking about? Are we still on the air?"

the_last_name_left said...

So Rev Pike is with AFP is he? I should have guessed, I suppose.

Alex Jones and his cohorts love to rant about police-state "fascism" etc and yet so many of Alex's colleagues, guests and fellow-travellers are tied to the hip with genuine fascists.

If he cares so much about rising fascism he should look to who his friends are first?

To me this is perhaps the most malevolent of Alex Jones' faults as he is actually doing positive service for genuine fascism - he's furiously pointing the other way, thereby preventing scrutiny of genuine fascism, plus it serves to obfuscate the meaning of the word in a genuinely NEWSPEAK fashion: democratically elected MPs or congressmen are deemed "fascists" - whilst Willis Carto and his minions are "liberty lovers". I find that deeply worrying.

the_last_name_left said...

Good blog btw - it's funny.

S.M. Elliott said...

I just watched about five minutes of Pike's "documentary" (read: anti-semitic spiel) The Other Israel, which is all I could handle. Actual quote: "Is there something about Judaism itself that acts like an abrasive upon this land?"

What an assmonkey.

Strange how populists usually end up veering towards anti-semitism, racism, and fascism...Could that, I dunno, say something about our culture?

Anonymous said...

Ive called in before. there was no call screening at all! I think you need to stop infighting with the movement. Alex Jones may be wrong about some things but everyone is entitled to there opinion and people make mistakes. Also at least he wakes people up to many important issues that need to be looked at. He also is for preserving the rights and freedoms of all people everywhere. Also he is one of the biggest supporters of 911 truth. He has made people realize that the WE have the power and WE can effect change in a positive peaceful manner, and violence is not the answer! You are completely wrong on about 99.9% of your info on this site. He also states over and over that he will not single out any group of people. Once again you are wrong. You need to open your eyes and ears and do some actual research before you start bashing someone that is just trying to make a difference. I am not a minion of Alex Jones...I am a person who has done the research and I agree with him on many of his opinions, and I want a free world without tyranny. I want the governments around the world to stop the bloodshed of innocent people. I want the attack on our god given rights and freedoms to end and be fully restored. I am for the people ... and I also think Alex Jones embodies these ideals. Even if what you are saying is true(and i am not saying it is)at least he has woken people up to the fact that everything is not what it seems, All humanity is beautiful, and he has ignited peoples souls again. At least now people question the actions of the government, instead of just going along with whatever they are told to believe and do in their everyday lives. We need to stop bashing each other and unify against the real threat. The treat of a criminal group trying to shape the world into a hellish police state.

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