Monday, April 6, 2009

Jones in the headlines. Not in a good way.

Alex Jones defended the deranged, cop-killing rampage of Rod "Crocodile Dundee" Ansell as a very natural, understandable reaction to Australian gun legislation.

But he's not defending the deranged, cop-killing rampage of 23-year-old Richard Poplawski in Pennsylvania.

That's an fascinating double standard Jones has. Cop-killing rampages are okay when they happen to Australians, because the Aussie cops had it coming for "taking away his guns" (even though they didn't take away all of Ansell's guns, obviously). But cop-killing rampages in the U.S. are not okay because...because...wait...I know there must a good reason here somewhere...

Oh, right. Because Alex Jones is being implicated as a cause of this rampage by Media Matters, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Little Green Footballs, and others, alongside Glenn Beck and other conservative commentators who are sounding alarms about imminent gun confiscation.

My feeling on this is that no one but Poplawski is responsible for Poplawski's actions. I'm a strong believer in personal responsiblity, as Jones only claims to be.

Whoops, spoke too soon: Towards the end of yesterday's broadcast, Jones blamed Obama for the rampage, because of his draconian gun-control measures. Also, the Marines must do something to make "nutballs" like Poplawski go crazy.

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