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"Dr." Death Part I: Scott Whitaker

Alex Jones doesn't usually make me angry. I can laugh at just about all of his ridiculosity. But when he has guests like "Dr." Scott Whitaker on his show spewing horribly inaccurate and even dangerous *medical advice* to thousands of listeners, I get furious. The nonsense promoted by pseudointellectual guests such as Webster Tarpley can misinform the public, but the nonsense promoted by Whitaker and his ilk can actually kill.

I know there a lot of problems in the world of health care, and I believe that everyone needs to educate themselves as much as possible about health issues so that they can make informed decisions that will protect them, to some extent, from malpractice. And while I'm no fan of "alternative", "complementary", or "integrative" medicine (misnomers all; it's either medicine, or it isn't), I do support the right of adults to make their own decisions when it comes to their own bodies and their own health.

That said, there are some holistic health practitioners who not only give a bad name to the whole field - they endanger the well-being of their clients. Whether this is done by discouraging clients from seeking proven treatments for their conditions, using unproven treatments on serious conditions, or inculcating fear of the medical establishment, the result is the same: People don't get the care they need.

According to his bio (more on that in Part II), Scott Whitaker is a certified naturopath, an iridologist, and founder of the Wholistic Health Institute. In 2005 he published his co-written condemnation of other health professionals, MediSin, in which he supposedly reveals the "cures" for cancer, malnutrition, and other deadly conditions. It includes slick product endorsements for alternative health products. It was this book that spurred Jones to invite him on the show.

Whitaker rejects the germ theory of disease. In his book, he claims that Ritalin is killing children (it's overprescribed, yes, but lethal?); that mammograms are unnecessary; that soy is bad for you; that vaccines are deadly and should be avoided at all costs; that any ailment can be cured through dietary changes alone; and that milk killed Flo Jo (a truly retarded theory also held by Robert Cohen, author of Milk: The Deadly Poison). And some of the things he said on Friday's broadcast were every bit as dangerous:

  • Never seek medical attention for anything, ever, except in dire emergencies.
  • All doctors (aside from naturopaths like himself) are "Satanic murderers" who order tests and refer you to specialists not for the purposes of diagnosis, but to get kickbacks. We're to assume that Whitaker's motives for saying this are crystal-pure.
  • "There is no benefit at all in vaccination." Except for, you know, eradicating nasty diseases.
  • Some vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue. (Absolutely false. No vaccines contain any human tissue, much less tissue from aborted babies, as common sense will tell you. Your system would reject such tissue. The tiny kernel of truth in this is that viruses for certain vaccines are cultivated in cells from cell lines that, in some cases, originated from fetal tissue cells obtained after emergency abortions performed decades ago.)
  • If you have five or more flu shots in your lifetime, you have a 95% or greater chance of developing Alzheimer's. (I'd love to see the research that supports this, because I've always wanted to travel to a parallel world.)
  • Rather than get tetanus shots, simply place a penny on top of any puncture wounds to draw out the toxins. (Remember, germs don't exist, so you can't get sick from placing a filthy coin on top of an open wound!)
  • The Codex Alimentarius classifies all vitamins as toxins. (Wrong.)
  • Universal healthcare should be avoided at all costs, as it would only serve as a front for "eugenics". (Whitaker misuses the word "eugenics" in the same manner as Jones, referring to it as an indiscriminate, wide-scale depopulation effort by the New World Order baddies.)
  • Michael Moore's Sicko can't be trusted because Moore's agent is Rohm Emanuel's brother, and Obama is "controlled by eugenicists". He is killing Africans by encouraging them to get vaccinated.

Whitaker also said some things that were simply bizarre:

  • Cloned meat is already in supermarkets, but is not labeled as such. This is apparently Whitaker's interpretation of an FDA spokesman's statement that products from the offspring of cloned animals theoretically could be on the market, as they have been FDA-approved. The spokesman did not say there are cloned-animal products on grocery store shelves, because there are no known instances of that. Cloning for meat is not a commercially viable option yet; in addition to resistance from consumers, it's a risky, time-consuming, expensive procedure that offers few advantages over traditional breeding methods.
  • In response to an oncologist who supports integrative medicine but pointed out that "conventional" medicine has an 80% cure rate for testicular cancer, Whitaker declared he has a 100% cure rate. Asked to provide any evidence of this (literature, research data, anything), he opined that colleagues should just be nice enough to take his word for it; doctors are too reliant on the scientific model.
  • Ticks do not carry Lyme disease. It's a bioweapon developed at Plum Island. Weirdly, Whitaker acknowledged that it's bacteriological even though he doesn't believe germs cause disease. Then he speculated that the development of Lyme disease had something to do with the Tuskegee syphillis experiment. He was so incoherent during this part of the interview that I wondered if he was having a stroke (which, he claims in his book, are caused by plastics).

Throughout the interview with Whitaker, Jones was every bit as paranoid and misinformed as his guest. They chatted extensively about the New World Order, agreeing that They would never allow a "good guy" to become President; hence, Obama is a bad guy. Jones announced that he wants Whitaker to come back on the show as a regular guest, said MediSin can "save lives", and referred to Whitaker as a "freedom fighter". He thinks it's marvelous that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are refusing to be vaccinated against anything.

God help us all.


Anonymous said...

ok u r complaining but what evidence do u have to refute him?

S.M. Elliott said...

Did you even read the post? He refutes himself, dude. Just one example: He denies germs cause disease, then talks about bioweapons. Hello? Most bioweapons are pathogen- based; without germs and germ theory, they wouldn't exist. Please look into his claims for yourself. You will find they don't stand up to scrutiny.

Sirius Jones said...

The fool who wrote this article never actually disproves anything. Guess what soy in large amounts is not good for you. In fact, George Washington Carver when never meant soy for humans. He is also correct about our diets. Did we not have a pink slime issue in the US. The meat we eat is not good for you. Cows milk contains pus. Look it up. A shame you waste time disparaging someone but did not write one single piece of evidence disproving it. A joke. Doctors who spoke out against a cancer cure. All we hear about is get chemo.

Sirius Jones said...

Nothing this doctor says can cause death. give me a break. You can die from that prescribed chemo and die early due to poor eating and a diet high in animal by products.

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