Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Southern Poverty Law Center has a very interesting mini-bio on Jack McLamb (and other Patriot conspiranoids), who was a guest on Jones's show earlier this month.

The interview with McLamb (available on YouTube) is disturbing for several reasons, most notably for McLamb's and Jones's continuous use of the phrase "on our side". Remember, these are the folks who rage against the New World Order's "divide and conquer" strategies and New World Order brainwashing. The message seems to be something like, "If you believe everything we say, then you're not brainwashed anymore!"

I'll be tackling the anti-vaccine hysteria of Rebecca Carley and others at a later date, probably on Swallowing the Camel. For now, there are just a few questions I'd like to ask anti-vaccine activists:

Do you have polio?
Do you know anyone under the age of 70 who has polio or post-polio syndrome?
Have you ever had the measles?
Scarlet fever?
Do you even know anything about scarlet fever? Do you personally know anyone who's ever had it?

Then shut the hell up.


BG said...

I really like your blog. I comment under no mis-impression that you will say the same thing about me or my "blogs". In my opinion, McLamb is worse in some ways than AJ. Thanks for posting about him.

SME said...

In all honesty, I have no problem with Truthers. I'm friends with many of them, and I respect their dedication to a cause they believe in.

(that doesn't mean any of you are right, though)

Anonymous said...

reading back over old posts as i just found your blog. really liking it. i've seen the new world order doc and that was the first i saw of mclamb. looking at this health, i worry about what is really going on with him.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had the measles?
Scarlet fever?

My mom actually contracted the measles from the MMR vaccine when she was little, thank you very much.

But hey, the establishment can absolutely do no wrong, right? There's no such thing as greed, incompetence or corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, right? There would never be any problems with vaccines worth looking into, like people getting Guillian-Barres from the swine flu vaccine, or people like my mother getting sick from faulty MMR vaccines; oh no, everything's perfect in the fantasy fuck world you live in and anyone who dares to question the perfection of the pharmaceutical industry must automatically be a kook because you say so.

Go stab yourself in the eye with your hypodermic needles since you love them so damn much.

S.M. Elliott said...

What is that bothers you so much about this issue, Anon? It can't be just the fact that your mother had the measles. Mine did too, in the days before measles shots, but I'm not upset about that.
I do not defend every pharmaceutical product on the market or anything. I just think that a lot of the concern about vaccines is based on misinformation and exaggeration, in some cases lies.

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