Thursday, March 19, 2009

Name That Rothschild.

Try this on your neighborhood conspiracy theorist tomorrow: Approach him/her and ask him/her to name 4 members of the Rothschild family, living or dead.

I've tried this a few times, and I've never heard more than two names. The conspiracy world considers the Rothschild dynasty to be at the very pinnacle of the pyramid, yet they know precious little about it.

Yesterday a Truther sent me an excited email about The Obama Deception. He found it factual and impressive, of course, but was concerned that nothing was said about the Rothschilds. "The patrioch mother said in the early 1900's that; 'if my sons didn't want to have wars there would be no wars' ~old lady Rothschild~ "

"Old lady Rothschild"? Years of conspiracy theorizing, and this is the best people can do? Are their Google fingers broken?


tshsmom said...

"Are their Google fingers broken?" Now THAT'S funny!!

I think the problem is that YouTube doesn't have any videos that name specific Rothschilds.

SME said...

I think you've pinpointed the problem. I mean, if it isn't in a YouTube video, then it never happened...

odyobes said...

I find it interesting how a quote can somehow become a fact to some people, by judging the messenger instead of the message. But we all do it.

Many people say crazy things and many crazy people have assumed personal responsibility and control over events far out of their ability to influence. Just because a successful person, may, have said something doesn't in itself add to it's credibility. In this case war is one of these things that happens as a matter of nature and circumstance outside peoples direct control. Of course people can be said to influence it but there is no group, family or individual so absolved of human nature and so powerful that they can really create or prevent wars as if acting from a void. We're all part of a larger set of behavior that we have little control over, the Rothschilds included.

Here's a counter to your point though. Ask a skeptic about chem-trails. With a little research you'll find it's something the air force barely denied and the purpose of which has been acknowledged by those involved for a long time, yet somehow it's remained a conspiracy theory, humorously, by paranoids and many skeptics alike. I find that one fun though. Skepticism cuts both ways, after all.

SME said...

Ah, yes, the chemtrails.

Here's the thing. While attempts at geoengineering, atmospheric experiments, etc., are certainly occurring, everytime I'm shown a photo of a "chemtrail", I find myself looking at a photo of an ordinary contrail. The characteristics of "chemtrails" listed by most conspiracy theorists are actually descriptions of contrails. And I've found no valid reasons to believe that contrails contain psychoactive chemicals for behaviour modification, or pathogens, or Morgellons fibers.

odyobes said...

I think amongst conspiracy theorist there exist a portion that are concerned with what they're not being told and a large body of those that are attempting to exert control over unseen forces. The latter invents and conjectures to the point of dogma because this is their goal.

To bring it back to the Rothschilds, they want to believe first that there is an invisible force whose power is derived from secrecy because, second, they want to feel that by revealing them they are effecting these forces.

SME said...

Many conspiracy theorists mistakenly believe that anything secret or partially obscured or even just obscure (like the Rothschild history) must be worth uncovering. They seem to want total transparency, all the time and everywhere (yet guard their own privacy zealously, even to the point of using pseudonyms). Odd. In trying to expose and defeat Big Brotherish forces, they are becoming Big Brotherish.

Perry Logan said...

Alex has said the Rothschilds funded Hitler. I sent him an e-mail pointing out that this is not true, and that members of the Rothschild family had to flee Germany after Hitler seized their properties, but he didn't reply.

Ronald Lee said...

The names of particular Rothschild family members are not important. What is material is that they own $491 trillion, which is fully more than half of the global wealth. That dominance of all wealth and the global economy is not good for the rest of the world. That domination must be wrested from the reign of one family. It is insidious, at best.

The Truth Doesn't Lie said...

Actually, contrails disappear in moments as they are made purely of water vapor that is reabsorbed into the upper atomosphere almost instantaneously.

Chemtrails, however, stay around for hours and hours and slowly spread out rather than disappear.

The longest contrail is maybe twice the length of the plane creating it.

Chemtrails, on the other hand, cross the entire sky and remain there long after the plane that created is gone from view.

and btw,

"If my sons did not want war, there would be none." - Gutle Schnaper in 1849, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Just because some doesn't know someone's name doesn't mean something wasn't said, nor does it mean that it isn't a valid point to be made.

By trying to attack the credibility of 'conspiracy theorists' rather than addressing their actual theories and assertions, you're simply making an argumentum ad hominem, which is a logical fallacy and not an adequate remedy to dismiss a claim. Don't know what an argumentum ad hominem is? but I'm sure you rely upon them all the time! look it up..

Anonymous said...

Ive called in before. there was no call screening at all! I think you need to stop infighting with the movement. Alex Jones may be wrong about some things but everyone is entitled to there opinion and people make mistakes. Also at least he wakes people up to many important issues that need to be looked at. He also is for preserving the rights and freedoms of all people everywhere. Also he is one of the biggest supporters of 911 truth. He has made people realize that the WE have the power and WE can effect change in a positive peaceful manner, and violence is not the answer! You are completely wrong on about 99.9% of your info on this site. He also states over and over that he will not single out any group of people. Once again you are wrong. You need to open your eyes and ears and do some actual research before you start bashing someone that is just trying to make a difference. I am not a minion of Alex Jones...I am a person who has done the research and I agree with him on many of his opinions, and I want a free world without tyranny. I want the governments around the world to stop the bloodshed of innocent people. I want the attack on our god given rights and freedoms to end and be fully restored. I am for the people ... and I also think Alex Jones embodies these ideals. Even if what you are saying is true(and i am not saying it is)at least he has woken people up to the fact that everything is not what it seems, All humanity is beautiful, and he has ignited peoples souls again. At least now people question the actions of the government, instead of just going along with whatever they are told to believe and do in their everyday lives. We need to stop bashing each other and unify against the real threat. The treat of a criminal group trying to shape the world into a hellish police state.

Anonymous said...

Madame Mayer Amschel Rothschild - is that good enough for you?

But don't let me bother you. Please, keep your head buried in the sand, it makes it easier for the global elite to find your ass to screw.

Good Luck

amerisraeldoomed said...

You know this k-ke is deleting all but pro-"jew" comments to make it seem like nobody knows what the "jews" are up to. Fifty million Americans know you - the synagogue of satan - were living up to your name by engineering 9/11. You also lied about WMDs in Iraq. You're assuming you will win but even if we don't destroy you, Christ will at the Battle of Armageddon. Keep on scoffing, fools. And your useful idiots.

S.M. Elliott said...

Thanks for the input, psycho. Now go back to Stormfront where you belong. I won't delete your comment because I want people to see the kind of Nazi fucktards that spam this blog.

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