Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Dr." Death Part II:

Scott Whitaker's Credentials

The regulations governing naturopathy in the U.S. are outrageously loosey-goosey, confusing, and varied. You can be a naturopathic doctor in one state, but might not even qualify for licensing in another. There is no recognized body for accreditation of schools. The term itself is an umbrella for a vast array of practices, from homeopathy to colour therapy.

With such vague boundaries and lenient standards in place, I find it hard to take naturopaths too seriously when they insist they're being persecuted by the medical establishment.

That said, I have tried to verify some of the credentials that Scott Whitaker lists in his bio, in order to figure out if he's as qualified in his field as he says he is.

- "Doctorate of Naturopathy from the International School of Naturopathy in Los Altos, California": I haven't found any evidence that a school by this name exists, or ever did exist, anywhere in California. The Council on Naturopathic Medical Education, the (unrecognized) accrediting agency for naturopathic education in the U.S. and Canada, lists no accredited naturopathic programs in California. If you know anything about this school, please let me know. The only thing even close to a naturopathic school in Los Altos is the International Society of Naturopaths, located at 1434 Fremont Ave. Quackwatch described it as "relatively inactive", but it now seems to be fully inactive; the phone number has been disconnected.

- "Certified Natural Health Professional": To become one of these, merely attend five seminars. "It is not the purpose of CNHP to develop licensure or any exclusiveness for those who become certified members of this organization." (CNHP website)

- "Iridologist": Iridology doesn't even qualify as junk science. It's just junk. Please don't take my word for it; read this enlightening essay by an iridologist instead.

- "Founder of the Wholistic Health Institute, Inc.", a nonprofit org: Wholistic is not listed anywhere among registered nonprofit orgs in California, and I can find absolutely no information about it. Again, please let me know if you know anything.

- "His clients have been individuals from all walks of life with such health conditions as alopecia, diabetes, cancer, lymphoma, malnutrition, eczema, heart disease, and AIDS to name a few. The results have been excellent, and theexperience unforgettable."
This self-promotional little blurb tells us only two things:
1. Whitaker treats sick people.
2. Whitaker enjoys treating sick people.
"Excellent" and "unforgettable" are not quantifiable.

In short, I'm underwhelmed by Scott Whitaker's credentials, especially in light of his wildly erroneous statements on The Alex Jones Show.

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