Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy ZZZZZ Day

In honor of ZZZZ Day, here's Part I of Jones's ambush interview of Peter Joseph. "I agree with about 90% of what's in the film," he says, before it becomes apparent that these two have nothing in common aside from paranoia. Guys, can't we all just get along, and admit that you're both wrong?

Some choice quotes from Jones regarding Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist: Addendum:

Jones: "There's always gonna be an Us against Them! There's always gonna be Jeffrey Dahmers, there's always be Ted Turners, there's always gonna be Albert Pikes!"

Jones (quoting Jason Bermas): "It's total New World Order! Wow, this is like high-level UN religion stuff!"

Jones (responding to those who have called him a "knuckle-dragging Christian" for criticizing Zeitgeist): [his guests] "are always amazed at my generalist knowledge. And that doesn't really come from being innately some kind of genius, it comes from hard study and researching world systems." This is almost as funny as Jordan Maxwell criticizing public education in Zeitgeist.


BG said...

I was appalled by the ideas and aspirations expressed in Zeitgeist: Addendum. Ambush interview or not, I support anyone who takes issue with the elitist and Utopian ideas in that movie.

Nathan Mcginty said...

Alex Jones was behind 9/11


SME said...

I'll post my thoughts on Zeitgeist. I'm not a fan, either, but not for quite the same reasons as Jones.

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