Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alex Jones' Slightly Calmer Twin

A little bit more evidence that Glenn Beck is either having a nervous breakdown, or carefully patterning himself after Alex Jones (hey, maybe both):

- Griped about the MIAC report, particularly the part about Bob Barr and Ron Paul bumper stickers. As if he has one. If you're going to be a redneck, Beck, you'll have to stop wearing a tie and go back to drinking. (Penn complained about the report, too, but at least he supports Libertarians.)
To give credit where's it due, Beck did note that ecoterrorism is actually more of a threat than militias these days. Good point.
- Said he doesn't mind being compared to the guy who goes nuts in Network. In fact, he wants us all to be mad as hell! What are we supposed to do once we get mad? He hasn't quite worked that out yet. We should just be disgruntled and generally unhappy, about everything. This sounds strange coming from a commentator who hasn't supported any third-party or independent candidates, has no real solutions for anything, and talks about himself more than anything else.
- Interviewed Ron Paul and wasn't a dick about it.

Beck is getting so weird that his comment about the 9/11 Truth movement producing the "next Tim McVeigh" has boomeranged on him. Incidentally, in the clip Olbermann brings up an incident that shows why the MIAC report maybe isn't so out of line, after all. He also brings up Father Coughlin, the man I consider the intellectual forefather of Alex Jones.


BG said...


Posts like this are why I read this blog. Here you expose your bias and lack of intellectual rigor which allows me to me sense out of your overall misguided judgement.

If you honestly are attempting to discuss the current political / law enforcement environment including the current creeping police state, not just Jones or Beck, and you don't find the MIAC report worthy of repudiation, it's no great mystery to me why we stand on opposite sides of many issues.

SME said...

If you're an American and honestly think you're in a "creeping police state", then I'm not the only one here who's misguided...

I don't oppose the MIAC report because, as I mentioned, we all know that everything in it is fairly accurate. And to chastise anyone for writing down their thoughts is, well, fascistic.

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