Friday, March 20, 2009


Quite a few Canadians are spitting mad that one of Alex Jones's former guests, British MP George Galloway, is being barred from Canada for admittedly supporting a terrorist organization. Specifically, he provided vehicles to members of Hamas. He is also an enthusiastic defender/supporter of Hezbollah. He's also been agitating for the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt. In the past, he has expressed admiration for Saddam Hussein and the Taliban (he actually denies his admiration and praise of Hussein, though it was captured on video). On Jones's show in 2005, he and Jones agreed that Zionists sacrificed other Jews in WWII just to get their homeland (yet another example that Jones does talk about Zionism). *Other than all this*, Galloway's a swell guy.

Yes, I know, Hamas was democratically elected. That means it's a democratically elected terrorist organization, nothing more. Argue with me if you want - I'm just stating a fact. And let's not forget that Mubarak, whether you like him or not, was also democratically elected.

The only thing that's truly interesting about the Galloway controversy is that most of the Canadians rallying in support of Galloway also called for the arrest of George W. as a war criminal last week. They want the law to be unevenly applied; let terrorist supporters in, but keep war criminals out.

And it is legal for Canada's Border Security Agency and immigration officials to bar terrorist supporters from entering the country. They did it to Bill Ayers, who despite his professorship and currently bourgeois lifestyle is, after all, a guy who used to blow up buildings and aspire to otherthrow the democratically elected U.S. government.

Galloway has announced his intention to fight the decision.

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John said...

Who (which group, authourity) classed Hamas as a terrorist organisation and when.

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