Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bend It Like Beck

In this clip from Fox News' Fox and Friends, Glenn Beck talks unskeptically about FEMA camps and hints that Obama's administration will be using socialism as a stepping-stone to Communism; pretty much the same stuff, expressed in the same manner, that Jones rants about each day. The opening credits of Beck's Fox show even eerily resemble the intros to Jones's documentaries, featuring scenes of oppression and tyranny. But when Beck talks about these things, Jones said yesterday, it's just a New World Order desensitizing scheme. (Frankly, I suspect he's a little miffed with Beck for stealing some of his thunder.)

Sheesh. Even when folks agree with Jones, he can't agree with them.

The upside of this is that finally, Mr. Jones and I can agree on something: Glenn Beck is a tool.

But do I think Beck, Pat Robertson, et. al. will do a New World Ordered turnaround and start championing U.S. socialism after Obama's evil plan for European-style socialism (and, paradoxically, concentration camp detainment of dissidents) becomes too obvious to hide any longer?

I'll let you know my answer when I've stopped laughing.

Meanwhile, here's a foolproof 3-step plan to avoid detainment in a FEMA camp:

1. If you don't already live in a disaster-prone part of the U.S., move to one immediately.
2.Wait for the inevitable (earthquake, tornado, volcanic eruption, etc.).
3.In the wake of the disaster, stand on the rooftop of your home and bellow for help as loudly as you can for days on end. It wouldn't hurt to have an elderly relative in a wheelchair or some squalling babies with you.

Congratulations. You're safe.


tshsmom said...

OMG, now your grandparents will start believing in FEMA camps too! If FoxNews says it's so...

SME said...

Oh cripes, I didn't even think about that. Dammit.

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