Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alex Jones Needs a Bigger Studio

'Cause he and his ego won't be able to fit in there at the same time for much longer. From the April 14/09 broadcast:

"We trailblazed everything. We put Ron Paul on the map."

"We built the alternative radio system."

"We were the first to use viral video."

With the possible exception of the Ron Paul statement, this is all very, very wrong.

Jones has also stated, "I founded the 9/11 Truth movement," neatly ignoring the fact that the movement didn't even start in the U.S.

If Jones' ego doesn't outgrow the studio, his paranoia might. More from the April 14/09 broadcast:

- Wikipedia is run by the CIA. That's why the Bilderberg Group and New World entries have been removed. I assume he means this entry. And this one. Or maybe this one. Or this one.
- The New York and Pennsylvania mass shootings were probably staged. (he says the same about the Port Arthur massacre and Virginia Tech)

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dBoom said...

Thanks.. i'm really glad someone's putting the effort into exposing this guy.

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