Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Jim's Amazing Story"

On Wednesday, a government employee known only as Jim was on Jones' show to talk about the mass shooting in Binghamton, New York. Jim supposedly has "amazing" information about the local authorities having advance knowledge of when/where the shooting would occur.

Jim's story: He was across the street from the American Civic Association when another government employee informed him that an Asian-looking man had approached the building carrying "something" in a green bundle. This man couldn't identify what the bundle contained, but he was alarmed by it. He and Jim notified the police around the same time the shooting began. Jim watched as police arrived within two minutes and set up barricades around the building.

So, um, where's the foreknowledge?

Well, there was a "news-type" helicopter flying over the neighborhood roughly an hour before the shooting began.

Did Jim try to find out who owned the helicopter and why it was in the area?


Does anyone know who owned the helicopter and why it was in the area? Did Jones put any guys on it before going on the air with this "incredible" story?


Is there any evidence that the media knew about the gunman's plans in advance, but chose not to notify authorities for the sake of getting a good story, as Jones implies?


One New York TV station, News 10 in Syracuse, did recieve a letter from the gunman, containing his name and other details. As noted by the Post-Standard, it did not contain the location of the shooting. The letter was opened at 11:00 AM, about an hour after the shooting began. News 10 does not have a chopper.

To accuse members of the New York media of allowing the siege to occur, without presenting one shred of evidence, is deplorable. Shame on you, "Jim", you coward, whoever the hell you are.

Infowars is also covering the story of a pseudonymous woman who recently told Project Camelot she witnessed the order to shoot down Flight 93 on 9/11. Project Camelot interviews only people with bizarre stories: alien abductees, "scientists" like Dan Burisch, a boy who lived a previous life on Mars, Benjamin Fulford, a psychic assassin with a bionic arm, Dr. Bill Deagle, etc.

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tshsmom said...

Maybe I should ask my 2 blogfriends, who live in Binghamton, if they know this "Jim"?

Alex Jones needs to learn that the world really isn't that big in our electronic age. We all have the tools to debunk him...easily.

The residents of Binghamton already feel like they've been raped. They don't need people like Jones adding fuel to the fire!

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