Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jones on the "No Planers"

From Friday's broadcast: "My experience with no planers was people who looked like they were drunk, screamin' and yelling, dancing around half naked, vomiting on street corners in front of news cameras, in what looked like a set-up to make 9/11 Truth look bad."

Alex, Alex, Alex...

No one needs to make 9/11 Truth look bad. Truthers do that all on their own. Even many of the more "mainstream" Truthers insist upon associating with Holocaust deniers, making bizarre and insupportable accusations, and ranting about Zionism or Freemasons. And let's not even go into the Truthers who demand full disclosure of the government's role in reverse-engineering UFO technology, or the Truthers who subscribe to fundamentalist Christian lunacy, or the Truthers who think that zero point energy is being suppressed, or the Truthers who freak out at the mere mention of the word "tapwater".

In short, the Powers that Be don't have to hire unemployed actors to pose as Truthers and make asses of themselves in public when you guys obligingly do it for free on a regular basis. You're making Their job so much easier than it has to be.


tshsmom said...

Don't forget the chemtrail crowd. ;)

SME said...

He's doing a documentary on chemtrails, BTW.

tshsmom said...

Qu'elle surprise!

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