Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jason Bermas, You've Just Won a Prize!

As a caller to Infowarrior was hamhandedly* struggling to explain Anthony Sutton's "synthesis/antithesis", Bermas cut in to talk about "problem-reaction-solution". Then it happened. Bermas said something like this: "Problem-reaction-solution, the Hegelian dialectic, whatever you want to call it..."

Jason Bermas, CONGRATULATIONS! I've been waiting two years to hear a Truther, any Truther, say "Hegelian dialectic" instead of using clunkety-ass* phrases like "playing both sides against the middle", "divide and conquer", or David Icke's twee "P.R.S.".

But I won't fool myself into believing that the same guy who thinks flu shots are lethally poisonous is brushing up on his book larnin'. Let's face it, Bermas still isn't quite Jeopardy material. He might want to tackle Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? first. Or maybe Wheel of Fortune.

* totally not a word


Eugene said...

Well maybe "clunkety-ass" is not a word but it should be. Guys like Jones and his ilk cannot be adequately described using standard English only. Submit that baby to Websters!

SME said...

Well, the Webster's people asked me to stop calling a couple of years ago...


tshsmom said...

It's genetic. Our family is famous(or infamous) for making up words. ;)

Oats said...

You must not listen to conspiracy radio much at all actually, because they are regularly mentioning the Hegelian dialectic. Where do you think Bermas got it? He doesn't do anything that isn't totally derivative of other conspiracy radio hosts, especially Jones.

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