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Last Sunday, Jones' broadcast was all about eugenics, or rather it was all about what Jones perceives to be eugenics and depopulation tactics: Food contamination (all intentional, he contends), fluoridated water, vaccines, birth control.

He began the broadcast by saying, "I have such an important job to do. How do I reach out to the people? How do I document for them that I'm right? That I have the evidence, I have the facts, I understand the globalist agenda...?"

The reason many of us don't take him seriously, he says, is because we're "punch-drunk on entertainment and alcohol."
Way to win new fans: Accuse lukewarm listeners of being idiots and drunks.
Soon, a regime far worse than that of Stalin, than that of Mao, than that of Hitler will descend upon the ignorant, hungover masses. That'll teach us not to ignore Alex Jones.

Later, he told us that if just 10% of what he said in his three-hour broadcast is true, we're in big trouble. I don't know about 10%, but based on the inaccuracies I heard in each hour, I'm guessing the percentage is rather low....

  • The Rockefellers were the sole funders of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute [Society]. If you Google "Rockefeller Kaiser Wilhelm Institute", you'll find an Encyclopedia Britannica entry that confirms this. I couldn't find anything like this by Googling, but a visit to the online EB shows it doesn't even have an entry for the KW Society. I think it goes without saying that all the KW Institutes receive funding from numerous sources, and always have. The Rockefeller Foundation made major contributions, however, and some of this Rockefeller-funded research became central to the Nazis' racial policies. That's what Jones was trying to say.
  • James Watson was forced to resign from the Genome Project because he declared that people of colour are a sub-species of homo sapiens. He stepped down as Chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 2007, after it came to light that he had referred to black people as less intelligent than whites. (Good riddance.) But he left the Genome Project 15 years earlier, because he opposed the patenting of gene sequences - a position with which Jones would certainly agree, if he knew anything about it.
  • A Mayo Clinic study found that children who receive flu shots are 3% more likely to be hospitalized than children who do not receive flu shots. To Jones, this is more evidence that children should not be inoculated against anything. Ever. He also views it as proof that "the flu outbreaks are from the shots". But the study dealt only with the flu vaccine, and Dr. Avni Joshi clearly stated, ""While these findings do raise questions about the efficacy of the vaccine, they do not in fact implicate it as a cause of hospitalizations."
  • "Hundreds of government studies" show that you triple your chance of developing Alzheimer's if you receive three or more flu shots in your lifetime. Similar misinformation has been circulating widely; that you're 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's if you have 5 consecutive yearly flu shots than if you have only one or two flu shots in your lifetime (note that Jones didn't even get his misinformation right). Bill Maher actually repeated this on Larry King Live in 2005. This seems to have come from a single doctor: Hugh Fudenberg. Please Google him - you'll learn much about his other unsupported claims (including, in the '80s, a claim that he could cure autism). In 1997, Fudenberg claimed the mercury in thimerosol (a vaccine preservative) collects in the brain and eventually causes Alzheimer's. Not one study, government-sponsored or otherwise, supports his theory. The causes of Alzheimer's aren't fully understood, but heavy metal poisoning is not a contender. Besides, you cannot get heavy metal poisoning from the tiny amount of mercury present in flu shots. (If you're still concerned about mercury for some reason, you can request a mercury-free shot.) Jones would be disappointed to learn that some of the more promising Alzheimer's treatment experiments being conducted involve vaccination with amyloid.
  • Baby formula contains rocket fuel. Not exactly. 15 brands of formula were found to contain trace amounts of perchlorate, which is used as a component of rocket fuel. Perchlorate contamination of cows' milk and drinking water may pose a health risk because it inhibits iodine uptake to the thyroid (though the American Thyroid Association has not found an increase in thyroid-related conditions due to exposure to environmental levels of perchlorate). So mentioning that it has been found in formula isn't totally out of line. Telling people that solid rocket fuel has been found in formula is.
  • Breastfeeding will probably be illegal someday. Not just in public - everywhere. I think La Leche Leagues all over the world would disagree with you there, Mr. Jones. Besides, what possible pretext could there be for outlawing breastfeeding?
  • "The Good Club" recently met in secret to discuss eugenics, namely how to kill Africans via tainted water supplies. This club, if it could even be called such, met at the behest of Bill Gates at the home of biochemist Sir Paul Nurse. Population control via birth control education was reportedly on the agenda. Does anyone other than Catholics seriously have a problem with that? Encouraging responsible family planning in impoverished nations that can't even support their current populations? And does anyone besides Jones et al truly believe that Bill and Melinda Gates are mass murderers?
  • Bill Gates and his father, who runs Planned Parenthood, want to reduce the population. No. They want to control population growth. Completely different thing. Cecile Richards, not Bill Gates Sr., has been the president of PP since 2006. Gates Sr. served on the board of PP at one time, but he hasn't been on the board for at least the last 4 years. He is not running Planned Parenthood.
  • "Almost every major philanthropic organization out there gives almost all their money to eugenics organizations." "Eugenics organizations", in Jones' view, means orgs that provide health care, clean drinking water, or medicines to Africans. I guess we're just supposed to let them die, because no humanitarians on this planet can be trusted. Also (and Jones has said this before), don't give a penny to cancer research. A cure will never be found, because that's the way Bill Gates and his cronies want it. Never mind that Gates himself has donated vast sums to cancer research.
"I have the facts"? Srsly?


Eugene said...

Has anyone started a "Lets buy Alex Jones a dictionary" campaign yet? Even with English as my second language I can tell that Mr Jones here doesn't quite grasp the meaning of several words and terms. Words like "Eugenics", "Facts" and "Punch-drunk" doesn't mean what he seems to think it does...

TK said...

I find it difficult to tell when Jones is wrong because he's using rhetoric to try and get his message across i.e. instil terror, like rocket fuel in baby formula, or because he's hard of thinking.

Either way he's wrong.

SME said...

I think we need a Jones-to-English dictionary instead of a dictionary for Jones. (I doubt he'd use one anyway - he's too busy educating the literally punch-drunk masses.)

Anonymous said...

When you put all the dots together, IMF and World Bank lending money to these 3rd world countries. I see the coralation perfectly clear. Read the UN own white pages , they want a planet with 500 million people total! If you want to pick at tiny mistakes then go right ahead, but I think you are hoping hes wrong instead of really opening your mind! Margaret Sanger preached Depopulation of Inferior races! hillary Clinton stated Sanger was one of her biggest Role Models! Keep watching Mainstream News and get fed the Joseph Goebeels report! Make sure you take all the vaccines you can get your hands on! Please eat more GMO food, and worry about Al-Queda!!!

Anonymous said...

well, I googled Kaiser Wilhelm ROckefeller, and Kaiser wilhelm Intitute, came up with severla sites that confirm this. I don;t know where you search from, I spent a couple minutes and confirmed.
So if you have, say, 8 more items to list then you'd be wrong only 20% if I go and see wht I can google with the next questions? or should I say to myself, 'this blog-guy screwed up in his debunking right off the bat twice so move on..?"

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see the problem: you want us to take your word for what you say and not look it up for ourselves like Alex ALWAYS I googled what you said, and found lots of info backing up what Alex said. I see.
very Clever. you get an A + for lying.

S.M. Elliott said...

Anon, Kaiser Wilhelm was not founded or financed solely by the Rockefellers at any time in its history. What you probably found were references to large donations made to the Institute by the Rockefellers, which is an undisputed fact just like I said in the post.

I fully encourage - nay, I BEG - everyone to research things for themselves rather than passively accepting anyone's word. And if I'm wrong, I'll say so. But I was not wrong about Kaiser Wilhelm. It was not founded by the Rockefellers.

getAClue said...

Alex makes a career out of talking for several hours a day. His format is conversational, not a news cast. while he does spin toward the sensational, the core of whet he is saying is generally true, and i am much more comfortable believing him than someone who tries to tell me a little mercury won't hurt me.

S.M. Elliott said...

I'm not here to convince anyone not to listen to Alex Jones. In fact, I think people should listen to him just so they can see what kind of memes are out there. Once in a while he even comes up with some useful info.
Keep on listening, but check his facts.

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