Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alex Jones channel removed from YouTube for NO GOOD REASON!

Update: Jones is still talking about this to the exclusion of all else (aside from those poisonous tools of the Illuminati scumlords, vaccines).
He recently took a vacation and is trying to introduce some nutrition, exercise, and sanity into his life. We'll see how that goes.

The Alex Jones channel (a semi-official channel maintained by a fan) has been removed from YouTube. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette complained that Jones displayed one of the paper's articles about the Pennsylvania mass shooting during one of his broadcasts. Paul Watson and Kurt Nimmo of Infowars think this is a flimsy excuse; the reason YouTube really deleted the channel was to suppress Jones' coverage of the Swine Flu, they write. Because we all know how accurate, rational, and consistent Jones and his guests have been on that subject:

- The flu is just an excuse to force us all to be inoculated with a vaccine designed to kill us. The disease itself is basically harmless and is being blown out of proportion.
- Health officials and the media are covering up the number of deaths from the flu.

- The flu is actually a Satanic ritual sacrifice, timed to coincide with the occult holiday Cinco de Mayo and the Satanic holy day Beltane on May 1st. (see note at the bottom of this post) The elite have done a lot of nasty things on May 5, even though the Wikipedia list of notable events doesn't seem to include any of them. But that's probably because Wikipedia is controlled by the CIA, just as YouTube and Google are.

- You should buy a state-of-the-art filter mask from Dr. Deagle, to protect yourself.
- If you actually wear a mask, that means you've been suckered by the elites' alarmist propaganda.

Certainly, the channel couldn't have been deleted because Jones is spreading dangerous anti-vaccine misinformation, or because he makes slanderous and insupportable accusations against public figures, or because he insists that men only go on violent rampages because their second-ammendment rights are in jeopardy (or they're on psych meds, or they're mind-controlled assassins), or because he referred to people with schizophrenia as demons, or because he said the Columbia disaster was stage-managed as a "tribal bonding" rite for Israelis, or because he's scaring the hell out of gullible listeners who think they're going to be shot by hospital administrators if they don't agree to have their kids injected with lethal vaccines at birth, or because he brags about trespassing on private property...

I'll stop there, because I'm sure these couldn't have been valid reasons to yank his channel. I mean, Alex Jones is doing so much good for all of us! Sure, someday we may have to watch our children being placed in iron lungs because freaking polio has made a comeback, but that's a small price to pay for THE TRUTH.

* Note: Cinco de Mayo commemorates the 1862 Mexican victory against the French in the Battle of Puebla. Celebrants do extremely sinister, occulty-type things like drink beer, dance, and play air guitar. Clearly, we should keep some exorcists on stand-by for this stuff.

Satanists don't usually celebrate Beltane. Beltane is observed by many Wiccans and neo-Pagans, but we all know that every non-Christian in the world worships the Devil, right? Therefore they must be Satanists. If you disagree with this line of reasoning, it means you know nothing about Satanism or Wicca (even if you are a Satanist or a Wiccan), and you are going to hell.


TK said...

YouTube is a privately run site. Surely they can remove anything they like for any reason they see fit? He's got his own webvision channel to pollute the net with.

Eugene said...

For once Alex Jones is in some very good company - lots of great youtube channels (like that of my favourite Thunderf00t) and even the one belonging to the James Randi Educational Foundation has been shut down by Youtube for alleged copyright infringement. Its a really retarded policy they have of 'suspend first and ask questions later", instead of just contacting the user and requesting the offending material to be removed like rational human beings. Its usually only temporary and the channel gets re-instated whenever the matter is cleared up. Unfortunately this is just going to further reinforce his paranoia and persecution complex (like he needed more reinforcement!). How his brain fails to implode under the strain is nothing short of miraculous!

Perry Logan said...

These are tough times for Alex. His YouTube channel is down. The swine flu didn't kill everybody. And "The Obama Deception" is a flop.

SME said...

Oh come on, Eugene, don't be one of the sheeple. Really. We know Jones' channel was removed by the CIA because they couldn't allow his life-saving information (don't inoculate your children against anything, never go to an allopathic dr. for any reason, don't eat soy or you'll immediately turn into an obese middle-aged woman even if you're a man) to reach the public! Sheesh, you're so naive. I mean, these are the same people who have fake fire alarms in hotels just to interrupt Jones' phone calls to George Noory.

Eugene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eugene said...

[my kingdom for an "edit" button]

Those darn sneaky Satan worshiping New World Order ushering disease causing poisonous vaccine peddling CIA agents! Is there nothing sacred to them? First they pull the fire alarm and now this? If they aren't stopped Alex Jones' house may be tee-pee'd!!!!! Oh the humanity!

SME said...

I've heard that on one of the Satanic high holy days, the CIA pays children to dress in bizarre disguises and ring Jones' doorbell. They're instructed to say they want "treats", but we all know why they're really there.

Eugene said...

Oh those aren't children, they are in fact clown goblin creatures disguised as children

Anonymous said...


I see that you're a fellow Thunderf00t fan.

Eugene said...


Yes indeed. His "Why do people laugh at Creationists?" videos were the reason I joined Youtube!

SME said...

@ Eugene & Mikister

Have you seen this?


Eugene said...

That was brilliant!! It's amazing how much worse these forum posts sound when someone actually says them out loud and with feeling!

Though they should probably update that link, is no more, its now

TK said...

That's fantastic. And as an atheist, I regularly hang out in hoods and robes.

SME said...

Why would atheists crucify anyone...?

Eugene said...

Well as everyone (who ever read a Chick Tract) knows, atheists are just another type of muslim and muslims all worship satan. Duh!

SME said...

Well, that's true. Every non-Christian (and Catholic, and Mormon, and Jehovah's Witness) on earth worships Satan.

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