Monday, June 8, 2009

Deja Vu

Jones' Sunday broadcast was mostly about eugenics. Again. And amazingly, he repeated just about all of the same wildly inaccurate info he used last time:

- Bill Gates' father is the head of Planned Parenthood. Okay. Fine. Now that you've said it at least twice, Mr. Jones, I will just accept the fact that Bill Gates Sr. used a cool Illuminati gizmo to reduce his age by several decades, had a sex change, and took the name Cecile Richards.
- Receiving three or more flu shots in your lifetime virtually guarantees that you will develop Alzheimer's. Unless some mind-flipping study results have just been published, this is still the same old unsupported crapola from Hugh Fudenberg; you're 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's if you have 5 consecutive yearly flu shots than if you have only one or two flu shots in your lifetime. At least Jones didn't say that "hundreds of government studies" have proven it, like he did last time. (This page named for the quack Royal Rife and his utterly worthless machine mentions a Calgary study on mercury and Alzheimers, and a similar study by anti-vaccinist Boyd Haley, but neither of them directly support Fudenberg's claims.)
- James Watson had to step down as head of the Human Genome Project [chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor] last year [2007] because he said "blacks aren't human" ["blacks aren't as intelligent as whites"].

He also talked a lot about Child Protective Services. I agree with him that there are many serious flaws in the foster care system, but Jones and I aren't seeing quite the same flaws. He claims that CPS takes kids from their parents without warrant or cause and sells them for up to $500,000 to the highest bidders or to people who have put in orders for a certain kind of child. A senator told him there are even bounties on the heads of blonde, blue-eyed children in Georgia. This is very specific information. How is it, then, that no CPS workers have been charged with human trafficking? It all smacks of urban legend, not unlike the white slave trade rumours that paralyzed women with fear 60 years ago.
"This is on the record!" Jones said. What records, exactly?
Maybe he's referring to a record album, from K-Tel's Sh** That Never Happened collection.

Jones also insists that social work was founded only to carry out racial hygiene, spy on communities, and abduct children. I dare him to say that to Dorothy Day and Jane Addams, if/when he gets to heaven.

In Endgame, Jones included footage of Susan Hoff demanding to know why 68% of Texas foster children are on psych meds. I think I might have an answer for her: Foster kids may have actual mental or emotional problems. Wouldn't you, if this was your life?

- watching mommy and daddy whale on each other every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and the occasional Wednesday
- living on Kool-Aid mix straight from the package
- learning social skills from Maury

According to Jones, the real racists aren't klansmen, but liberals like Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood). He says that in her letters to the Procter and Gamble and Colgate foundations, she advised they all pretend to be liberals who loved blacks, then break up families and "pay women not to have men in their houses", drug them, and hire black doctors and leaders "so they'll trust us and take the injections."
While Sanger made many racist, eugenics-friendly comments in her lifetime, some of these seem over the top. They're a little too Protocols of the Elders of Zion to ring true. For one thing, Sanger really was a liberal - or what we might call a libertarian - to the core. For another, she did not advocate involuntary sterilization or any other kind of coercive interference into the sex lives of poor Americans; she believed they should be allowed to make their own reproductive choices and have access to reliable birth control for the first time in history. She did try to enlist black leaders in an effort to convince poor, religious blacks that birth control wasn't sinful, but this had nothing to do with "injections". As wrong-headed as she and other eugenicists of her era were, she wasn't out to annihilate minorities.

Jones also mentioned that a few "weird black leaders" actually attend "eugenics meetings" and approve of the elite's plans to wipe out blacks, without giving the names of the leaders or the dates and locations of the meetings. Could be anything. Remember, Jones believes that every humanitarian effort in Africa is just thinly disguised eugenics.

Meanwhile, on the Infowars website, Kurt Nimmo offered up the stupidest theory of David Carradine's death thus far.


TK said...

That's quite an obsession he has there.

In Margaret Sanger's time, many, many reputable people in authority were either eugenicists or had leanings in that direction. It was a fairly reputable idea.

It took unbelievable horror to show how dreadful an idea it was.

But as you say, Sanger was not an advocate of the kind of Eugenics the Nazis perpetrated, or that Jones witters on about. I'm baffled by this obsession, and his general fixation with Nazis and anything associated.

It's like he doesn't get the Nazis lost.

SME said...

You're right - eugenics today and eugenics then are very different things. People like Sanger had more-or-less good intentions, but made some false assumptions that led to the wrong solutions. I think it went something like this:

- Poverty is terrible.
- How can we prevent poverty?
- Get rid of it.
- How can we eliminate poverty?
- Make sure there are fewer poor people.
- How do we that?
- Sterilize them.

Now we realize, sort of, that poverty isn't necessarily an inherited trait.

Eugene said...

OK someone needs to sit Jones down and explain using small words only that while the Nazis committed genocide AND experimented with eugenics, that does not make genocide and eugenics the same thing!!!

SME said...

Maybe a colouring-book format would work. Yesterday, when talking about David Carradine, Jones couldn't remember "auto-erotic asphyxiation" because it was "some big fancy name".

Anonymous said...

Great... another "naive" Alex Jones Hater.

S.M. Elliott said...

I don't hate him. You can disagree without hating.

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