Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hand me a blue pill.

Listening to Jones' recent interview of David Icke, I heard Jones refer again to those elusive military documents upon which The Matrix was supposedly based (see the post below this one).

But this time he said the paper was written in 1968, not '58, and declassified in 2000 (therefore, its contents were leaked to Hollywood). And this time, he said the paper mentions civilians living in vats full of styrofoam packing material or something.
Gawd, this is the stupidest paper chase ever. Knowing how Jones mixes up his facts, I realize this "military document" could be a chef's manual on how to store the leftovers from a Pentagon pig roast.
I give up. For now.


TK said...

He's got to have reading comprehension problems - with anything he doesn't understand filled in with paranoia.

Part of me still feels a cringing pity for Icke. I missed his declaration of his being the son of god when I was a kid because I found Wogan really dull. But I've seen it since, and I don't have much doubt he really believed what he was saying:

The bit where Wogan has to explain that they're laughing at him is both utterly honest and unbearably harsh.

This is why I think he really does believe his Lizard stuff. And now David Shayler has declared himself son of god.

SME said...

I agree: Icke is utterly sincere. In a weird way, I can even respect him for that. It takes a fair bit of courage to stand up and declare that you believe interdimensional, shape-shifting lizards are everywhere. However, his books are a mess. They're less "books" than they are big data dumps full of undigested factoids - he desperately needs a new editor or a ghostwriter, or maybe both.

The Significant Other and I have different opinions of Shayler. I think he genuinely believes he's the next Jesus (maybe his radical diet did something to his mind?); the SI thinks he tired of being in the public eye and wanted to go out with a bang. And of course there a few people who think the Powers That Be have been tampering with his brain.

TK said...

I don't think Shayler got tired of being in the public eye, his ‘I am Messiah’ website screams for attention:

He’s very active with his Messiah stuff, and he’s intertwined it with his conspiracy ideas. I think over the years, since his release from prison, we've seen a broken man spiralling downwards.
As a Truther, he was at the Judy Wood end of things. I think the first time I thought OMG he's really lost it was this article in the New Statesman:

All at once his long term relationship broke down, he lost a lot of weight and declared himself the son of god, which to me sounds like a personal crisis point. He said he had been taking hallucinogenics.

In this interview he seems as sincere as Icke on Wogan:

SME said...

I had no idea Shayler was still this, um, active. He's even on YouTube: ShaylerTV. I think the Signif Other is going to be changing his mind about him very soon...

The video is the same interview that convinced me he wasn't goofing. He is very, very sincere, IMO.

I've heard that Icke took ayahuasca, but I don't know if that was before or after he started buying into the lizards. If before, that could be significant. A lot of people report hallucinating snakes, reptilian creatures, and insectoid creatures on yage.

Annie Machon toured Canada recently and was on my friend's 9/11-theme radio show, but she doesn't talk about 9/11 as much as she used to. In fact the Signif Other's group decided not to host her because she specifically requested that 9/11 Truth not be mentioned in any promotional material. I don't think she's changed her mind about any of it; she just wants to be a bit more credible and mainstream, I think.

TK said...

And now, like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn to ShaylerTV.

Ouch. Ow. Owey. Ouch.

"I am the Lord Jesus Christ, and I now welcome you to the end times." He says it like he's presenting the news. It just gets weirder from there.

SME said...

My favourite part of the Channel 4 interview was when he said he could influence the outcome of football matches. It was like, Screw wine, loaves, and fish!

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