Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clarification for those who might not have been paying attention

Kevin Barrett says I should be ashamed of that last post; it's "libelous", because Jones didn't blame "the Jews" for the museum attack, he blamed the ADL (which has it coming, in his opinion).

I did not write that Jones blamed "the Jews". He blamed a specific group of Jews, plus unspecified government agents who used the attack as part of a "takeover drill". I know that Jones and Bermas didn't blame Jews in general for the shooting - in fact, they even mentioned, sarcastically, that they would probably be accused of blaming all Jews. So they know how it sounds when they say the ADL was involved with this shooting, that the ADL and other Jewish interest groups are thrilled when anti-Semitic hate crimes occur, and even that Michael Richards' on-stage tantrums are probably sponsored by the ADL so that they'll have an excuse to push for hate-speech legislation (as if they'd have to create anti-Semitic or racist rants for that purpose).

Most of the time, Jones is even less specific. When he stated that the Columbia shuttle disaster was a "tribal bonding mechanism", designed to steel the U.S. for aggressive actions in the Middle East, he didn't offer up any suspects at all.

I welcome comments from Truthers, but please, folks - if you have publicly accused Larry Silverstein, Amy Goodman, or anyone else of being complicit in the 9/11 attacks, don't try to lecture me about libel.


BG said...

Overall I respect the work you are doing with this blog.


SME said...
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SME said...

I appreciate that. And I'm sure readers like yourself understand that I wasn't even singling out Jones; Olbermann's theories of the shooting have been just as silly, and Beck's theory was every bit as baseless as Jones'. While I certainly don't endorse everything the ADL and the Truth movement does, I would never accuse any org of arranging or participating in psy-op homicides unless I had a LOT of hard evidence to back myself up. I would actually like to see the case against Beck go to court - he'd have to cough up those "early reports".

TK said...

I think there'd need to be a new definition of libel that makes no sense for that post to be libellous.

Attacks on individuals or groups can be motivated by anti-Semitism. Saying ‘I didn’t say all Jews’ doesn’t necessarily speak to motive.

If someone repeatedly attacks Jewish individuals and groups without evidence, or any foundation in reality, they may be perceived as anti-Semitic, even if that's not the motivation for their attack. It may be that they make groundless, evidence free accusations against a lot of people.

And someone pointing out they’re making groundless accusations doesn't automatically mean the allegation is one of anti-Semitism. It can be one of stupidity.

SME said...

Exactly. I don't happen to think Alex Jones is anti-Semitic. And he doesn't consider himself anti-Semitic. That's not even the central issue here, IMO; the core problem is that accusations are being made publicly against orgs that have no discernible link to the events in question. That's libelous, if anything is.

Alex V said...

Excellent blog, much appreciated. Best wishes.

Trained Observer said...

Great Blog. When did Alex Jones begin promoting David Icke and has he ever explained his change of heart toward the guy? I can remember Alex railing on the guy for his 'the queen is a shape-shifting alien reptile' statements. What happened? Does Alex believe (or whatever) the retilitan thing now? Sheeeesh.

SME said...

I don't know exactly when Jones decided to swallow some pride and invite a "turd in the punchbowl", as he once called Icke, onto the show. But I can understand why he did it; most of his listeners love the guy. Icke tones down the lizardy, ultra-dimensional stuff on the show. Maybe they agreed upon that, 'cause Jones has zero time for anything involving aliens/UFOs, reptilians, etc.

Trained Observer said...

I'd say Alex is going for the whole ball of wax at this point from listening to the final minutes of Ickes latest appearance on the show.

SME said...

He's still not going for the lizards - he was careful to jump in and point out, when Icke started talking about the reptilian brain - that this has nothing to do with literal reptiles. But other than that, he had nothing but praise for Icke's ideas. As he should; they're birds of a very messed-up feather.

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