Friday, June 5, 2009

No News is Good News

A Prison Planet moderator swears he/she was the victim of an unjust DEA "raid" (search). As the moderator goes by "JTCoyote", this can't be confirmed. I'm not saying Mr. or Ms. Coyote was holding, I'm just saying this is a rather pathetic substitute for actual news. I'm not a fan of mainstream media, but when was the last time Peter Mansbridge announced, "Um, my cousin's friend was like totally not doing anything wrong, and then the RCMP just raided his house for like no reason at all"? I mean, the Jones crew should at least be able to pretend to professionalism, am I wrong?

Richard Gage was Jones' first guest on yesterday's broadcast. I don't know much about him, aside from his infamously retarded cardboard box demonstration of how the World Trade Center towers didn't collapse, but he is much loved by my Truther friends and the Significant Other. So maybe it's best that I don't know anything about Gage.

Earlier in the week, Jim Marrs and Robert Groden were on the show to discuss, for the umpteenth time, how a cabal of international bankers ordered the assassination of JFK. I don't know much about Groden, but he was a consultant for Oliver Stone's JFK. That says all I need to know. And the Federal Reserve theory of JFK's death is probably the weakest I've ever encountered, aside from this one. There just isn't any actual evidence that Kennedy was planning to shut down the Fed.
Perhaps the only "new" opinion Marrs had to offer - and I'm not even sure that it's new - is that Israel definitely had to sign off on the assassination because bankers created Israel (and Communism, and Nazism).

So, nothing to see here, folks. I'll go back to having my awkward vaccine discussion with a pregnant friend until Jones says something new, or at least remotely interesting.

Oh, BTW, I've been asked to go on Kevin Barrett's new radio show as a 9/11 skeptic. Thoughts? Opinions? I'm leaning toward "no way in freaking hell, you child-beating, Zion-phobic moron", but my mind isn't set yet.


TK said...

::Wikis Barrett::

Um...would it mean being in the same room as him?

SME said...

No. Fortunately, no. Although I have been in the past, and that was not a picnic. Being in the same room with him means you constantly have to restrain yourself to keep from screaming "WHAT the &*$%# is WRONG WITH YOU?! Really, WHAT?!"

tshsmom said...

I think you're asking for trouble on your domestic scene if you appear on that asshat's show.

TK said...

Another thought -- how possible would it be to actually convey an argument with someone like him in control of the programme? Would he actually let you finish a point or respond to one?

SME said...

Barrett, for all his idiocy, is actually a fairly good radio host. He's able to accept opposing viewpoints, and he doesn't interrupt or interfere with his guests (not that I've heard, anyway). I just don't really want any further dealings with the guy, and the Signif Other uses radio appearances to try to censor my blogs. "So-and-so might have heard the show, so be careful what you write." Etc.

You Have Lost The Game said...

Unbelievably to me, one of the most common pieces of hatemail I am getting is that Alex Jones is gonna get me.

Still waiting...

SME said...

With all due respect, whoever-you-are, do you know how many times I've seen/heard "I have THE irrefutable evidence of what happened on 9/11, and if you don't believe me you're with the CIA"?

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