Friday, March 26, 2010

Countdown to Nothing

Since February 18, the day Joseph Stack plowed a plane into the Austin IRS offices, Jones has been declaring that the government will launch false flag domestic terrorist attacks in mid- to late April, then lay the blame on Tea Partiers and/or tax protesters. The target will probably be the IRS.
He bases this not on any inside scoop, but on the fact that a few documentaries critical of the Tea Party astroturfing effort will be released around that time. He seems to ignore the mainstream media's relatively gentle treatment of Stack and his pathological paranoia. Rather than branding Stack a domestic suicide terrorist, which he most certainly was on some level, the media generally focused on his mental instability and declined to describe him as anything other than an unwell man. He also ignores the fact that the Tea Partiers don't have to be discredited, because the blatant racism and menacing behavior of a few TPers has certainly sufficed to make all TPers look like redneck douchebags.


Anonymous said...

Jones has condemned the Tea partiers....and says they have been co-opted.

When you have a crowd of 100,000, or more, etc.... you will have a handful of bigots in it, no matter if its communists, republicans, democrats, or other. The so called undesirable element of the Tea Partiers are miniscule in numbers, and many are possible agents provacateurs. The recent alleged incidents are just that- alleged. Theres no tape of what happened during the taunting and much -too -slow promenade that gay and black congressmen made near the TP in DC arrests for alleged illegal acts directed toward Frank and his collegues, yet supposedly cops were everywhere and nearby...The intimidating behavior and racism originates from the political- media establishment, with Federal govt overreach and rampant race- baiting among the media talking heads.

Anonymous said...

Jones has not absolutely declared the Stack IRS attack to be a false flag incident; he does say that its suspicious. He doesn't know, and says so.

Jones does predict a false flag attack very soon, though, and it would not surprsie me if something did happen, but Jones knows what he's doing- if there really is such an attack planned, and he can tell enough people about these things beforehand, then that might deter the govt from actually going through with it, as its purpose would largely fail, and it would make Jones look good, for his ability to foresee whats coming down the pipe.

This is one of his strategies for self preservation. If he tells his listeners umpteen times that the ADL/FEDS might try to plant drugs on him one day, would the ADL/FEDS really go ahead and do this? No. The cat would be out of the bag..., the "See, I told you so" from Jones would, to a certain extent, immunize him from the charges.

if he is sincere (still an uncertainty) then he would have enemies in high places inclined to try to ruin him and his followers or listeners....

Stack wasnt covered very well by the media, probably because they didnt want people reading his 'manifesto'

S.M. Elliott said...

By the end of his broadcast on the day it happened, Jones not only said Stack's crash was false-flag, he said he had predicted it (that is, a false flag attack in Austin). Maybe he's backed off from that a little, but at the time he was literally saying, "I knew this would happen."

It's my opinion that Jones is sincere. But that doesn't make him right. The ADL has done some shady stuff, but I have found ZERO reasons to believe his suggestion that they engineered the Holocaust Museum shooting (or anything else).

I'm sure most TPers are more or less decent folk, but all it takes to make them look bad are a handful of blatantly racist posters. Provocateurs? Maybe. But as you mentioned, Anon #1, there are always a few genuine creeps in any movement. And unfortunately, just one or two bad apples spoil a whole bunch. That's the main problem with mass protests; they're extraordinarily difficult to control.

Anonymous said...

Harking back to your march 21 'Anyone' post....would you consider the 40 year long Tuskegee syphilis study to qualify as a real conspiracy?

when effective treatments became commonplace in the late 40's, the doctors deliberately withheld these treatments, and even discouraged participants from seeking outside help. scientists went home every night knowing that they could treat the afflicted blacks, but refused to do so. They conspired to withhold treatment...

S.M. Elliott said...

Definitely a conspiracy, but not a conspiracy theory. No conspiracy theorist figured out what was going on. My point was that very few - if any - real conspiracies have been uncovered by conspiracy theorists.

Russell said...

Seen on a T-shirt yesterday: "Tea parties are for little girls with imaginary friends." :-)

Paul said...

Alex sees signs of a false flag attack with the Russian suicide bombing. Surprised?

Anonymous said...

SME, what do you think of the Belgian Dutroux case? Since you research these sort of things in depth, I thought I'd ask.

A (former) judge in the case testified on the stand that he was under enormous pressure to back away from the case, in certain areas, strongly implying (or saying directly?) that there were unknown influential people involved, and that to pursue the matter could be hazardous....what sort of conspiracy might we have here? Is the judge a liar?

S.M. Elliott said...

Re Dutroux: You might be interested to know that numerous serial killers known to have acted alone or with only a few peers (as in Dutroux's case) tried to convince investigators and/or prosecutors that they were only abducting and murdering people at the behest of higher-ups. Stewart Northcott, the murderer of Walter Collins and at least three other boys, claimed that he was only supplying boys for wealthy men - this despite the fact that the fancy cars they supposedly drove up to his ranch on a regular basis were never spotted by the neighbors, and none of the witnesses talked about anyone other than the Northcotts. This is just one example. Look into serial crimes and you'll find many more examples of lone killers trying to pawn their crimes off on others or make themselves part of a vast, powerful organization. Serial killers are, at heart, deeply insecure people who crave power. Making themselves the centers of byzantine conspiracies is one of the few ways they can hang on to a sense of control once they're locked up.

There's also the politicization of prominent cases. In Belgium, the public's distrust of and exasperation with law enforcement found outlet in Dutroux's bogus claim that he was not the engineer of the abductions, rapes, and murders of young girls. And it was certainly exploited politically. This kind of political exploitation goes back a long way. Look into the fall of the Piarist order of priests; while there was probably some abuse occurring, the issue was hugely exaggerated and exploited by the order's political-religious rivals.

I doubt that the judge in the Dutroux case was lying. He really was pressured to recuse himself, probably because of the fact that he had become too close to the case and was losing his objectivity. The public was upset about this because they wanted a biased judge. And who could blame them?

S.M. Elliott said...

A few other examples of killers who claimed to be part of organizations:

- Rod Ferrell, leader of the "Kentucky vampire clan", said his grandfather had inducted him into a murderous Satanic cult. As Ferrell was fully sane and functional when he murdered his friend's parents, even if true (and there's zero evidence that it is), this wouldn't be a valid excuse for his behaviour. Keep in mind, also, that Ferrell still likes to pretend he's a centuries-old vampire.
- David Berkowitz famously claimed that he was groomed from birth to be a hitman for a Satanic cult. The *evidence* for this is dodgy at best.
- Henry Lee Lucas, who may or may not have been a serial killer, said he and friend Ottis Toole (who surely was a serial killer) had been hitmen for a Satanic drug-running cult called The Black Hand, and claimed that he killed Jimmy Hoffa and delivered drugs to Jonestown. Law enforcement took this seriously enough to investigate. They found nothing.

Anonymous said... went to great lengths to say that Dutroux (a usually unemployed electrician and petty criminal, who happened to own seven homes) acted only with a few accomplices, already known.....Yet, when you answered my question about the Judge, you said you thought he probably wasn't lying, and then went on to list stuff that was off track from what he actually testified to at trial. His testimony seemed to implicate unknown influential people. Its his testimony that i'm interested in, not his recusing and the public wanting him or not ad judge, etc. If you think hes not lying and telling the truth, then you support the idea that Dutroux was quite possibly linked to unknown influential people.

Anonymous said...

Judge Jean-Marc Connerotte testified that he needed armed guards, that the police told him that he was in danger from powerful people, he testified that the case was under immense pressure from unknown influential people.

S.M. Elliott said...

I see what you mean, but I'm prone to believing that the judge, and possibly some law enforcement, believed he could be in danger because they had bought into the theory that a pedophile ring was involved, not because there were actual threats against the judge.

Anonymous said...

Connerotte had gotten threats from Organzatzia.

Authorities removed him from the case due to his probable(?) plans to issue subpoenas to high ranking US diplomats, and Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Carlucci, et al.

Nihoul was involved with Dutroux, he helped manage Dutrouxs properties, including a Caribbean spot where powerful people were said to party. (Nihoul was friends with US General John Singlaub and Rev Moon). Nihoul has been in and out of jail for decades....he allegedly got out of prison about two days before the Madaleine McCann girl went missing...

Connerotte was removed from another case, that involving the assassination of Andre Cools. Once Dutroux was apprehended, leads to Cools killers emerged...(Cools was a former deputy prime minister, he loudly announced that he was going to expose/investigate the grip that mafia types had on Belgian society, these links led to the Bronfmans, Cheney, etc. and most major arms dealers...this got Cools whacked).

...Guy Poncelet was a Belgian judge, his son was a police officer who was investgating the Duroux case....he was killed under odd circumstances.

After Dutroux's arrest for his most infamous crimes, leads from the investigation led to the arrest about 30 other people- some judges, magistrates, high ranking cops...

Connerotte wrote to King Albert to complain about the pressure he was under to halt the scope of his investigation. It is alleged that Albert himself was a very seriously compromised man...

a police raid on a black magic groups estate yielded four human skulls dug up from the yard (Forchie-la-Marge)

Dutroux has been linked to Senior Port. diplomat Jorge Ritto, and the Casa Pia case.

Multiple witnesses have seperately claimed inside knowledge of profane rites that involved sexual murder of minors- commited by the power elite..Regina Louf, witness X, 2X,3X,4X, and Natalie W.

There is alot of smoke here...did Dutroux have a computer disc with certain info on it that caused Connerotte to widen the scope of his inquiry? Dutroux knew people who knew even more powerful people.

I thought it was almost common knowledge that there existed hi- level, organized child sex rings around the globe...when you see "human trafficking" this, and "human trafficking" that,,splashed all over the news all the time... we all know that this doesn't just refer to girls/women over the age of 18.
The potential use of such deviancy for blackmail purposes would be too valuable for certain groups to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Connerotte was sacked for attending the fundraiser for two victims families, in which two girls attended, this was just one hour, but it was the excuse needed to get Connerotte off the case.

Dutroux didnt get to trial for eight years...its supposed that the reason for this is that investigators were sidetracked chasing down paedophile rings that didnt exist. But everyone knows that the reverse happened- attempts to investigate on a wider scope were blocked at every turn.

I think about 58,000 children go missing every year in the US- these do not include the instances of parental custody abductions....(unless I misread the print)...per state, over 1,000 in each state go missing a year, abducted by strangers, mostly.

3-5 a day in each state, yet we have Amber alerts, and funny thing, they are almost never activated.

Anonymous said...

About 1,300 children were abducted near the Brussels area between 1991 -1996....according to Belgian official Mr. De Baets, immediately after many of these abductions, records show that Dutroux deposited large sums of cash into his bank account.

Paul said...

Offtopic but I found it kinda interesting.... Alex keeps repeating the claim that the federal government admitted Hal Turner was not a paid FBI informant but an actual FBI agent. I've been trying to corroborate the claim but I've not been able to.

It sounds like an example of one of those things Alex just kinda makes up.

SME said...

Paul, I couldn't find anything to support that statement either. I assume Jones made the leap from informant to agent all on his own and actually believes it, just as he seems to believe that Bill Gates Sr. heads Planned Parenthood and the SPLC "ran" Elohim City.

Anon, I'd love to get into the Dutroux stuff with you, but unfortunately it's just off-topic enough that I can't really justify taking the time to do it here. Let's just say that I don't find all of the allegations against Dutroux credible.

S.M. Elliott said...

P.S. I may cover the Dutroux stuff at Swallowing the Camel sometime, tho.

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