Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You'll LIke It

Remember the old Life cereal commercials where Mikey hates everything and his brothers shove a bowl of cereal at him, thinking he won't like it? And then Mikey ends up liking it? And his brothers are all surprised?

Health care is kinda like that. You should try it. If you still hate it in five years, then feel free to bitch.


Russell said...

Our system is so expensive because of corruption amongst doctors, and ludicrous billing practices. A hospital in my county has been caught numerous times overcharging on bills. There's a doctor in this same county who's lost five malpractice suits, and he still works at the same place.

Anonymous said...

Hospitals have closed due to treating too many illegal immigrants for free or almost free...they are driving up costs, plus the expense of treating old folks in their lingering final days...there are many reasons for rising costs.

For 20 years, the infamous HMO's actually pay doctors to NOT treat the critically ill, to withold treatment. These docs get cold cash for this witholding of care...

The system we had in the 1950's was far better than most models being bandied about now.

And as far as the pre-existing conditions go, there wont be any money for their treatment; plus we know the wording of the bill allows the insurers to wiggle out of covering many of these people, and more loophooles are certainly on the way.

Pelosi, Reid, Obama have no intention of improving peoples health, and neither do Gingrich and McCain. They just want control and power.

S.M. Elliott said...

You can thank Nixon for the HMOs.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nixon was the villain, he and a certain senator, whats his name, I cant recall just now ( Irish Dem from NY, one of the most learned senators weve had, I'll remember it later and post)

Other bad things Nixon did: began the floating of currencies, ending final vestiges of gold standard, all helping to kickstart the derivatives securities mess that continues.

The US won every real battle of the Vietnam war, but Nixon, under domestic pressure, halted bombing of the north, when to continue would have probably won the war. Thus Pol Pot eventually did his damage, which would not have happened otherwise.

Supposedly a Nixon plan for healthcare involved paying people, so they could go off and buy it themselves.

Anonymous said...

That senator was Patrick Moynihan...

S.M. Elliott said...

You could also blame Nixon for the first executive orders to enable martial law.

Anonymous said...

what about honest Abe?

the_last_name_left said...

As a British citizen I thoroughly resented Jones' misrepresentation and distortions about the British healthcare system.

I had a collapsed lung a few years back - I was going blue and so I drove to hospital, underwent immediate surgery, and spent a week under the expert care of a whole bunch of fantastic people. They eventually packed me off, showed me to the door, a smile and a wave, and that was it. Not even a form to fill let alone a bill. They saved my life and asked for nothing -- it's a very moving experience.

Jones' spiel cast Europeans as "slaves".....albeit ones with "free" healthcare. How insulting.

S.M. Elliott said...

Ditto. Jones and many conservative pundits have grossly misrepresented the Canadian healthcare system, which is equal or superior in quailty to U.S. healthcare. In fact I was treated by Canadian doctors throughout my childhood for this reason, though living in America with American parents. That wouldn't have been the case if the care was substandard or the waiting lines long. I have been fully satisfied with all the medical care I and my family have received in Canada, including end-of-life care. But no one has asked me - the opponents of "Obamacare" are too busy hunting for people who've had a bad experience, or those who have a vested interest in instituting a "pay-or-die" system.

For the record, there was initially strong opposition to "socialized medicine" when it was begun in Saskatchewan. An organization called Keep Our Doctors was formed to protest it. Within two years, doctors and other opponents had realized the system was also to their benefit and opposition vanished.

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